Friday, February 10, 2012

What a week..

Last week of January was the worst week as the first month in 2012.

Monday and Tuesay were CNY hols. But, laundry open as usual and I was rushing here and there hantar Premium Beautiful set to customer.

Wednesday, Hazeman's car broke down again, for the second time on January 2012. So, we were so worried since he has to deliver some laundries on Thursday. Since I thought he wouldn't be able to do it, so I sent the whole 360++kg laundries on the evening, by Kelisa, two trips, in the rain. Basah kuyup dibuatnya. Left laundry at 9.30pm, drove to HKL, fetched Hazeman and to home. Sampai rumah, Kakak and Iddin had heavy flu, Hazeman had to attend to them, and we both haven't had any dinner. Later we went out to McD for late dinner/supper and slept at 1.30 am.

Thursday, we forgot that we were suppose to balik Kelantan since we haven't go back for nearly 1 month and we haven't buy the bus tix. As soon as I reach home (Hazeman was still at the laundry since he had morning shift), I went out again to go buy bus tix, Kakak and Iddin wanted to come along. So, they basically slowing down my movement. We had 10.30pm tix and we haven't buy tix from KB-KL on Saturday since Hazeman has to work double shift on Sunday.

We reached Kelantan on Friday morning, 5.30 am; sis and brother in law treating the family with a weekend gateway in Tok Aman Bali, a new 4 stars resort in Tok Bali. It was beautiful, very peaceful and we had total fun; despite the fact they claimed ada Wifi, tp nan hado..

Went back to Kota Bharu on Satuday, rush to the airport, bought a 7.15 pm Air Asia tix to KL. While waiting for the flight, one of our customer texted us, they wanted us to pick up some laundries that evening jg and sent it back on Sunday morning, since they had to use it Sunday morning tu jugak. Hey, we are still in KB at that time!

Landed in LCCT at 8.05 pm, got onto bus at 8.50pm, got onto the train at 9.15pm, sampai Bndr Tasik Selatan, we realized we left on of our bag at Salak Tinggi's platform!

Got off from the train at Bandar Tasik Selatan station, went to tix counter, minta tlg the officer to call Salak Tinggi's station to check whether the bag is still there and thank Allah, it is still there.

We continued our journey to KL Central, Nabil; my sis picked us up and we reached home at 10.30pm. We took Hazeman's car to Shah Alam; picked up the laundry (which was about 15 helai je pun); hantar to Lavender Laundry, had quick drive thru dinner at A&W; balik and tidur at 1.30am.

The next day, I woke up at 6.15am, because I need to drive back to Shah Alam, to deliver back the whole 15 pieces table cloth. From Shah Alam, I drove to Salak Tinggi station to pick up the bag that we left at the platform.

Malam tu, we drove back to Shah Alam, to pick the whole load of laundry in Shah Alam, from the same customer. 360++kg all together.

I wanted to have this entry on so that one day I will remember what both Hazeman and I went through in order to have better life while maintaining good relationship with the families.

So much for a DIRECTOR.. =)

Hanie Adzman

Saturday, February 4, 2012

A fun time



Hanie Adzman