Saturday, November 17, 2012


I was sitting in Prof Maughn’s lecture in UM last Thursday. As I was listening to his speech, I realized that this could be the last seminar on Sports Nutrition that I might attend to. Looking around, I see familiar faces, faces that I have known for 4 years and 8 months. It does feel different and weird, knowing that I will leave this field soon and I will not be able to meet this group of people as frequent as before.

I did my undergrad study in Nutrition in UPM for 3 years. It was not not a course that I chose (I chose to pursue law, can you believe that?). But, Allah knows the best. Not only He gave me something that I was capable of doing, He also gave me opportunity to the chosen job as soon as I graduted (while some of my friends were strugling to find one).

1st November 2007, I reported duty to Sports Nutrition Centre, ISN and this month marks my for 4 years and 8 months here. So, in total, I have been with nutrition for nearly 8 good years. Such a long time and I felt time flies so fast. Not only I make my living with it, I have basically live and breathe with it. From applying it to my Malaysian Archers, to publishing papers, oral and poster presentations, to attend to various seminars and conferences to debate the importance of nutrition with Dr Mohd Hazeman by saying that medical will become a small field if nutrition is being practice as a whole as a protective mechanism to obesity and nutritional related diseases, to giving lectures and talks. Owh yes! I live with it. I even have applied to further my post grad study in Nutritional Science for the September intake in UPM!

I am proud to be their Sports Nutritionist

Working with Malaysian Archers was fun. Not only it makes me feel young because the archers were very, very young, but they made me feel at home. I am the eldest in my family, and the rest of achers had me as if I was their big sister. I listened to their personal and athletes's stories. I learn that I can't go into their lives and tell them what to eat. Everthing started with a small minor step, to slighly bigger one. Until they understand that it is the most important to keep consuming energy snack during their FITA long duration competition.

I don't work alone, of course. I have strong group of people that I can always refer to. My knowledge is limited, thus these are the people that I look up to for support. My dearest collegue of sports nutritionist and dieticians in Sports Nutrition Centre. I was mould here, groomed, brushed, you name it! From 3 months education class, to Journal Club, to yearly anthropometric projects, to one community pameran to another, to monthly work plan, everything under one roof! How can you not develop after 4 years in here? Confirm meletup-letup kalau pergi interview ;p
And after 4 years 8 months, Allah stores something else for me. Something which different from nutrition and I guess it means a new field to me. I never thought it will be so difficult for me to make this decision, I thought with the benefits and advantages it offers me, it will be as easy as packing up and leave. I am wrong. To say goodbye to people whom I know so dearly is not easy. I've been through ups and downs with them. The Hanie you see today comes from here. I am not who I am today because I am great, but it is because of the process and opportunity that I owned while I am here.

Dear my Sports Nutritionist and Dietician collegue,
This is not a goodbye. For what I have been through, I owe it to all of you. Thank you for your kind help and the greated friendship that I have ever had.

One after another

It has been long, yes, since my last entry. Life has been up side down, so occupied. The department is currently going re-organisation phase, so kerja semakin bertimbun-timbun, so much like the Everest.

Anyway, September left with Aidilfitri then it was my induction in Bangi for 2 weeks. Back to office, felt misserable because I had 160 emails unread (equals to 160 waiting works). So, my late night working phase started. I came in to work at 7.15 am and left office at 9-ish pm. I did that nearly two weeks, just to cover the time spent in induction. Due to the induction too, I only attended Zharif's engagement ceremony at the very end, sempat makan je. Gambar pun takde, noob. Takpe, when it comes to his wedding reception, I'll make sure I'll be the important person (nak cover balik those thing that I missed during my reception, hahah!)

Crazy people I met during PIPE. I wonder how we clicked at an instant? ;p

March again, yes? We will celebrate our wed anniversary sama-sama every year, I guess.. ;p

Watak tambahan, budget comel! ;p
Then, suddenly it was October already. Ayah's birthday. We had a good family dinner at Fish in Manhattan (Ayah was shocked when I texted everybody on my plan, dia ckp kenapa nak smp New York to celebrate birthday dia, haha! Funny!) . Everyone was there, including my future sister in law, Afiqah. We ate like nobody's business then we sang birthday song to ayah. Staff in the restaurant pun tumpang nyanyi juga, they were so nice..auwww.

The loudest singer of Happy Birthday, ayah!

Yay! Hanie belanja!! (Hazeman bayar!!)
Ok, ok, romantic la...

Nonoi texted early August, she wanted me to MC her wedding reception. Of course I say yes, without any hesitant walaupun sekelumit, hehe! We have been friend since Form 1 and of course I felt honoured that she asked me to. So, Nanim; her bride's maid planned a suprise for Nonoi (and she wanted to include me in). Nonoi wanted to meet us 3 weeks before her big day to plan on the flow and everything. She messaged me at FB, I never replied. She almost freak out, hahaha! The suprise was, we treated with a spa treatment in Ampang Point (ala, lupa pulak nama spa tu). It was simple, but pleasant. Of course Nonoi was surprised because I didn't reply her, then Nanim requested her to accompany her to an appointment and she followed blindly. Suddenly she saw me in the spa, haha! Gotcha, Noi! Then we had late lunch and planned her wedding accordingly.  That was the first week of October.

Second week, we went for picnic in Port Dickson. Guess with who?? Haaa, mestilah dgn all my good friends in ISN. Kak So, Fafa, Kak Jaja, Am plus the two munchkin, Kakak and Iddin. I had fun because it has been long since we hang out and catch up. So much to tell rasa macam picnic tu was too short for 3 months detailed. We grilled some chicken, seafoods. Kak So brought home made barbecue souce, it was fun. Kakak and Iddin mandi laut, sampai demam 2 minggu, hehe! Should see Kakak's expression bila she dapat mandi laut, mcm muka yang penuh dgn kebebasan, haha! (Ala, gambar hilang!!! =()

Third week was Nonoi's reception day. Being part of her wedding reception was the best. The whole interior design, her dais, her dress and the rest of the details represented her. Nonoi was known as a very creative friend of mine. She used to give me birthday card with Salman Khan's pic (sbb masa tu rasa Salman Khan tu sgt hot la ;p Now, so not!). Then when I moved to Science Muar, she sent me letters and the envelope was made out of McD paper, the burger wrap up, boleh? That is so her. So happy that she finally married to a man that understands her, accepts her for who she is. Dear Julia, may your marriage bless to akhirat! =)

I swear I must loose those FATS!

We have gone long ways, since we were 13,ok? Look where are we standing now..=)

Fourth week of October was Aidil Adha. Makan, makan, makan! Semuanya sedap! Ayah cooked rendang daging, Cik Yang masak rendang ayam pencen (the best!), Cik Ana masak laksa, Cik Nora masak sayur masak lodeh, semuanya sedap! Best ramai makcik ni, bila gathering, mcm2 makanan ada. Then balik kampung ayah at Kuala Kangsar. Makan lagi, makan durian (yang ni sedap gile!), makan sup daging. Berhenti kat RnR Tapah, makan jambu air. Mmg gemukla jadinya. But, the Aidil Adha was great. To be able to catch up with family members, spent time together. Nothing can compare to that.

Move on to first week of November. Hazeman and I went for a honeymoon in Medan. 4 days 3 nights trip, rasa mcm tak puas. To go and experience other country, seeing different culture and society. Danau Toba was beautiful! Namanya tasik, tapi luas mcm laut. We went for shopping at Pasar Ikan (plus shopping utk wedding Zharif juga), naik speedboat, makan Padang cooking, shopping cake Bika Ambon. And suprisingly, semua toilet yang I masuk kat sana, semuanya bersih; as in, boleh digunakan,hehe! (Seriously Hanie, itu yang kau tgk dlm byk2 benda kat Medan tu??) Malas nak cakap enjoy the pictures la!

We woke up at 4.00 pm to catch up 7.15 am flight

Beautiful Danau Toba..

Baju purple tu, driver kitaorg. Mmg pelik dan gile,haha!

Eh, did I say honeymoon? hahaha! Obviously tak kan? It was honeymoon + another 8 family members,haha! So much for a honeymoon ;p 

Tapi seriously, balik dari Medan, I felt so blessed to born as a Muslim in Malaysia. You have no idea what are the Indonesians do to earn a living. Sampai tahap sanggup berenang dalam Danau Toba, the passengers tossed coin into the tasik, they will dive in and fine the coins. Sangat menyedihkan, but yet they seemed happy.

Lagi interesting looking at kaum Batak in Danau Toba. Most of them are Christian. They have this sort of small building utk simpan mayat dengan harta-harta yang they loved. It is amusing  how they integrate their belief with the religion. And pendakwah Christian tu must do great work to be able berdakwah sampai ke kawasan pendalaman Danau Toba, something that we as Muslims should learn.

That's the building..

Anyway, all and alls, September + October + early November were fun! See I am able to put everything in 1 post, haha! Lazy bum!
Next entry, I would like to review the spas that I have visited since it seems wherever I go, mesti ada org tanya my view on spa (is it obvious? hem..) + SAMURA's reunion!!! Tak sabarnya!!
Till then..
Hanie Adzman