Saturday, November 26, 2011


Is this like my second entry with the same title? Hahaha! I must have ran out of idea! God!

Ok, remember this post on TIRED. And the part which I am so TIRED of having piling up clothes to be washed every Monday? And I have fine the solution to this matter?


Welcome to our Lavender Laundrette, people!! =)

Hahahaha! My husband must be running out of idea whenever I am complaining of how tired I was with doing laundry, so, he `gave' me this! =) Isn't he the most thoughtful husband in the whole wide world? ;p

Nah! Joking! =)

We decided to run our own family biz by starting a small biz such as this- laundry shop. We started on November and alhamdulillah everything has run smoothly. It was pretty tiring (AGAIN??) for the first few weeks; you know adaptation and all. But, now, it is has been nearly 1 month, and we have shift our lives to this new biz.

So, why laundry biz? I don't really know but hubby was the one who initiate this idea, so as the most obedient wife (hahahaha!) I decided to support his idea and we sat together and plan what and how are we going to run it. Besides, the capital was small and it is do-able (as in, I know how to wash and iron the cloth,hehehe!)

So, our Lavender laundrette is situated at :

46A, Jalan Jubli Perak  22/1,
Persiaran Jubli Perak, Seksyen 22,
Shah Alam

Spot the Bibik yang bekerja @ the laundry:

Do you see her? Nah! Does not matter! ;p

Salam maal hijrah, everyone.. =)

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  1. congrats hanie!! m proud of u..all the best dear!;)