Sunday, January 29, 2012

I am a Director

Hazeman decided to have an individual name card for business purpose since we have started to meet more prospect in this field i.e. caterers, suppliers, procurement officers etc etc. So, when he ordered me to write down what's to be written on the card, I just insert some details in word form (i.e. name, you know; that sort of thing) , then off he went to the printing shop at Taman Melawati.

And when he came back, guess what I got?

And I was like, what?? DIRECTOR?? You have got to be kidding me!

So, as the DIRECTOR, I should have all the advantages la,right? Like I don't have to do much job, goyang kaki, and having fun ; you know, the stuff that I thought all directors in this world would have.


Look what a DIRECTOR of Green Purple Enterprise does:

Sort of the account, invoice, DO and receipt

Drive my marketing manager to meet stakeholders

Marketing manager mana yang ada driver dlm dunia ni?? ;p

Busy tak my marketing manager? ;p

I am also the `buruh kasar'

Pack parents' Space Wagon with the laundries

My marketing manager: he's an observant ;p

Then, pay back time!

I thought this suppose to be fun. So, which part of being a director is great, again???

Hanie Adzman

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Saya ada kawan..

Look at this picture carefully...

 Apa punya tajuk entry la? Tapi, seriously, Saya ada kawan...I have friends.. =)

This is Kak Soraya. She was my senior during my undergrad study in UPM. We didn't really know each other back then.

 This is Loo @ Mrs Teng Tong. She was graduated from UKM and we met in ISN.

This is Izham. He was also graduated from UKM. We met when we did volunteering during Sukan Wanita, UPM 2007.

All four of us; we reported for duty in ISN, on the same date and day : 1st November 2007. We were naive, little that we know that having each other as friends matter so much; not just professionally but also emotionally. And we had celebrated our 4th anniversary last year.

I never felt so attached to a friendship; seriously (yes, my best friend knows that we might lost contact for 1 year, but when we needed each other, we know who to look for).

We went to Shiok Kopitian in Kinrara, to celebrate our 4th anniversary

But, with Kak So, Loo and Izham; I felt very...em, urm..what would the the most suitable word to use? Related, I guess? That when one of them went for out-station, or went for long holidays or had to take a long leave, the office felt bizarre (wah!! full of emotion ;p) But, seriously, my office is not the same without them.

Loo and I, we had Aussie grilled chicken chop
They witnessed most of my breakdowns (and I witnessed theirs) throughout the four years. Not just matter related to work, but also personally. We could share our problems and concerns about everything.

I also had vanilla shake with jelly

There were many times we had our ups and downs together. We also had arguments and misunderstanding. But, surprisingly, it didn't last long. We could just get over it, and still be good friend =)

Izham had Shiok burger

They were there on my wedding day, we were there on Kak So's first open house, we were suppose to go to Loo's wedding day (we had planned our stay in Taiping and everything) but unfortunately, something came up and she had to re-schedule her wedding day. We helped preparing Am's wedding favor (buat kat office,ok? ;p) and we were suppose to help him on his very wedding day; I was suppose to be the MC (but my grandma was in ICU and Kak So had to go for her Umrah).  

Yes, we can share most of everything

2012 is our 5th years together. And we have discovered so many things about each other. We are married and Loo's pregnant, Izham's is expecting a baby soon too. But, we don't know how long that we are going to stay together in ISN. I mean, we do have our own future plan, right?


But if this happened to be our last anniversary together....

Double tadaaa...!

Please remember that I have always love and adore all three of you. You guys are part of the reason that I felt so hard to leave ISN (if I am leaving la.. ;p)

Happy full face! =)

And we must reunite ourselves one fine day ;p

Our 3rd anniversary

And I will always pray for your happiness, success and prosperity..

Hanie Adzman

Monday, January 2, 2012

There's silver lining in every clouds

Our family have a pair of twins, Soliha and Solihuddin; whom we called Kakak and Iddin.

They have lost their mother when they were 2-3months old. Their mother was my aunt, my father's sister. She died of cancer which she has lived with nearly for 4 years. She left us 7 children, Kakak and Iddin are the youngest.

We have been helping their father to babysit them since they were 4 months old; on weekends, long holidays and school holidays.

Yes, Kakak has always been a bully ;p

This year they will turn two years old. How time flies that I (and Hazeman) couldn't imagine weekends without them. They have grew in front of us, we witnessed their first word such as "No, Mamam, Popoo," and so many other word.
And she always want to pose in front of Iddin
She has never failed to give the brightest smile
Iddin with his walker
Mischievous Iddin!
With his fav Osh Kosh B'Gosh footwear
When she has no mood, she ignores lenses
Rabbit Iddin =)
Rabbit Kakak =)
How big they have grown..
I have always feel devastated everytime on the `time of the month'. It has been nearly two years and I have yet to get any good news. Of course everyone kept asking, "Bila lagi? takde apa-apa lagi ke?". Now, I guess everyone is tired of asking that none of them ever asked anymore. Don't worry, I am worried too.
But, when I looked at Kakak and Iddin, I understand why Allah has yet to give the rezkh for any child. He wants me to share the love and care that I have with them. He gave me opportunities to have an early ILMU how to deal with not only one, but two kids at a time. How change diapers, bath them, buat susu, dealt with their tantrums, everything! I guess he is preparing me for better parenthood, one fine day.
Other than that, I have more time with Hazeman; which I seldom had when he was in Kuching.
Yes, there's a silver lining and every clouds and I am thankful for His blessings.
Hanie Adzman

Sunday, January 1, 2012

My 2011's reviews


1) Hazeman tranfered back to KL.Yay!

2) I got a lot of false alarm on being pregnant (not something that I have ever told anyone,hehehe! But I guess, I might as well include this into my reviews so that one fine day my future children knew that I have always wanted them to be in my life)

3) Both Hazeman and I started our laundry biz

4) We both figures we have an amount of credit card debt which can be used as a 10% deposit of a Volkswagen Beetle


5) I have less out-station work compared to the years before

6) Oh, yes! 2011 was the year that I have Air Asia as my premium mode of transportation!

7) Hazeman had his first chicken pox! ;p

8) Last but not least, I found these people; who inspired me so much to believe in my dreams and it takes courage to beat my fears and move forward!

Owh, please forgive my face, I am tired most of the time! ;p
Thank you so much Kak Mai and Kak Tahirah. I won't be where I am and what I am these two months period. You guys have never left me, regardless how fast or slow my progress in this biz. Thank you for the guidance and time that you have been spending for and with me. I am looking forward for more success in the future (and of course VIETNAM too! ;p)
Kak Yani, thank you for the trust and hard work. Let's go Vietnam =)
Hanie Adzman

Premium Beautiful - More satisfied customers!!! Yay!

Seronok bila dpt positive feedbacks from clients =) Buat post, tak perlu guna ayat byk-byk, enjoy the post and captures!
And yours truly...Thanks Fafa, sebab tlg ukurkan badan BARU akak,hehehe!
Call me so that you can be part of my success customers!! I sure can give you good price ;p (plus freebies too!!)
Hanie Adzman