Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday twisties

Ye, saya makan twisties pg ini as breakfast. That means I am stressed (plus I am eating red twisties!)

My manuscript has been rejected (for the one thousand two hundred and thirty four times) --> drama queen btol..tak, br 4 kali je. So what? Other ppl might have been going thru my procees for more times,kn?

To endure the Monday blues cum sakit hati due to this abovemnetioned matter, I decided to proceed with something more `beneficial'..Hum, what could that be? ;p

Stay tuned, it'll def. benefits others too.. ;p

Friday, February 18, 2011

Property purchasing procedure

I have worked in a lawyer firm prior my current job, and yes, I was involved in the SnP agreement and what not semua. I just thought if you guys want to know what are the relevant procedures yg terlibat during house purchasing:

1. Sale and Purchase agreement : This is the agreement between you and developer. So basically here. there are stamp duty fees, legal fees, ect fees (transportation, fax, email and what not semua la). If you guys nak tahu how to calculate stamp duty, you can go to this link :

Just insert the amonut of your housing price, it'll calculate right away for you.

2. Loan agreement : This is between you and bank pulak. Again, here will be another lawyer fees. Before, when I was in the lawyer firm, most purchaser would go for the same lawyer firm for both procedure. It is easier if you are buying a first hand house, a new devoloping housing area, the developer would suggest you with their panel lawyer. The procedure will be faster since all purchaser are using the same lawyer firm (because yg masalah lama tu sbb there are tons of housing agreement on their tables, nak pergi pejabat tanah lg, pejabat hasil; so it takes years if the lawyer is handling only your matter; compared to they handle semua purcahser at one time.) That's why some developers akan buat promotion yg they will bear lawyer fees, and certain2 fees. But again, it's up to you. (lg2 kalau you are a lawyer, yourself,kn?;p)

3. Disbbkan kita owe dgn bank, we will have another agreement to let the bank keep our house grants for safe keeping. So that, if we are declared bancrup (Nauzubillah..), tak mampu nak byr ansuran ke, bank akan lelong rumah kita to settle the amount yg we owe them. We will only have the photocopy grant shj =) (This is for loan with bank, if you are taking government loan, it'll be different)

4. If you are buying a first hand flat/apartment/condo, after a couple of years (I cant remember the exact time), your lawyer firm will call you for another agreement signing. This agreement is to facilitate in individual grant/starta. Meaning, masa mula2 rumah siap, grant is for the one whole block. So, now diaorg nk give you individual grant (berdasarkan nombor and tingkat rumah masing2). This is so, if one day you nak jual rumah ke apa, sngla..

5. After full loan settelement dengan bank, lawyer firm akan call for another meeting, to release the grant back to you. 

Habisla urusan dgn lawyer (Finally!).

All this procedure yg I write ni is for a first hand, new houses tau. If you are buying a second hand house, or nak buat tukar nama, or nak buat refinance, that'll require for other procedure (property evaluation etc). I am not really sure on the procedure because I only handle first hand house punya matter.

p/s- If there's anything yg slh on this writing, I am very sorry. And yes, if there's anyone yg nak re-correct any part, is welcome.  Because, these are basically from my experience working as junior clerk in a lawyer firm bank in 2007. And i had fun when I was there! =)

Islamic banking and BFR

As salam

I have always used Ust. Zaharuddin's blog on Islamic Financing as a reference. I find it is very easy to understand, and practical to be practiced.

Remember previous post on BFR? To have better understanding, you guys can read through this link :

Of course, kita yg cetek pengetahuan ttg Islamic Banking akan rs pening bila bc benda2 mcm ni. But go slow, read it carefully, you'll be amazed with the amount of new knowledge that you will learn from it =)

Happy reading, peeps! =)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

THoughts and pieces

Call me impatient; but the plan starts now,hehehe! I am going to start rolling the money in making sure I won't miss anything; call me opportunist...pape je la

Anyway, yesterday I went hunting to every bank; inquring on their housing loan package (walaupun the glimpse of signing any SnP is yet to be determined; but it's fun). Some wealth advisor mcm tak faham their own housing loan package, some are very helpful until you felt that this is the best package and let's sign the agreement like now!hahahah! but, again, lesson from the previous post; don't jump into the sea until you have the proper swimming lesson; bukan2; I mean let's not rush into things, sbb there are many pros and cons that we must always consider.

Being a Muslim, I would always want to practise as one as much as possible. Maklumla, hidup dkt dunia ni, mcm persinggahan bawah pokok, skjp je, yg pntg bekalan yg nak dibawa `dunia' yg lg satu tu ..Termasuklah dlm urusan jual beli. Yup, we must go for Islamic Banking; regardless of how `fragile' the current system is. I am very much trying to adhear to Islamic banking. Yup, I know, isu ni still very `cloudy' among Muslims, tp hukum mengambalkan riba, tetap haram; and termasuk dlm dosa besar. So, as much as possible we would like to avoid riba la,kn? Looking at the housing loan package provided by most Islamic bank, the rate is quite the same with the conventional banking. Then, timbul pulak isu, then why do we choose Islamic banking, if the rate between conventional and Islamic banking is the same? Conventional guna BLR and Islamic Banking guna BFR. Apa beza BLR and BFR? Me; myself still in very much reading on this topic. To this level, I know both BLR and BFR akan naik turun, cumanya with BFR; nilai takkan go more than 10%. Maksudnya, if tahun tu BLR jd 15%, BFR will still stay at 10%. I would write more on this after more readings because I would like to promote Islamic banking to everyone, because the system will not be implemented kalau we, as Muslim sndr tak sokong system tu.

Anyway, I would like to hear from you guys too. What do you guys think? I want to start off with a flat less than RM 80k, rent it for a couple of year as investment. Or to proceed to a real house; to settle down, once hubby comes back because we would have a longer period of paying the loan since we start off at younger age.

I would welcome suggestions,peeps..=)

p/s- Cant wait for Tuesday, flying off to Kuching, spending the rest of the week with hubby.. =)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Planting Money

If only we can plant money in our backyard and courtyard to pay the housing downpayment, stamp duty, legal fees and all..
I have gone crazy...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Nearly a year..

Yup, nearly to one year of my wedding anniversary. Changes? Hum..not much I guess. Besides having to travelling back and forth to Kuching, the rest are mostly the same. Yes, my husband is working in Kuching, and God knows how much of sacrifises that we both made during the time.

I still very much `addicted' blog-stalking others ex-brides and b2b blogs. I guess admiring the beautiful glimpse of white dais, fresh flowers and splendid master works on (mostly) the brides' attire do endure the pain of being in LDR. There were times when bad thoughts popped in my mind `Can I re-do this part in my wedding day to this one'. Well, we can never turn back time,kn? But; seriously, if I were given just one chance to change some part of the wedding day, I would....

a) Not buy the second hand Coach leather tote as for my hantaran. Because it cost me RM 900 and the quality is (of course) not the same as the first hand tote. Bodoh betul I at that time. Mmg sgt gelojoh, tak fikir pjg! I have bought another unbranded leather hangbag kat Guangzhou for RM 70,which by far lg better quality. RM 900 tu kalau simpan ASB, dah dpt RM 63 every year as dividen =(
b) To hire only one vendor for dais and some deco i.e. walkways. I was so into this one dais, tak care lgsg to look at other vendors. 2 days before the wedding day, suddenly baru terfikir, takkan dpn rumah nak bare je, without any deco. Then I crossed to one b2b blog who hired this one vendor near my house; which provide way better dais and some walkways. Aduh, membazir lg.. =( I askes this second vendor if I were to take a dais and this walkways, how much would she charge me. She simply stated less than RM 1000. I have already spent RM 900 only for the first dais =( Dahla the first vendor charged me for the transportation because she came all the way from Klang. The second vendor did not charge on the transportation sbb she is so near to my place. I have unnecessarily membazir RM 500 on this..
c) Not to have the so-called wedding gown as my wedding attire. Now, that attire is in my wardrobe; tak tau nak buat apa.Hem...I should have just buat baju kurung moden jer, or at least, baju kurung. At least blh pki lg...Membazir RM 250..(baju kurung moden would have been only RM 200)
d) Properly informed both my parents and my aunty (who was helping me on to manage the whole day) on flow of the ceremony. Due to that imporper plan, we have missed the family photograph session. Who would missed this session on their wedding day (except me!)? To make up for this faulty, I have to call back all my family members the coming week, for another photography session. Bodohkan? My third sister was not in the picture because she had an exam that week, I have to pay again to the MUA, we have to buy another flight ticket for my husband to come back, ibu have to pay again some amount of money for the food, I missed most of my cousins snce most of them couldt show up, apa lagi? owh, not to mention, at that day, dais pun vendor dah ambil balik. So, blh tak kawin lg skali?! We again membazir nearly RM 800 (for the MUA, flight ticket, food)
e) Properly plan the honeymoon. Due to lack of experience in planning trips, instead of honeymoon in Pulau Perhentian, we both were `terhenti' at Tok Bali. Yes people, we spent our honeymoon in Tok Bali! The weather was very bad in the evening, that we didnt dare to go on the boat again. So, we lost half of the money we paid to Bubu Resort in Pulau Perhentian. Plus to pay another amount of money to other hotels in Tok Bali. We should have checked the weather prior leaving KL. So, this shall be a good experience to both of us; the inexperience honeymooners.For this one we lost RM 350 for the cancellation, another RM 400 for the accomodation and transporation in Tok Bali.

So, let see how much of money have we lost throughtout the improper planning and poor judgement + being gelojoh = RM 3200 ladies and gentlemen! MMg sgt membazir! I would defenietely do something to make for this lost; sbb this RM 3200 could have been helping us to pay the deposit for our first house. Kn? =(

Sekian, terima kasih 

p/s- To other b2b, tlgla properly plan yr big day because what's important is not how grand your wedding day is, but how much of money that you have to start your life later after the `Raja Sehari' day

Friday, February 4, 2011


I have start blogging..before this, asyik stalk others je, so, I think it's abt time to have my own...

Anyway, why I name my blog- Journey to my First Future Nest. Well, yesterday, while I was stalking one of usual blog (I will mention whose once I did get her link ;p), it got into my attention that I must started thinking abt my Future Nest @ my own Home Sweet Home. This blog by; let's call her Sis T; was on her future nest (like all the details on how hers future nest should look like, the area etc). And she mentioned abt the area, lagi la make me overexicited.

The next thing I did was, drag my mom pergi tgk showroom rumah tu. My goodness, terus jatuh cinta! But...when the sales assistant explained all the procedure related to the purchasing and all, I realized, I have never planned anything on planning to buy own house. I am 26 this year, and I should start thinking of planning to have one.

Malam tu, terus termenung, and was not in the mood for anything. I knew I wouldnt to be able to get this particular house (u know 10k deposit, another 10% after 28days, housing loan, duti stamp, lawyer fees and all)..aduh! But for how long again then I would terus to be like this. Suka one house, tak cukup duit, suka next house, takde deposit. So, I have decided, I MUST PLAN!

So, basically, this blog will be my place to plan and captured all the great and pain memories through out the JOURNEY TO MY FIRST FUTURE NEST =)