Saturday, November 26, 2011


I have just received a phone call, a rejection phone call. And I felt down.

Yes, how do you deal with rejection? I have dealt with many, some were de-motivating, and some were giving boost in life. But most of them were de-motivating.

If you were to ask me, I hate rejection. I felt like I have lost myself and I wanted to go in my bed and sleep. And I hope by the time I wake up, everything is back to the way it is suppose to be.

But, nah! It doesn’t happen like that.

So, what I gotta do is to face the rejection and move on.

But, how do I move on?

Ok, this is how basically I move on:

1)      Talk about it – Yup, I will talk about it, to my husband, mom, dad, close friends so that I will feel at ease. Doesn’t necessary means I need to cry and all, but just spill it out. Bak kata orang Melayu, supaya tak terbuku di hati (eceh,eceh,eceh ;p). Most of the time, I choose to talk to my husband and my father, because men are not emotional, they will give you a better perspective of looking at one thing, which I will not see myself.

2)      Shift attention to other things – Basically, I will stop thinking about it and look at other items in my tray, like have I had enough tops and pants to wear this weekend, or when to plan the next holiday trip, or whether AirAsia have promotions or you know, that sort of thing. Just to shift the negative feelings to other more meaningful stuff.

3)      Positive thoughts – This is the hardest part, to positivalize (hahaah! my bad) the negative aura, feelings and thoughts. I often able to proceed with this step 2-3 days after the event; you know after the pep talk and doing other things. Because you have to be rationale. And at the end of the day, you have to do reality check and face the situation. With positive thoughts, you will see a clearer picture and you would be able to plan the next step.

4)      And the very most important, REDHA (accept with open heart). Redha with whatever Allah has planned you with. Redha that whatever that you want might not be the best for you, and Allah knows the best.

God, I already feel at ease now, by writing it! =) I guess I can skip to step 4 already, thank you for reading this, dear readers….. =)

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