Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How did I end up pushing myself to the limits? (i.e. doing so many things at one time)

I got married to Hazeman in Mac 2010. Hazeman was posted to Sarawak General Hospital (SGH) which required me to travel back and forth, every forth weeks. Cheap Air Asia tickets could cost as low as RM 18 and the highest tickets will reach RM 800++.  Of course we planned our `visiting schedule’, but there were also times that I flew unplanned (i.e. Hazeman had his chicken pox etc). We don’t earn salaries of you know, big bucks; neither both of us came from very wealthy families. I ended up swiping credit cards to match this requirement. When Hazeman got to transfer back to KL, we realised we are stuck with credit card debts and they are more than you could imagine. Added to that are our monthly expenses and of course family’s expenses. Marriage comes with responsibilities to family, and mind you, it is not one, but to two families.

Yes, we do have lots of fun during our stay in Kuching. Sometimes I do wish that we are still there. And I missed Kuching big time..=(

Hazeman and I we are very much looking forward to have children soon, now that he has come to the end of his housemenship training, Alhamdulillah. I believe every parent would like to give the best to their children, and so do we. I am sure that most parents have had their children medically covered with insurance, and now you are looking forward for your children’s education fund and of course daily and monthly expenses; you know nursery of RM 250, pampers of RM 200, that sort of thing. Don’t forget the expenses that involved during delivery and post delivery. I am a planned person; I don’t like to face a situation unprepared. Indeed, every child comes with rezeki , which Allah has assured. But, those rezeki, I believe comes from hard work and changes for betterment (you know most married couples will start looking for side income job, do more part times, do more locums etc). Thus, being calculative and prepared person, I can’t see us to put up with extra expenses in this near future. Thus, we have to find solution.

Twins mean double in everything, yes I mean, every each of thing!

I am the eldest in my family. I am also the eldest grandchild in ayah’s side. Ayah had showed us the responsibilities as the eldest in the family. And I have determined to put up with that role too. Thus, I kept thinking that I must have a plan B for my siblings and cousins. My biggest fear is that anyone that related to me will not be able to survive in the future, financially. You know, like they can’t further their study, or they will not have opportunities to get a good job. I feel that it is my responsible to facilitate them in the future, if this happen. Hence, Hazeman decided that we must establish any sort of business as a starter. Apart from that, we take this as a challenge and we believe if we put our family as our first priorities, insyaAllah, we will have stronger bond as a family.

My father has the biggest influence in my life. Apart from a father, he is also a very good friend of mine. His thoughts really matter to me. 

I have my own target, to quit 8am-5pm work at the age of 30 years old. I would like to build and raise my own future family yet get to be working on flexible hours; which eventually leads to business. I want to be able to drive my children to their kelas mengaji, maybe to swimming and horse back-riding class. I want them to remember me be as the biggest influence while they are growing up, like I remember ibu and ayah while I was growing up. But, I can’t rely on Hazeman to work alone and feed our family. It is just unfair for he has been working so hard since we got married, and yes, definitely two heads are better than one (or maybe two pairs of hands are better than a pair, hehehe!). This fact also knocks my head when arwah mak fell sick. It was very hard for us to be at her side all the time since both Hazeman and I are working 8-5; five days a week, and yes we did feel horrible. At that point of time, I thought what if this happen to ibu, ayah, abah, my children, my siblings or any close family members, would I be able to take care of them if I keep working office hours? Or I would have to take unpaid leave to be there for them then my monthly expenses are not taken care of? That would give me another headache, I think.

I have met with so many people, some are very keen to take the first step for better life and some are “wait and see” people. Nevertheless, I keep my options open for I am only sharing this opportunities that I have now, with you.  Regardless whether you choose to continue to be in your comfy shoes or to take the risk while we’re young, I still very much will pray for the best in your future. =)

Hanie Adzman

p/s- It is 27th Mac 2012. Happy 2nd Anniversary, bi =)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Be in the right group

Last weekend, I attended the Exclusive Business Meeting (EBM) at the Women's Management Institute in TTDI. This is a free class provided by our CDM Hanis Haizi's team which included all business partners of CDM Maisarah Ibrahim, CDM Razali Zain and CDM Salha Zain.

Don't let me describe the audience. There were many people and everyone was excited with the speeches and information provided by all speakers. So, who says this business is to be handled alone? Every step you take is guided (or else, I will not reach two levels in the business in one month,kan? )

Yes, we are being guided all the way through the journey. Mind you, this is not the usual class @ B32 stokis in Batu Caves. This is an exclusive meeting of Hanis Haizi's group. How I am glad to be in most righteous group!


Today, Faiez, Kak Yani and I had our own EBM. Yup, at my house, breakfast provided by Ibu, hehehe! Cool tak my mum? ;p We run through our targets, revised our name list and how to expand our networking. I basically provided all the info that I got from the previous EBM. Yup, this business is all about working together. Mcm Liverpool punye cogankata, You'll never walk alone,hahaha! =)


Yes, be in the right group is very important. Many people have encounter to wrong group which ended with frustration. But, hold our hands, we'll get you through, TOGETHER! =)

Owh, yes, I have new business partners during the EBM! ;p

Hanie Adzman

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Catching up + Maya's big day! =)

Owh, Pija, Oya and I, we love to reminisce memories of Bestari 4 when we were in Science Muar. We could talked for hours and we didn't realise that we need to stop,hehehe!

This afternoon, we did the same thing. Cekidaut!!!

And, look who has been hitched!!

It's our own, Summayyah!!! Yay!!Isn't she lovely?? I love her Baju kurung moden so much! So flawless, as flawless as her skin!! ;p

And look, who did we stumbled upon..

Yes, the whole loads of Samurian!! =) Such nice people to bump into. Totally, made me felt at 17 years old,hehehehe!

Owh yes, guess what we got for Maya and her husband, Hafiz,hehehehe!


Hahahahah! Happy cooking,Maya!!! ;p We know we make Hafiz one happy man now!

Owh, let me focus to the picture in Maya's card..

Yes, the good old days which made me realised I miss all of you..

Hanie Adzman

Pics credit to Fizha and Maya

p/s 1- Please apologize my blog's design. I have yet to finis the whole re-designing thing,hehehe!

p/s 2 - Please ignore my first attemp with Numa. It goes with LOAD (not lots) of training ;p

p/s 3 - I am so going to upload all Bestari 4's pics in my possession!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dig, analyze, share and respect.

Yes, many times in life we frequently judge a person or a situation from one source; or the hearsays. Bad enough that we do not take the time to read through the relevant sources; or to analyze the situation; we label and simply pinpoint fingers verbally or non-verbally to the relevant (or irrelevant) people.

When Hazeman and I started to invest in gold, we only read the pamphlets provided by the bank. And we took it that they were able to provide all the info we needed. We invested in gold book account, and a week later when we read one reliable entry by Ustaz Zaharudin in his blog (mind you we did not read from `unreliable’ source i.e. individual with no Islamic banking education and practiced background), we realized that gold book account is prohibited for it’s akad is not clear; as in when we buy physique gold, the akad is clear – We give you RM xxx for xx gram of gold. But, with gold book account, (this is the copy from Ustaz Zaharuddin’s post)
·         HARAM DAN BATAL : Jika emas itu belum berada dalam pemilikan bank dan hanya akan dibeli daripada pihak ketiga dalam majlis transaksi yang berasingan. Urusniaga pembukaan akaun itu telah menjadi HARAM dan tidak SAH, kerana pihak bank telah menjual emas yang tiada di dalam miliknya dan juga kerana riba telah berlaku apabila tiadanya elemen ‘Taqabud fil Majlis' (serah terima dalam satu masa), sebarang penangguhan membawa kepada Riba an-Nasiah.
Kesimpulan ; pastikan emas yang ingin dijual mestilah berada dalam pemilikan pihak bank tersebut.
      HARAM DAN BATAL : Iaitu jika emas BELUM atau TIDAK diterima serta-merta ketika membuka akaun pelaburan emas itu.
 And that is why we quit from the gold book account investment; and yes we had some kerugian. The point is we have to always find the most reliable source, analyze, share and respect. Respect other people’s choice if they still want to go for the gold book account.

I was interviewed by Lisa Goh from The News Strait Times  THE STAR for a featured last Sunday with regards to my interest in investing in gold,hehehe!

This is a 20 g gold wafle. Yes, you can actually get it from different jewellery shop and they basically produce their own 999 gold. So, you can actually get the highest composition of gold unlike the bracelet, rings etc. Basically, Tomei has KLCC wafle bar, we have Pump Suisse, which an international recognize wafle etc.

 Move on to, Nadirah (@Dirang)’s case. Yes, the whole Malaysian is very shock with the news. It reminded us to Nurin Jazlin, very much kan? (May her soul rest in peace). And, as I was driving on the Tuesay  morning, Hot fm had this news as their topic for discussion. Of course, everyone is outrage with the killer(s), and every caller start to bang the killer. But, but, before that, do you know most psychotic, serial killers dan yang seangkatan dgnnya are actually abused and abandon kids once?  That while they were growing up, they did not go through a normal journey like most of us did. And who would know that these people are actually our school mates, our neighbors and they could be among our family members. But, for we have been ignorant, tak mau jaga tepi kain orang, we had actually indirectly contributed to the existence of these people who we are referring as `bad people’. If we only had called the police when we heard them scream, if only we offer them shoulder when they cried at the back of the canteen during recess time instead giving unwanted look, and if only we help them to meet the counselor in school, things could have been different. So, did we dig, analyze, share and respect? Not to respect them as the `bad people’, but respect them so that we can actually provide them with necessary help (i.e. seeing psychiatric etc). But, if the killer(s) is normal man, as in waras, please, dear Sir, tolonglah minta ampun to the respective family(s). If we have sins towards Allah, we can ask for forgiveness from Him; and InsyaAllah, Allah is the most forgiving. But, if we have sins towards human beings, then from them we have to seek for forgiveness.                   

The same goes to when we heard a man is marrying a second wife. Cepat je nak melenting kan? Hehehe! (That includes me, ok?). Added to that, if the man is our best friend’s husband, our brother in law or any men that are related to us, and we do not see any logical explanation why he should marry to another wife; we would make a conclusion for them – Gatal! Dasar lupa diri, isteri tu yang susah-susah dgn dia dulu, dah senang, cari lain- you know that sort of thing. But, why don’t we open our heart and mind- what if the man marries to a widow, with some children? What if the man marries to a woman, yang dah lanjut umur, and she is actually well off, financially, and she only intends to menumpang kasih-sayang, and she needs a man to protect her? Or he marries to a woman who needs real protection? Just laying out some probabilities; but there must be a reason why Allah allows the men to marry up to 4 wives, kan? I am just saying this, but if this happens to me, I would need a very long time to accept (will I be able to accept?) and redha; I guess.

One example of I can think of. UAI.
                The reason why I had this entry is because I have always working on self-positivity. I wanted to be able to analyze a situation and a person; before I say my comments (or rather will I keep my comments). I wanted to stop being judgmental, by hearing from only one source, because every coin has two face; so is every story.
p/s- Do you guys actually acknowledge that there is a proper guideline by JAKIM for multilevel (MLM) business to be conducted in Malaysia? Just thought you would like to know. You know, before you say your comments? =)


Thursday, March 8, 2012

January and February 2012

I have been going through a lot throughout January and February.

January, I was so busy with my Master research proposal. I had to look for suitable supervisor and core supervisor. Alhamdulillah, I found both at one time, and now, the real hard work begins, have to apply for study grants and to submit my application for the study to UPM. Let’s pray and work for the best as in, UPM, here I come………! again,hahahah!

Yes, my Master study will involve the sunshine vitamin- Vitamin D! =)

Then, January was the last month for Vietnam qualifying. Unfortunately, the date that I was suppose to leave for Vietnam; I had already been assign to one pameran in Putrajaya. The best part was, all of sudden, the pameran was canceled, and the submission for Vietnam was also closed at the same time. I guess, it was not my rezkh but I had fun throughout the process and now I am fighting for Guangzhou! We are leaving for Guangzhou on June and I hope it won’t clash with a conference that I plan to attend in Kelantan on the same month, hahaha! I envy those business partners who are doing this business full time as they have ample time to manage their own schedule =( I hope my time will come soon, I know it will!
I am heading this way, people. Come and follow me! ;pz

January was also the month I had to attend to both my assistant submissions for their PEMUTIHAN process. This was the craziest process ever!! You have no idea how hard and terrible it was to deal with the JABATAN! No, I am not going to brag about this, but the conclusion to my journey was, try as much as possible to avoid dealing with them. From “ Saya akan hubungi puan semula” to   
“Sepatutnya puan yang call saya”, I hope this will be the first and the very last time that I have to deal with them.
At the same time, since January is the first month of 2012 (of course…), Hazeman and I were also submitting quotations to other stakeholders (i.e. nearby factories, spa etc) to look for more contracts and business opportunities. So, emailing quotations, follow-ups and the rest of stories.

February, I took 11 days of annual leave. My mother in law, Mak, suddenly fell sick, she had difficulties to breathe, to move and first ultrasound showed her liver was swelling and had liquid in it. I did notice that she had sort of bengkak at her abdomen area, but she said it was nothing serious and it has been so for the past 4-5 years. So, we coaxed her to be hospitalized for detailed check up and to start her antibiotic treatment on the 17th February; upon her agreement, and then she was put into ICU on the 21st February for closer monitoring and she had to breathe with the assistant of CPap, which mean she can’t breathe by herself. Hazeman and I stayed in Kelantan from the 22nd February to 26th February, bergilir-gilir with other siblings to look after her; even when she was in ICU. She could basically talked and eat and we told her that she needed to recover since many people who came to visit her were giving her money and we can spend the money by traveling, heheheh! We left Kelantan that Sunday since she seemed very stable and Hazeman had to sort his housemen period which left about 3 weeks. On the 27th Monday,  Kak Long called us in the evening saying that Mak’s blood pressure dropped critically upon intubates process and the physician asked the whole family to be prepared. Hazeman and I catch Air Asia last flight to Kota Bharu and went straight to HUSM. As Hazeman is a doctor himself, he knew that if a person blood pressure dropped drastically and the person had all five drugs inserted into him to keep him alive, it was already the time. Mak intended to pass away at her house, so that was what the family did for her. As soon as Hazeman and I reached her bed, Abg Andee (Hazeman’s second brother whom also a doctor- general surgeon) said that they are taking her home by ambulance and if Hazeman felt satisfied by getting to see Mak for the very last time. All machines was taken off from Mak, and Hazeman was bagging her; himself. (Bagging as in a manual balloon thing; being pumped manually to help Mak breathing until we reach home).
Onto the ambulance, to Pengkalan Chepa, Hazeman taught Mak to recite syahadah; continuously. Hazeman said Mak was sweating on her forehead and as soon as we reached MRSM Pengkalan Chepa, Mak had her tears out. We reached home, laid her on her mattress, Abg Andee took off all the left over tubes and shots, and she was pronounced dead on 11.45 pm; in her house, among her families as she wished. Mak was buried 10 am, Tuesday, 28th February at Bongol, Kota Bharu; at her hometown together with her mother and other siblings; she was rest aside to his elder brother, near to her mother.

I must say that it was my lost since I had to know Mak for only two years. Along the time, she was the coolest mother in law anyone could ever had. We called each other every week, she would order tudung from Munawarah when she had new baju kurung, and her favorite cookie was the butter cookies. We would always exchange stories and thoughts which all and all made me the happiest daughter in law. Ok, let’s stop here before we had more tears.

There you go, my 2012 starting months. Time flies so fast; that we couldn’t wish the time will slow down to our need. I always intend to do and reach more in the coming months and times, and may all success, prosperity, happiness be with us. Do not forget to perform QUALITY solat everyone, since Allah never forget us and always remind ourselves about death. It will definitely facilitate us to be better Muslim and Muslimah =)

She personally choosed blue for our Kelantan reception

On the E-day..

Miss you, Mak…

Hanie Adzman