Monday, February 11, 2013

Just a little re-alignment.

Long hols, people. It was fantastic because traffic in Kuala Lumpur was smooth, I had the longest rest time at home and we don't have to rush back to Kelantan as we have spent long kampung trip during Thaipusam and Maulidurasul, yay! =)

So, since I haven't had a long break at home, and now I had one, I had no idea what to do. Our laundry was also close, Kakak and Iddin were back to Klang, Hazeman, as usual, bekerja mencari nafkah,hehe! So I stucked at home, wondering what else can I do.

Spa? I went for treatment last Thaipusam holiday. Laundry? Yes, it has been long since I did my own laundry, hehee! So, I did. 40 minutes, done! Next? Exercise! Ok, 1 hour, 4kms. Done! 

                         Photo: After 4 days of Keropok Lekor, Megi Ketam, Nasi Kak Wok, Cek Mek, Nasi Kukus Aiqal Pengkalan Chepa, Pulut Panggang, Jagung bakar, etc, my body deserves this 'purying' process. Come on, 5km!

Gosh, day seemed so long! I know it was going to be a very long day when I log in to Facebook more than twice, a day. Then I realized, one thing, it has been long since I read a good book. Not just some novel, but a good reading material. Yes, let's read! So I checked the bookshelves. Good, Ibu had actually gave away all my favorite books away! How did I not realized that? 

The only reading material left were some novel by Norhayati Berahim and this one - Murabbi Cinta by Ustaz Hasrizal. time, it seemed my reading material has changed. As I was grow up, Sweet Valley was my favorite novel. Then, it shifted to Ceclia Ahern and John Grisham. And now, I read less English material (that justifies my poor English) and Norhayati Berahim was my prime choice, aside to some other mushy-mushy Malay novels. Dah muak dengan cerita cinta yang susah mula-mula, tapi akhirnya happy ending, I insisted that I need to read something that triggers my thinking, something Islamic and gave me different view. And, I found this..


My first introduction to Ustaz Hazrizal was his book on Aku Terima Nikahnya (sold 70k copies world wide, ok!). Motif beli? Sebab nak kawin. I thought, what the heck, marilah membaca buku yang mungkin berguna utk alam rumah tangga nanti. I bought it on 2008, (I got married in 2010, nampak tak betapa desperate nak kawin ;p) during SUKMA Terengganu. This book has actually being a must read book by everyone who participated in Sports Nutrition MGAP 2008 (siap ada list who's next lagi! ;p) 

Consequently, I bought the continuation, Bercinta Sampai ke Syurga and Murabbi Cinta. Wow, ini kategori dah hooked up. How did I get hooked up with Ustaz Hasrizal's writing?

Sound cliche, but you look around you, when you read what other posted in the Facebook (emotionally and blindly) and how we reacted to certain sensitive matters, you know what is lacking among our Muslim sisters and brothers. Kita kurang berfikir dan kurang mendapat contoh yang baik on how to conduct our daily life, as a good Muslim. For instance yes, cuba kita tengok, apa yang dipertontonkan in the television nowadays? Reality shows berlambak,masuk pertandingan menyanyi, menari, berlawak, berlakon, you name it! Our souls as Muslim hanya diisi dengan budaya hedonisme, budaya berhibur, until we forgot the fundamental of living. It is to look for knowledge so that our souls don't die. When our souls are die, kita takkan dapat membuat timbang tara yang baik. Kita mula hilang rasa malu, kita berhijab, tapi kita tak tutup aurat. We attended Pendidikan Agama Islam class in school for the sake of passing the exams. Tapi nilai-nilai yang kita baca dalam buku rujukan PI tu, kita tak berjaya nak praktikkan. Sedihkan?

So, no, Ustaz Hasrizal's writing does not give us answers to our never ending question on how to get marry, how to love our husband/ wife, how to cover aurah from head to toe, what's more, how do we manage our youngsters, but he reminded us the fundamental of life. He shared his experience, he gave good opinion and thoughts, so refreshing that I think the book can be read by anyone, regardless of your age. So far, my youngster sisters read them. My Ibu read them. My brother, yes. Kakak and Iddin je belum lagi, because they can't read, yet. One of the chapter that I remember the most was this part when he said that, due to continuous exposure to Barney's, his children said that they love Barney more than they love him and his wife. Barney seemed so lovable while he and his wife are very macam cikgu disiplin. Dengar macam lawak, but, if you think about it carefully, he wanted us to think on how to be a `Barney' to our children but at the same time, still be able to educate our children in good manner.

"Jauh perjalanan, luas pengalaman". Indeed the fact that Ustaz Hasrizal had spent some times in Ireland, while accompanying his wife working, it gave him so many experience to be shared in his book. I love the way he writes, sometimes bunyi mcm sajak, and rhythm. Now, I am reading his latest - Di Hamparan Shamrock, tapi macam biasalah kat rumah ni, nak baca buku yang best kena beratur. So, currently the book is with my brother, and I am next in the queue. He has even launched his  e-book,  Tak Kenal Maka Tak Cinta.

Seriously, these day, what we need is good reading material. Look for knowledge, seek for opinions barulah fikiran kita akan terbuka. Masalah with us Muslim, kita malas sikit nak cari ilmu. Kita lagi suka tengok video why there was this singer cried while singing on Youtube, follow all sorts of reality show. Cuba turn to TV1, on Saturday. This rancangan, Adikku something (I don't quite remember). Tengok kepetahan anak Muslim berpidato, so young, yet so confident. I am so proud when I watched a 9 year old girl, bercerita tentang kesukaran rakyat Palestin. So inspiring! Rancangan mcm tu should be aired, bukan rancangan budak umur 9 tahun menari, menyanyi. It is about time,kan, to adjust and re-align our path, don't you think so?

Back on treadmill. I think my arm has lost some inches (hahahah!), so,jogging shoes. 

Hanie Adzman

p/s- I am announcing March 2013 as Bulan Bernikah. I have nikah event, every week in March. I should do full review on them!And yes, it means, different baju to every event, heh!