Friday, November 1, 2013

Worst nightmare

My worst nightmare is happening.

Went for monthly antenatal check up and I was fine +ve for GBS.

+ve GBS means bye-bye to my birth plan. Even Hazeman is not confident to proceed with our birth plan with this current condition.

Last Monday, I did blood check up, to see cholesterol and fasting blood glucose. Result will only be knew by next Monday.

But....I still have 10 weeks to go, so I KNOW there are a lot that I can do and plan still.

Tomorrow, we will:

1) Meet our chiropractor, for the very first time. Seek for advice and get her prescription.
2) Prepare peria-kerabu thing, that Teacher Hanz suggested. I am so glad that I joined the Amani class. Knowledge makes us so empowered.
3) Buy olive, stir fried with garlic, mix with some fresh vegetables and eat them good.
4) Do this garlic-tampon thing.
5) Eat dates, 6 pieces/day
6) Buy honey and green tea. Honey to eat with whole meal bread and green tea for antioxidant purpose.
7) Buy black strap molasses. Replace all my refined sugar
8) No more TEH TARIK! until Hazeman says it is okay to drink one again. (which is maybe-never. Like I do not like fast food nowadays.)

I have also cut all these sugary food. So, don't tag me sweet food.

I'll do anything in my power for you, Baby U. I do not ask anything back from you, enough that you will born healthy and be a good Muslim. Nothing more than that.



Friday, September 20, 2013

Hye darling

Dear Baby,

It has been nearly 4 months since Ibu neglected this blog because of you. I have always wanted to write something about you in my belly (read : uterus), so that someday, when you wanted to know more about you and me, you can read it from my blog. I have always imagined how would I described our journey in beautifully crafted words, but unfortunately our early journey has been upside down, yet, I am so glad that I had to experience it; with you.

Anyway, ibu and ayah had you 3 years after we got married. For the first 2 years, we didn't really think about being `single' because we both were not settle down; `physically', with I had to travel to see him here and there. So, we were good and we understood Allah has better plan for both of us.

Coming to third year, we knew we had to do the next step, to seek for medical treatment. And Alhamdulillah, by went through a minor surgery back in March 2013 at HUKM, we had you. As soon as I saw the double line on the pregnancy test kid, I went to see my ayah (read : your future atuk) because your father was not home. I was so excited that I asked my ayah whether double line means I am pregnant. And guess what was his answered " Ayah pun dah tak ingat la, Hanie. Dah lama tak tengok, hahaha!". Isn't that funny? But I remembered how my ayah hugged me when he heard the news. I guess he was so happy that I was finally pregnant.

This is when I knew how epidural `taste'.


To share the joy, I went to see your father. He was doing his locum in a clinic at Taman Permata. So, I waited patiently outside his room (because the clinic was packed with patients), to show him the pregnancy test stick. When I showed him the stick, guess what he said " Go and pee again on these sticks." He gave me another 2 sticks to pee on. So, altogether, Ibu peed on 3 sticks to get you confirmed, hehehe! Then, we went to scan you and base on your measurement, you were about 6 weeks. Weeee!!!


* The coming week, we received news from (ok, what are your going to call my brother - your future uncle. We decide later la,ok?) my brother. His wife is pregnant too. Yay! Double happiness!!! You will have a good company as soon as you are born, darling. Isn't that great?

So, we both pregnant!
We didn't tell anyone about you yet since your father thought it was too early to tell. But, of course, my sisters (read: your future aunties) were to excited that they had the news on Instagram that Ibu had started to receive congratulating SMSs from others. It's okay. I guess everyone was very excited too because you will be my ayah's first grandchild and you also will be the first reason that all my aunts and uncles on my ayah's side (read : your future grandpas and grandmas) will be called as atuk and opah, hahaha! You will have uncles and aunties at about your age too, sayang, because Ibu is the eldest in the family. We will decide later what will you call them. So, bear with it, okay? hehehe!

These are only 1/4 of them ok, sayang? You will have more than this.
Anyway, moving to 8th weeks, my morning sickness kicked in. Okay, it was not exactly morning sickness, because Ibu will feel very week and started to vomit by 5 pm onwards. Actually kan, sayang, it was good because you gave me time to get on LRT and go to work in the morning and felt weak in the evening. So, thank you for that! But, pity your father because he had to do everything by himself; yet he was very cool. He basically granted our wishes from what to eat, how to sit and everything. He followed exactly what we wanted, so you must be thankful to him for this, sayang. Not once he said no to our request, tau.


Ibu wanted to stay strong, so, I still accompany him to the laundry every weekend and did coin collection at our self service coin operated machine in UM (because your father couldn't go into women's block). Sometimes my sisters accompany me too (you have no idea how heavy the coins were). Ibu still did all the receipt and delivery order to our customers. We even went back to Kelantan; driving to attend your cousin's aqiqah. I hope you will be stronger when you arrived.

Along the way, Ibu figured so many things that I suddenly disliked. I couldn't stand scented body wash, Softlan, the cloth softer, laksa (my favorite dish ni, sayang oiii), that your father kept looking for the best option for our body wash. From Dettol to pH5.5 to St.Ives. Now, we finally had the correct body wash. Your father has never gave up on us.So, don't be to him in the future, will you.

Basically sayang from the 8th weeks to 17th weeks, Ibu looked and doing horrible. I had no appetite and vomit every evening to bed time. But, it is okay. It was not easy to bring a Khalifah to this world. And during the first week of Ramadhan, I had eyes infection. I was on MC for 7 days, sayang. Thank God my manager and my colleagues were very understanding that they covered my job for the whole time.

The long queued of eyes drops
Now, today, we are already at our 21 weeks, darling. Ibu is yet to feel anything in my tummy. But, I know you are okay because my tummy is getting bigger and bigger. Your father had scanned you for nearly 5 times along the time, just to make sure you are okay. This one time, when you were at 15th weeks, your father sort of kacau you with the scan stick that you were moving as if you were tickled, hehe! Oh yes, you were 56 gram at that time.I know you are okay.

You at 56grams

So far, we both are being treated like a royal, be it by your father and my parents. Whenever I said that I want to eat something, my parents will definitely cook it.Last time, Ibu requested for Kuah Celok (this one vegetable dish) my Ibu cooked it. My Ibu fried cekodok everyday during Ramadhan because I will eat a lot of cekodok buring berbuka. Then, on the 7th day of Syawal, Ibu felt like to eat Lontong, my Ibu prepared them with the help of my sister, counsin and aunt. So, that showed how much they care. So, make sure sayang, when you are big, you must always remember them.  Not to forget, whenever we went back to Kelantan, Ibu loves to eat pulut bakar, nasi kak wok, nasi berlauk pagi and kuih cek mek. Your father has never failed to feed me with these food every time we were in Kelantan. And I am also glad, that I didn't gain any weight during our first trimester. That's how it should be, because I will definitely gain more weight during our second and third trimester. 

Semua ni I finished by myself tau,hehe!

Oh, yes, sayang. Now, we had started to do some preparation for you too. Your father had come up with a good list on what to buy for you, he was even the one who started to buy the PaMa magazine (this pregnant and parenting magazine), surprisingly. Me? I literally looking after myself only, thinking of going through day by day. Don't get me wrong, sayang, I am struggling but by having my family especially your father, I know I'll manage.


So, yes, your father has planned that we will buy you a baby coat, baby basket ( I think that's what they called this). The one that we saw at Mother Care, the basket is actually attached to a swing. I don't want what was it called, let me find a picture of if later. See if you like it. And, yes, your father is planning to buy an automatic breast pump too, so that you can be feed up til your 2 years old. Then, of course those cute baju, so, tempting. What else do you need sayang? Your father basically think, if you want to sleep, we need baby coat (so - baby coat). To eat first, 6 months breast milk (so - bottle and breast pump), To bath (so - baby bath tub with a stand), to travel ( so - baby basket and car seat when you are already 6 months). Hem, that should be it la,kan?

We have you covered for the first three days
Oh, in September, every Sunday, we are attending the gentle birth Amani class. It is a class which all info on how pregnancy and delivery can be manage as natural as possible. Ibu planned to deliver you at home in a water pool if your condition and position are fine. To do that, we need to gather as much info and knowledge as we can. I am amazed by your father's excitement to join the class and do his own reading and booking to attend the class. Alhmadulillah, we both are bless to have him in our life, sayang. If it is not possible, I will make sure you will be delivered by a Muslim woman obs, iAlllah.


Apa lagi ye, sayang? Oh, this Wednesday, we had our routine check up at HUKM. This time, your father will accompany me. He missed the last two because he had just moved from Malacca to Setapak, he couldn't take leave anyway.

Two books, sayang. I lost the first one, hehe! Tiba-tiba jumpa balik.

Name? Ibu had one particular name already whether you are a boy or a girl. I hope your father is okay with them. Don't worry, I am not planning a 3 phrases name, it will be short with a good meaning and resemble one of the Rasullah's sahabat and a good Muslimah in the history. I hope you will like it.

I think that's all la, sayang. If I have any more updates, I will write more soon.


Your father even sent me for pre-natal massage, sayang. Wasn't he an angel or what? =)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Just a little re-alignment.

Long hols, people. It was fantastic because traffic in Kuala Lumpur was smooth, I had the longest rest time at home and we don't have to rush back to Kelantan as we have spent long kampung trip during Thaipusam and Maulidurasul, yay! =)

So, since I haven't had a long break at home, and now I had one, I had no idea what to do. Our laundry was also close, Kakak and Iddin were back to Klang, Hazeman, as usual, bekerja mencari nafkah,hehe! So I stucked at home, wondering what else can I do.

Spa? I went for treatment last Thaipusam holiday. Laundry? Yes, it has been long since I did my own laundry, hehee! So, I did. 40 minutes, done! Next? Exercise! Ok, 1 hour, 4kms. Done! 

                         Photo: After 4 days of Keropok Lekor, Megi Ketam, Nasi Kak Wok, Cek Mek, Nasi Kukus Aiqal Pengkalan Chepa, Pulut Panggang, Jagung bakar, etc, my body deserves this 'purying' process. Come on, 5km!

Gosh, day seemed so long! I know it was going to be a very long day when I log in to Facebook more than twice, a day. Then I realized, one thing, it has been long since I read a good book. Not just some novel, but a good reading material. Yes, let's read! So I checked the bookshelves. Good, Ibu had actually gave away all my favorite books away! How did I not realized that? 

The only reading material left were some novel by Norhayati Berahim and this one - Murabbi Cinta by Ustaz Hasrizal. time, it seemed my reading material has changed. As I was grow up, Sweet Valley was my favorite novel. Then, it shifted to Ceclia Ahern and John Grisham. And now, I read less English material (that justifies my poor English) and Norhayati Berahim was my prime choice, aside to some other mushy-mushy Malay novels. Dah muak dengan cerita cinta yang susah mula-mula, tapi akhirnya happy ending, I insisted that I need to read something that triggers my thinking, something Islamic and gave me different view. And, I found this..


My first introduction to Ustaz Hazrizal was his book on Aku Terima Nikahnya (sold 70k copies world wide, ok!). Motif beli? Sebab nak kawin. I thought, what the heck, marilah membaca buku yang mungkin berguna utk alam rumah tangga nanti. I bought it on 2008, (I got married in 2010, nampak tak betapa desperate nak kawin ;p) during SUKMA Terengganu. This book has actually being a must read book by everyone who participated in Sports Nutrition MGAP 2008 (siap ada list who's next lagi! ;p) 

Consequently, I bought the continuation, Bercinta Sampai ke Syurga and Murabbi Cinta. Wow, ini kategori dah hooked up. How did I get hooked up with Ustaz Hasrizal's writing?

Sound cliche, but you look around you, when you read what other posted in the Facebook (emotionally and blindly) and how we reacted to certain sensitive matters, you know what is lacking among our Muslim sisters and brothers. Kita kurang berfikir dan kurang mendapat contoh yang baik on how to conduct our daily life, as a good Muslim. For instance yes, cuba kita tengok, apa yang dipertontonkan in the television nowadays? Reality shows berlambak,masuk pertandingan menyanyi, menari, berlawak, berlakon, you name it! Our souls as Muslim hanya diisi dengan budaya hedonisme, budaya berhibur, until we forgot the fundamental of living. It is to look for knowledge so that our souls don't die. When our souls are die, kita takkan dapat membuat timbang tara yang baik. Kita mula hilang rasa malu, kita berhijab, tapi kita tak tutup aurat. We attended Pendidikan Agama Islam class in school for the sake of passing the exams. Tapi nilai-nilai yang kita baca dalam buku rujukan PI tu, kita tak berjaya nak praktikkan. Sedihkan?

So, no, Ustaz Hasrizal's writing does not give us answers to our never ending question on how to get marry, how to love our husband/ wife, how to cover aurah from head to toe, what's more, how do we manage our youngsters, but he reminded us the fundamental of life. He shared his experience, he gave good opinion and thoughts, so refreshing that I think the book can be read by anyone, regardless of your age. So far, my youngster sisters read them. My Ibu read them. My brother, yes. Kakak and Iddin je belum lagi, because they can't read, yet. One of the chapter that I remember the most was this part when he said that, due to continuous exposure to Barney's, his children said that they love Barney more than they love him and his wife. Barney seemed so lovable while he and his wife are very macam cikgu disiplin. Dengar macam lawak, but, if you think about it carefully, he wanted us to think on how to be a `Barney' to our children but at the same time, still be able to educate our children in good manner.

"Jauh perjalanan, luas pengalaman". Indeed the fact that Ustaz Hasrizal had spent some times in Ireland, while accompanying his wife working, it gave him so many experience to be shared in his book. I love the way he writes, sometimes bunyi mcm sajak, and rhythm. Now, I am reading his latest - Di Hamparan Shamrock, tapi macam biasalah kat rumah ni, nak baca buku yang best kena beratur. So, currently the book is with my brother, and I am next in the queue. He has even launched his  e-book,  Tak Kenal Maka Tak Cinta.

Seriously, these day, what we need is good reading material. Look for knowledge, seek for opinions barulah fikiran kita akan terbuka. Masalah with us Muslim, kita malas sikit nak cari ilmu. Kita lagi suka tengok video why there was this singer cried while singing on Youtube, follow all sorts of reality show. Cuba turn to TV1, on Saturday. This rancangan, Adikku something (I don't quite remember). Tengok kepetahan anak Muslim berpidato, so young, yet so confident. I am so proud when I watched a 9 year old girl, bercerita tentang kesukaran rakyat Palestin. So inspiring! Rancangan mcm tu should be aired, bukan rancangan budak umur 9 tahun menari, menyanyi. It is about time,kan, to adjust and re-align our path, don't you think so?

Back on treadmill. I think my arm has lost some inches (hahahah!), so,jogging shoes. 

Hanie Adzman

p/s- I am announcing March 2013 as Bulan Bernikah. I have nikah event, every week in March. I should do full review on them!And yes, it means, different baju to every event, heh!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Multiplying wealth

What do you do when you get your first big fat bonus? Okay, not necessary big bonus, as long as you have extra money in the bank, what do you do with it?

Have you noticed that how money makes money? Ibu and I had always talked about this because you can see the richer getting richer because they ensure the money that they have will make more money for them in the long run. Like when a man starts an airline business, he furthers it to owning a football club in one of the most important Premiere Legue, start affordable hotel line around the world and the list goes on (sounds familiar?)

So, let's us all discuss and share, how do and don't we multiply our wealth (regardless of how much do you have in your account now):

One : Save up. We sometimes forget the basic and foundation of multiplying of wealth. We usually save our money to saving account since our monthly salary is being credited to it. Some people have current account, especially those with run business, where you can have the cheque book and of course a fix deposit. An account that requires you to save a specific amount of money on a specific duration. The bank will give you back the money with spefic amount of dividends in return. Of course both saving and current account would also give you some dividends, but not as much as fix deposit.

Two : Invest. There are many forms investment. I am sure, most of us are familiar with Amanah Saham Bumiputra (ASB), Amanah Saham Nasional (ASN) (and its other fund) and on the very recent,  Amanah Saham Hartanah (ASH). Next, there are specific Unit Trust Fund that you can also invest in. Seek for good advice from the best agent, they will be able to facilitate you. Even KWSP had allow the our first account to be invest to specific fund.

So, KWSP will send you acknowledgement that an agreed amount in your first account is being used for the  specific unit trust for investment.

And your agent will send you details on them

The same goes with AHB, they do not have saving book as ABS, so they will send you details on your investment

Three : Gold/Silver investment. I am not really familiar with silver investment but nowadays, there are many type of gold investment. Other that physical gold in form of wafer, coins, bars, you can also invest in gold account where you saving is base in the daily price of international gold. Now, most bank institutional are also offering their `local' gold wafer and bar and they offer you to save keep you invested gold. Not only the pattern of the engraved wafer is unique, it is also safer.

Four : Property.My favorite topic! I know many people who starts the property investment on auction properties. I know one friend who is owning 6 auctions properties that when he re-finance all the houses, he gets an amount of money to start a new business. I know an agent that owns nearly 30 properties at Denai Alam, and he basically lives with selling them.

Five : Land investment. Something that I have learnt on very recent. One of our friends had share on how he invested on land property. Basically, he bought an acre or two of land and divided the land to a few lots. The lots are being sold to to individual, to build individual property (house). The concept is quite same to property investment, but my friend punya ayat mmg best, takdela hari ni kita tidur, esok tanah rumah kita bertambah 1 meter,kan? What he's trying to say is land property is not something which akan bertambah, semakin berkurang, so the value is higher.

Six : Insurance. There are many type insurance, life, health, education, you name it. A long term saving for future benefits.

Seven : Starts a business. There are many online business that we have seen on the net. I know a few friends who are taking orders to design dulang hantaran, preparing candy buffet and so many others. There are many people who are looking for any sorts of services and stuff, you just have to show other people of what you can do!

And of course ultimately, the best way to multiply your wealth is through zakat and sedekah. Nothing can defeats that. The reason we multiply our wealth is also to ensure that we can share our wealth with others. Ayah always said, duit yang masuk dalam akaun kita setiap bulan tu, bukan semuanya milik kita. Kadang-kadang kita ni pengagih je. Ha, makan dalam tak? Hehehe!

And, how about the other way around? What we shouldn't do in managing wealth?

One : Unnecessary liability. Of course, this is individual view. But, for me, car is a liability. Unless, you are earning so much more than your monthly expenses, yeah, spend them on your car. But, if it is your first salary, you do not own any feasible asset or fund, `investing' it on expensive car, does not help. 

Two : Apply for personal loan. Be very smart with personal loan. Remember, money makes money? If you apply for personal loan to invest into something definite such as starting a business or your first time to buy an auction property etc, that's cool (but you still need to really study whether the dividend or keuntungan outweigh the interest from the personal loan). Not for shopping or to pay your amounting credit cards.

Three : Credit cards. Do we really have to talk about this?

As conclusion, I do not believe in short cuts or too good to be true investment offers/proposals. Be smart, read, ask and share. Most of our people, we have always dengar cerita org je, have no effort to read and ask for information from the right source. At the end of the day, we start pointing finger to others. So, think about it.

I am not an expert tau, what I am doing is just sharing my knowledge and what I know from reading and discussing with some good friends. And of course, you are invited to share your knowledge too! Please do =)

Hanie Adzman

Friday, January 4, 2013

Re-visit common rules

Yes, people. Let us all re-visit some common rules to be practiced while we are using public transportation and amenities.

One - Do not lean against the middle pole in the LRT and Komuter coach. The pole is meant for people to hold to to avoid unnecessary incident of accident (terjatuh ke, terlentang ke dan seangkatan dgnnya). If you guys dah bersandar dengan segala pose kat tiang tu, kat mana lagi orang lain yang sama-sama berdiri dengan anda nak pegang bila train bergerak? Think about it. (Unless, you do not mind people pegang-pegang badan you sebab tak dapat nak hold to the pole).

awek LRT
Wah! I found somebody who had the same thought as I did. This pic is from The  writer also had complained about people who is leaning against the middle pole. Not the girl in slue shirt, but the man on the left side of this pic.

Two - People, people, people, do not stand right in front of the coach door. Lagi-lagi if you enter the train @ Setiawangsa and to leave at Taman Bahagia. Other passengers who are leaving at Ampang Park, KLCC, Kg. Baru do not appreciate your presence kat pintu tu, believe me (because I am one of them). Remember what grandma told us about jangan duduk kat muka pintu rumah? Yes, nanti kawin lambat. I think the same rule goes here.

Three - Unless you are a Bangladeshi who had just reach Malaysia from depot or airport, you should know that the pink coaches at the Komuter  are for women, gentlemen! Even if you are a Bangladeshi, you should be able to see the woman in pink dress sticker posted on the window, kan? That should give you some clue. So, don't be mad if we gave you this long annoying look if you enter our coach.

Yes, this is the sticker I am talking about.

Four - Malaysians, I think we are smart enough to know that when you are using the escalators, stay on the left side if you wish to berjalan lenggang kangkung. The right side is for people like me, who are chasing for punch in time at 7.00 am (meaning in rush). I think in most places dah ada the sign board for this instruction, yet, we are not good at following it.

So, remember when we were in primary school, our teacher had always reminded us to throw rubbish in the dustbin? And how the prefect will write our name in their one handy book if they saw us liter else where? And I believe we were adhering to it until we saw our own parents throw the plastic food outside the car's window while driving lagi! So, when we asked them why Papa buang sampah luar tingkap? And Papa will answer, ala, nanti ada orang sapu sampah tu. Then, we have internal conflict, who's right now? My teacher and prefect of my parents? Hahaha! Kesian, kecik-kecik dah ada konflik dalaman ;D So, parents, you are actually the best role model to your own children. If you show us the not so good example, we will sure follow one! ;p 

Good reminder!

I find these are some common rules that we Malaysians are still having trouble to adhere to. I know, we are not perfect but at least, do not trouble (read : menyusahkan) others just because we failed to follow some instruction and rules. This is yet to mention how Malaysians drive on the roads. I mean, come on Malaysians!

Hanie Adzman

*as usual, pics are all from Mr. Google! ;D

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Next project

Yes, it is a new year- the 2013. with conjunction to this, we always looking forward to something new; something to gist a new year. If masa tengah bujang dulu, I had always wonder around shopping mall, hunting for new handbags, shoes or blouses, to get a new year feeling but now that I am married and matured (hahaha!), I am focusing on to something else.

So, as you know our Lavender Launderette has been operated for 1 year under our management (eceh, dah macam bunyi kitaorg jaga maintenance apartment plak, hahah!). As such, we believe it is already about time to give our laundry a new fresh look (fresh la sangat.. ;p).

The first step is to find the right color for our front area, the reception area basically. Since the laundry name is Lavender, so of course we need to maintain the feature wall as Lavender color. And now left with to decide what color should we paint the remaining 3 walls. We have looked for a few colors:

As our company's name is Green Purple Enterprise, should we incorporate the green to the lavender paint?

With turquoise (is this too much?) 
Maybe baby blue?

Ibu was suggesting pink, but we thought it was too girlish. Maybe for our daughter's room, will do.

So, we are still contemplating on which color should we go for.

Then we plan to replace our front glass door. The current glass door is the old tempered glass and tinted with dark color. So, when you entered our laundry, you get this very dark view. To freshen the look, we choose a clear tempered glass, so that our laundry looks clearer and brighter!

So dark looking, kan? Nampak mcm Cyber Cafe underground, hahah!

To something that look like this.
Ok, move on to the furniture. We have visited Ikea yesterday, so we have already collected some new idea on what wardrobe should we installed, which bench to place in front of the counter etc, hehe! So much for 2013's mood,kan?

Expedit from Ikea, co-joint with an Expedit table, as our reception table.

Another Expedit to be placed right behind the counter for clean cloth.

Appraco bench for the customers, maybe?

Ivar from Ikea, to place our clean comforter, toto

Maybe Sigurd bench Ikea as the back of the reception counter?

We are still also contemplating whether to have the furniture in white color or dark color (black or dark brown). White will definitely makes the whole area look amazing but the tendency of them to be dirty is faster. On the other hand, dark color makes the area dull. So, yes. this is a tough call.

We are also looking forward to change the floor. On the first thought, we would like to laminate the floor but it will effects the height of the door and all, so we were thinking to change its tikar getah, maybe to some bright color. 

This blue, maybe?

And to end the deco with this Ikea PS - Clock. Comel kan?

Nampak je kecil, tapi it cost RM 129, wokey?

When the hard work will start? Yes, as soon as we finalize the color of the paint first. Can't wait! =)

Hanie Adzman