Friday, November 1, 2013

Worst nightmare

My worst nightmare is happening.

Went for monthly antenatal check up and I was fine +ve for GBS.

+ve GBS means bye-bye to my birth plan. Even Hazeman is not confident to proceed with our birth plan with this current condition.

Last Monday, I did blood check up, to see cholesterol and fasting blood glucose. Result will only be knew by next Monday.

But....I still have 10 weeks to go, so I KNOW there are a lot that I can do and plan still.

Tomorrow, we will:

1) Meet our chiropractor, for the very first time. Seek for advice and get her prescription.
2) Prepare peria-kerabu thing, that Teacher Hanz suggested. I am so glad that I joined the Amani class. Knowledge makes us so empowered.
3) Buy olive, stir fried with garlic, mix with some fresh vegetables and eat them good.
4) Do this garlic-tampon thing.
5) Eat dates, 6 pieces/day
6) Buy honey and green tea. Honey to eat with whole meal bread and green tea for antioxidant purpose.
7) Buy black strap molasses. Replace all my refined sugar
8) No more TEH TARIK! until Hazeman says it is okay to drink one again. (which is maybe-never. Like I do not like fast food nowadays.)

I have also cut all these sugary food. So, don't tag me sweet food.

I'll do anything in my power for you, Baby U. I do not ask anything back from you, enough that you will born healthy and be a good Muslim. Nothing more than that.



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