Thursday, December 29, 2011

We are moving

Yes, if you haven't heard, we're moving to Malacca soon. Just to get a new fresh air.

We have even got a house there, to settle in.

Just a quick tour in our humble nest..

The first living room, we kept it very minimal since we thought it should be a foyer/entrance to the house.

Small kitchen, since there will only the two of us.

Since Hazeman thinks that we really want and need good real fresh air, we insist to have a good nice jacuzzi space next to our dining room (and also to our master bedroom; to the right).

Alhamdulillah, we were also able to space a swimming pool in the house.

The master bedroom, only fits our bed and attached is a closet room.

Just thought to finish the touch, we have a Bali style wash roon; whereby it has a look out window from our Cleopatra bed.


In my dream!

Hanie Adzman

p/s- You can have this house too. Call A Famosa Resort and request for their HONEYMOON SUITE. It is more that worth it! =)

Monday, December 26, 2011


Yup, Hazeman and I. We are two totally different creatures.

For starter;

HE IS TALL and I am short ;p

I am hopeless romantic, he is, err..em, romantic in practical way? ;p

I siap beli bunga for his convocation, he didn't even attend mine, ok? Ok, we were not married when I convo

And look where is the bouquet now?

Nah! Doesn't matter..

He gave me this when I complained yang I was so tired with house laundry

So, I am not complaining

Plus, he got me this for half price...

And, he said " Sayang, kita takkan cerita psl Coach or Longchamp dan yang seangkatan dengannya for the next 3 years kan?" So much for practicality.

He is a patient person, I am so much for, I-want-it-done-now-and-right-away person.

Apa lagi? I like durian, mangggis, laksa, spaghetti, and the list goes on. Hazeman? He dislikes all my likings!

Whenever I tag him on my FB post...

He never care to reply!! Siap ckp " Sayang tau password FB abg,kan? Abg izinkan syg log on and reply post tu on my behalf." What the...


I was so over the moon when he voiced his intention to marry me back in 2010 because when I was in my schooling years, I had no secret admirer, what's more a boyfriend (I guess I was not pretty nor attractive,hahahaha! [nervous laugh]). So, when Hazeman first approach me with a box of Cadburry chocolate, I was overwhelmed; yet preserving my feelings (because I don't think he likes me, I thought he was just being polite  since he knew my birth date); that when he popped up THE question, I was like, "Yay!!!! Finally, ada juga org nak kawin dgn aku!!!Hahahaha!!" And...I ignored the differences that we had; which I had noticed throughout our friendship years.

Now, after nearly two years being married to Housemen Mohd Hazeman Zakaria, I discovered we had so much more, NOT IN COMMON.

He drives slow, I drive fast, he eats fast, I eat slow, I like jeans, he likes khakis. Again, the list goes on.

The way we settle problems pun differ significantly.

But again,..

Is it so important that he likes what I like? That he turns out to be a man that I always wanted more than he should be allowed to be himself whenever he around me? Plus, isn't that what marriage is all about? Adapting to differences, bertolak-ansur,  smile when you are mad, pretend like you like one thing that you don't, etc etc etc. Besides, isn't that one of wives' duty to keep their husbands' dignity and honor at the highest level? At least, that's what my mom says.

So, whenever Hazeman was not on the same page as I did, and it upsets me, I will turn and remember, he is the man that I vowed on the 27th March 2010 to marry and live for the rest of my life and not to mention, he has never complained on my weakness what's more on my `shortcomings', so, I guess, I should do the same.

Beside, it is not about what marriage can provide you with, but how much you can contribute to a marriage that it will make lot of differences.

 Seronok jadi pengantin,kan? ;p

Hanie Adzman

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Premium Beautiful: SM/SSM Seminar

Teruja! When my leader CDM Maisarah and CDM Hanis announced that the 2nd SM/SSM seminar was to be conducted on December. I have always had great teaching and guidance from both DSM Dr Tahirah and CDM Maisarah, but this seminar is more exciting sebab semua CDM and CDM to be soon will share their experience and give detailed explanations on related topics and discussion.
Was suppose to be there with, Faiez, but she got gastric and Kak Yani wasn’t able to make it since her brother in law nak bernikah hari tu, so, I was alone there, but nothing could stop me from achieving my dream. I left house at 6.30 am because I need to stop by Nor’s house, my tailor since my baju that I was suppose to wear to this seminar is still with her.
So, kelam-kabut drive from her house, masuk DUKE, to Eastin Hotel. Sampai 7.45 am. Terus daftar, dapat `name tag’ (since I was alone, name tag ni sgt membantu utk approach other other biz partners). I buka my note book, start salin note for both Faeiz and Kak Yani. Fokus habis ni ;p

First session by CDM Razali. Sumpah, he’s a funny man. How does CDM Hanis stands him everyday? ;p But, anyhow, from his session, it gives us proper direction of where are we heading on 2012. If we were targeting to be a DSM, when is the final month to achieve this target. (p/s- I am so a DSM on MARCH!)

Second session, by CDM Salha. Mind you, semua speaker hari tu are educated people tau! CDM Razali was an engineer, CMD Salha was a degree holder of Business Administration. CDM Salha talk was on name list and networking. Since our biz is using network (i.e. FB and blog), she was all out ckp tentang mcmana nak buat name list, and utk upgrade FB profile and blog. And, she gave me; personally a better understanding on kepentingan name list and I must upgrade my FB and blog, supaya nampak professional and presentable. (Terus text a fren yg hubby dia buat photography, nak ambil personal picture yang nampak lebih proper)
Third one was by my dearest CDM Maisarah. A topic on BERKONGSI. A great topic and presented by a great presenter. She eventually gave me idea, when, how to follow up after each sponsoring session. The best part was, kalau prospect tak mahu, tak payahla sampai putus kawan, berkawan mcm biasa, kita cuma berkongsi peluang kan? =) Kak Mai also has degree in Civil engineering!
Next, was from DDM Sha Khalid. Walau pun belum CDM, tapi the way she presented, sangat berkeyakinan. Bila dgr DDM Sha bercakap, lagi la I felt that I have chosen the right group to do the biz. Kalau a DDM blh presented as such, I have no doubt, CDM Hanis has molded her to be a great leader.
Lunch was sejak pakai PB, makan tak blh banyak sgt, cpt kenyang ;p
Then the moment we all have been waiting, the presentation by CDM Hanis. A great topic on DREAM. Yes, if you dare to dream, you will work to achieve it. Before she started her speech, she asked us to list what are our dreams, so, I listed:
      (a) Hutang kredit kad 2011 = RM 0 on 31st December 2011

      (b) DSM by March
      (c) Deposit rumah by August
      (d) Belikan hubby a car, kesian dia, keja susah, pakai kancil je
      (e) Income 2012 RM 20k
Gila tak my dream? But,hey, what the heck, dream big, and walk the talk! I rasa sgt inspired with CDM Hanis yang ditinggalkan upline, bangun semula, work hard and now earning more than RM 200k monthly! She started this biz to be a networking biz, and now there are nearly 300 SM/SSM under her, if that is not an achievement to be proud of, I pun tak tau nak cakap apa. She is really inspiring! And yes, she has a degree in engineering too!
On and on, this one day seminar was a success! I semakin confident nak pursue this biz and pursue my dreams. Nothing is impossible, and it is unstoppable.
This biz is easy because we have leaders who guide us; we have personal touch session every other weeks and siap ada kelas lagi. Biz mana dlm dunia ni yg ada benda-benda mcm ni? So, takde alasan utk tak join and tak berjaya dlm biz ni. If it is, salah diri sendiri, yang taknak conquer rasa takut dan tak confident dgn diri sndr…


pics credit to CDM Maisarah

Monday, December 5, 2011

Bertingkat dan berkongsi..


Pernah makan kek bertingkat pengantin tak? Haa..I am sure many of you memang menunggu acara potong kek, lagi-lagi kalau kek tu bertingkat-tingkat. Lagi tinggi, lagi kita exicited,kan? Lagi lagi if kek tu flavored yang kita paling suka,kan? Lagi la, kita tunggu sampai dapat! Kenapalah agaknya kita exicited dengan kek bertingkat? Sebab kalau kek tu, bukan kek dummy, everyone can get a portion and a big portion, I assumed. Because volume kek yang besar tu membolehkan semua orang dpt sama-sama rasa the yumminess of the cake! =)

On the other hand, when we mentioned biz bertingkat-tingkat, impulse dalam otak terus mencetuskan perkataan MLM. Yes, perkataan MLM. Ada yang suka, ada yang tak, ada yang sanggup buat blog, or website or a page on FB hanya untuk menceritakan keburukan MLM. Dan, di dalam negara yang penuh kebebasan untuk memilih ini, semua orang ada hak untuk bersuara, walau pun suara itu mungkin menyakitkan sesuatu pihak.

Yes, saya adalah salah seorang orang yang pernah membenci MLM. Sebab saya DENGAR ORANG CAKAP yang MLM hanya menguntungkan orang di atas = upline, orang bawah = downline, hanya buat kerja. Siap ada yang untung infinity lagi (I mean, be real la!). Maksudnya, dia dah tak payah kerja, orang bawah cari orang, dia goyang kaki! Saya juga DENGAR ORANG CAKAP, ramai orang yang lingkup dengan MLM sebab dah ambil modal banyak, tapi barang tak terjual, and upline yang dapat pakai kereta baru, duit banyak, rumah besar, dah bunyi macam along pun ada kan? All people's says.

TAPI, saya tak pernah dengar dari mulut `orang MLM’ sendiri, apa yang diaorg dapat `rasa’ dan `lalu’ with choosing MLM as a mean of their income. Saya TAK PERNAH DENGAR dari mulut `orang MLM’ sendiri, apa yang bagi diaorg kekuatan untuk terus bekerja dalam `bidang’ ni. Dan untuk berubah, saya mengambil keberanian untuk mendengar cerita dari pihak mereka pulak. Dengar sponsoring mereka, pergi ke kelas mereka dan bergaul dengan mereka, golongan yang saya rasa pada suatu masa dahulu, tak mungkin saya `gauli’.

First question? Iye ke, boleh dapat bonus RM 4500 first month? Second question? Iye ke barang boleh jual dengan cepat? Third question? Takpe ke kerja asyik nak cari orang baru je, nak jumpa diaorg, ajak jual barang? Orang takkan benci kita ke? (Sebab saya sendiri dulu benci jumpa org MLM ni, asyik cerita psl biz, nak jual barang and duit je)

Now? First question saya terjawab, tak, saya TAK DAPAT pun dapat RM 4500 sbg bonus saya, tipu! Sbb saya dapat RM 7000 sebagai first bonus saya.

Second question? Tipu, barang tu bukan senang nak jual, tapi SGT senang nak jual, kalau kita BUKA mulut untuk menjual. (Kalau kita beli handbag Loius Vuitton tapi tak pakai, orang takkan tau kita ada hangbad LV)
                                     Multicolor Lady Dior, santek!!

Third question? Saya tak boleh nak kawal perasan orang pada saya setiap kali saya bercerita atau approach tentang biz dgn mereka, sbb saya hanya berniat untuk BERKONGSI PELUANG sahaja. Saya takkan membenci, menjauhkan diri apatah lagi bercerita buruk tentang sesiapa sahaja yang saya telah jumpa sama ada untuk bercerita psl biz atau untuk membeli Premium Beautiful dari saya; but at the end tidak membeli dari saya atau tidak berminat untuk join biz ini. Kak Maisarah and Kak Tahirah, tidak pernah mengajar saya untuk berbuat demikian, malah saya diajar untuk mengucapkan terima kasih kerana sudi memberi saya peluang untuk bercerita tentang peluang yang saya lalui sekarang. In return, saya berharap, tiada sesiapa yang akan `allergic’ dengan saya apabila saya membuka mulut tentang Premium Beautiful. Niat saya cuma ingin berkongsi, tidak lebih daripada itu.

That's not all, saya juga di train, bukan dilepaskan begitu sahaja. I have personal touch session with both Kak Mai and Kak Tahirah, setiap minggu ada saja text di inbox hp saya, bertanyakan masalah dan mengingatkan target yang perlu saya capai. Saya boleh hubungi mereka bila-bila sahaja sekiranya ada masalah, atau sekadar bercerita tentang kutukan orang. Kekuatan saya (selain datangnya dari Allah dan hubby yang memahami), juga dari mereka. (Biz dobi pun takde orang yang bimbing sampai mcm ni, in fact ilmu yang drpd mereka yang saya gunakan utk dobi juga..)

There is no easy money, people! You work, you get it! So, jgn simply cakap MLM is easy money. Kita perlukan ilmu utk ber biz (we have class on Wednesday and Saturday, and it is free!), kita perlukan tunjuk ajar dari mereka yang dah berpengalaman spy tak tergelincir (I have Kak Mai and Kak Tahirah), kita perlukan sokongan dan disekelilingi oleh mereka yang mempunyai target yang sama spt kita (di stokis B23) dan paling penting, kita perlukan kekutan diri untuk terus bergerak (ini hanya Allah yang boleh beri, so, jgn berhenti `MEMINTA' dari yang benar). Jadikan peluang ni utk kita dapat side income, utk dpt financial freedom, or at least jadikan peluang ni utk kita menduga keberanian diri sendiri.

Balik pada kek tadi, semakin tinggi kek, semakin ramai orang boleh rasa, tapi bila dah dipotong-potong, diagih-agihkan, mesti akan habis juga, right? And then, kita kena pegi majlis kawin yang lain pulak, or maybe birthday party, untuk rasa kek yang lain; yang mungkin lebih tinggi dan besar...
                                                    Hanie Adzman

Semua orang tahu resepi untuk berjaya tapi tak semua bersedia utk membayar     harganya.. CDM Kak Yah 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Premium Beautiful Biz

Many times people had ask me, why Premium Beautiful? Why do I choose to do biz with this famous corset? And I would reply, why not?

1) Big margin profit
- You will receive bonus for every Premium Beautiful that you sold. 1 corset = RM 235.00. Isn't that big margin profit?

2) A very stable company
- Hai-O marketing has received many recognitions from the Malaysian government and also from world wide.



3) Great team work
- When I started my laundry biz, I had no one to look upon for reference. So everything I did was base on instinct and thoughts. But with Premium Beautiful, I have a great team to work with. They provided me with knowledge, encouragement, personal touch and they would help me in every way

DSM Dr Tahirah, CDM Hanis and CDM Maisarah

With their help, I am an SSM in one month (that is two levels in one month!)

4) A great product!
-Yes, the most important is I have Premium Beautiful corset my product

 a) Super brand recognition

 b) Recognition from the American Chiropatric Association

c) Embedded with FIR which helps in better body metabolism

So, why  not Premium Beautiful??

And now I want to invite you to be part of this biz too. Call me, and let us change our destiny together.. =)

pic credit to DSM Tahirah, CDM Hanis and CDM Maisara

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Is this like my second entry with the same title? Hahaha! I must have ran out of idea! God!

Ok, remember this post on TIRED. And the part which I am so TIRED of having piling up clothes to be washed every Monday? And I have fine the solution to this matter?


Welcome to our Lavender Laundrette, people!! =)

Hahahaha! My husband must be running out of idea whenever I am complaining of how tired I was with doing laundry, so, he `gave' me this! =) Isn't he the most thoughtful husband in the whole wide world? ;p

Nah! Joking! =)

We decided to run our own family biz by starting a small biz such as this- laundry shop. We started on November and alhamdulillah everything has run smoothly. It was pretty tiring (AGAIN??) for the first few weeks; you know adaptation and all. But, now, it is has been nearly 1 month, and we have shift our lives to this new biz.

So, why laundry biz? I don't really know but hubby was the one who initiate this idea, so as the most obedient wife (hahahaha!) I decided to support his idea and we sat together and plan what and how are we going to run it. Besides, the capital was small and it is do-able (as in, I know how to wash and iron the cloth,hehehe!)

So, our Lavender laundrette is situated at :

46A, Jalan Jubli Perak  22/1,
Persiaran Jubli Perak, Seksyen 22,
Shah Alam

Spot the Bibik yang bekerja @ the laundry:

Do you see her? Nah! Does not matter! ;p

Salam maal hijrah, everyone.. =)


I have just received a phone call, a rejection phone call. And I felt down.

Yes, how do you deal with rejection? I have dealt with many, some were de-motivating, and some were giving boost in life. But most of them were de-motivating.

If you were to ask me, I hate rejection. I felt like I have lost myself and I wanted to go in my bed and sleep. And I hope by the time I wake up, everything is back to the way it is suppose to be.

But, nah! It doesn’t happen like that.

So, what I gotta do is to face the rejection and move on.

But, how do I move on?

Ok, this is how basically I move on:

1)      Talk about it – Yup, I will talk about it, to my husband, mom, dad, close friends so that I will feel at ease. Doesn’t necessary means I need to cry and all, but just spill it out. Bak kata orang Melayu, supaya tak terbuku di hati (eceh,eceh,eceh ;p). Most of the time, I choose to talk to my husband and my father, because men are not emotional, they will give you a better perspective of looking at one thing, which I will not see myself.

2)      Shift attention to other things – Basically, I will stop thinking about it and look at other items in my tray, like have I had enough tops and pants to wear this weekend, or when to plan the next holiday trip, or whether AirAsia have promotions or you know, that sort of thing. Just to shift the negative feelings to other more meaningful stuff.

3)      Positive thoughts – This is the hardest part, to positivalize (hahaah! my bad) the negative aura, feelings and thoughts. I often able to proceed with this step 2-3 days after the event; you know after the pep talk and doing other things. Because you have to be rationale. And at the end of the day, you have to do reality check and face the situation. With positive thoughts, you will see a clearer picture and you would be able to plan the next step.

4)      And the very most important, REDHA (accept with open heart). Redha with whatever Allah has planned you with. Redha that whatever that you want might not be the best for you, and Allah knows the best.

God, I already feel at ease now, by writing it! =) I guess I can skip to step 4 already, thank you for reading this, dear readers….. =)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Premium Beautiful : Expressed breast milk

Kadang-kadang rasa tak percaya

Premium Beautiful assist many women (and men) in many ways...

One of my ex-work collegue, Kak Yani, bought her own Premium Beautiful set just to loose weight, after 2 pregnancies,

but an extra benefit she gets is.... 

Yes!! she increases her EBM!!! hehehehe!

Congrats Kak Yani, mesti dpt mencapai saranan KKM utk fully exclusive breast feed to 6 months and up to 2 years old!!



Monday, October 31, 2011

Flatten up at instant

Ok, malas nak cakap lebih, so, here it is..



So, apa lagi ladies, seing is believing,kan? =)



Picture credit to Kak Mai

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Doing biz, I have always encounter rejection with respective reasons.

"I want to buy PB, but budget lari la.."

"Owh, I tau PB mmg help sgt to manage body weight because few friends dah pakai, and diaorg sgt kurus. Tapi I takut, kalau beli, I tak pakai. I ni bukan jenis motivated sgt.."

"Ala, ketat sgtla PB ni, mcmana nak pergi toilet nnt..tak selesa betul'

The same goes...

" I want to join this biz, but kena pakai modal ke?"

" Tp, suami I tak bagi.."

" I bukan pandai nak jual-jual barang ni,lagi pun, ramai dah sgt jual, takut I punya tak laku..."

This is the 2012 next generation Honda Accord. So futuristic,kan? ;p  But, do you who was the founder of HONDA?

The man behind the great HONDA invention was Soichiro Honda. He started his biz after the World War II and he dreamt to provide an economical transportation (since the public transportation was at that time, terrible) and to provide better job opportunities to others. I mean a biz after WWII? How do you find capital, the condition was not stable, plus gasoline was restricted at that point of time but he pursue by taking his first very hard step -BOUGHT UNWANTED  job lot of 500 war surplus two-stroke motors designed to power electric generators. That was the first step.

Do you think if he saw the same way as others (buy not buying those unwanted stuff), HONDA would be where it is now? One of the best motoring company in the world?

Thus, to be big, you have to start from small, from scratch to be exact. And that's how you will succeed, go through all the hard work and hassle. There is so such a thing as easy peesy lemon squezy (Quote: Maria Elena) to be succeed.

Even better, doing this biz is not doing it all alone. You have partners and leaders who will guide you all the way. I am glad too that I have great leaders such as:

My dear Kak Mai..

Kak Tahirah

and the great..

Hanis haizi

I can't do this alone, I can't travel everywhere alone. And that is why I need you to be my partners. Because, if you have some dreams to achieve, you have to be among the group of the same dream, then, you will be motivated to proceed.

So, stop thinking too much and be my great next biz partner! =) 019-3590533


reference :

Friday, October 28, 2011

Beauty is pain


Yup, ladies, we went through so many pain to look B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. I was on orthodontic treatment before, and yes, it was P.A.I.N.F.U.L. Starting with extraction of four healthy teeth, then the appliance whereby every dentist visit was a nightmare (2-3 hari sure makan bubur je..). But when you see the result of 5 years of invasive (hahahah!) treatment, I should say it was worth it.

Sama macam if we are on diet, isn't P.A.I.N.F.U.L to watch others eating like no body's biz; and you on the other hand, watching every calorie that goes into your mouth? Yes, dieting has never been easy, but it is worth when you started losing weight.

How about wearing bengkung after deliver? Especially yang menggunakan kain bengkung itself. I had my hat off la for every mother who had gone through this process, you rock! Witnessing my mom using it for her all four pregnancies, it was all worth it! =) My mum is at her 50s still looking young and healthy (and semua org ingat she is my sister ;p, owh, bangganya ibu ;p)

No one can deny, to look beautiful, it was really excruciating. From botox, to killer hills to eating jamu, semuanya bukan mudah (NOT EASY). Kena banyak bersabar and consistent, then only you will smile with big grin ears to ears. My points are:

1) For those yang dah beli PB, please wear it. Premium beautiful is a wonder corset that facilitate many positive outcomes that you wanted, but it cant do miracle if it is only tergantung dekat tingkap bilik. It cant channel the effect of FIR from far, I mean if you buy Zara's heels worth of thousand and biar tersimpan dlm rak kasut, org takkan puji you, right?right? SO, WEAR IT!

2) For those yang baru nak beli and pakai PB, yes, mula-mula memang ketat. Almaklumla, love handle and extra belly are full of adipose tissue, so to get into a garment which slightly smaller than your volume, mmg akan susah. BUT, adipose tissue is soft, so, after 1 week, it will definitely fits into PB just right. That's how you start discovering your own body shape (barulah cantik pakai kebaya ;p)

3) For those yang still, terfikir-fikir, can keep on thinking, but if no aggressive action taken,  then semua yang negative (adipose tissue terus bertambah, stretch  mark akan terus kelihatan, weight tidak terkawal) aggressively menunjukkan sifatnya! ;p hehehehe! (takut tak? ;p)

As the conclusion, call me to get your own PB set, now! YES, NOW!hehehehe!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Worth it??

Hem.. it has been nearly one month, and yes, I am the... =)


The most frequent asked question among the clients was...


I understand your concern, thus it is my pleasure to justify and say yes,



1) Premium Beautiful is a life time warranty product:Yes, terkoyak, terputus, tertetas semua akan dibaiki secara percuma

2) It is a Super Brand recognized product : It means Premium Beautiful is made of the best quality material and being produced in mass for it has high demand in the market

3)  It has certification from the American Chiropatric Association : for it helps in reducing the pain from slip disc, sakit tulang belakang dan yang seangkatan dgnnya... =)

4) It is embeded with Far Infrared Rays which helps in body metabolism and the most importantly; facilitate in body mass reduction

5) Premium Beautiful is made for 70% for health purpose and 30% for beauty purpose : utk reduce back pain, to get back to real body shape especially after deliver, to enhance expressed breast milk, to facilitate in managing body weight, and those related effects. You can check out my testimonials provided.

So, apa lagi yang doubtful?

You buy one time, you can use if for:

1) Nak pakai baju kebaya, pakai baju kurung moden, it gives instant shape, takde lagi perut buncit

2) After deliver, boleh pakai jadi bengkung, and PB lebih praktikal daripada bengkung yg nak dililit tu..

3) Nak ajar baby minum EBM, PB boost your milk production

4) Berat badan naik? PB facilitate in controlling your appetite, better still, with consistent use, weight definitely reduced..

5) You have period pain or keputihan or cellulite? PB reduce the the pain and gejala keputihan yang melampau (it works for me) and reduce cellulite mark juga..

6) We are talking about a product which has existed in Malaysia for the past 18 years,ok? If anything goes wrong or fraud or scam, PB is no longer in the market, dah lingkup lama

So, whatcha waiting for?? =)

0193590533 - hanie


Hahahah! No, I am not pregnant, YET! ;p But, yes I have few cravings lately that must be endured within this few days,hahaha! (Bi, plz be ready,hahaha!)

I hope I will look as radiant as Sazzy when I am pregnant ;p

1) Craving for Tutti Frutti RED VELVET
- I have come to know Tutti Fruti since my first visit to the Franchise Exposition in PWTC back in Sept if I am not mistaken. Cari peluang utk start own biz la konon ;p Browse thru the provided brochure and listened to the exec from TF, wah, RM 500K to start  your own TF outlet!!! Mak tak cukup duit nyah, bergolok gadai la kalau nak own one outlet ;p Exec TF bagi one small cup of Original Yogurt, trus jatuh cinta. Now every one week, mesti kena makan TF, esp Red Velvet. (Bankrup la hubby I...;p)

2) Craving for new watch
- I have lived without a watch for nearly 3 months. A Bonia as my 21st birthday present from my parents, my father bought two watches, the same design for both my mum and I (mine and my mom's birthday berselang hari je, me 2/9, she 4/9). I lost it tak tau kat mana. And I thought, never mind, I still have my hp as my watch but there was this one day I left my hp @ home, ya Allah, that was the hardest day in my life sbb it so to happen jam kat my desktop @ the office pun rosak, sibuk tanya Kak So and Fafa, `What is the time now' every half an hour,hahahah! Maybe it is about time to look for a new watch (My to do list- Cari jam murah je sbb nak tggu jam mahal tapi free from stokis nnt ;p)

3) Craving for masak lemak
-Last 2 weeks, I went to Nini's wedding reception (one of my office mate) in Senawang. Unlike other typical Malay reception, she served us 1) Nasi putih/Nasi minyak, 2)Kari daging, 3) Ayam goreng 4) Ulam and the best dish was 4) PUCUK PAKU MASAK LEMAK!!!! wah!! the best masak lemak I have ever tasted, then she served ikan masin, lagi la, menambah selera si tembam Hanie,hahahah! Now, I am a big fan of masak lemak (even I dont eat pucuk paku, but the gravy is as good as it tastes)

Bagi teaser skit.. ;p

Last but not least,jeng!jeng! ;p

4) ever Coach Madison Maggie Leather 17

- I have been eyeing for this one since last year lagi, it was black at that time. Last night @ KLCC outlet, ada navy blue, and TINGGAL 2 je! Tension! period!

Saya rasa hanya itulah craving saya untuk bulan ini. Semoga suami saya, si busy HO itu membaca nukilan ini (hahahahaahh! ;p)

Love Hanie