Monday, October 31, 2011

Flatten up at instant

Ok, malas nak cakap lebih, so, here it is..



So, apa lagi ladies, seing is believing,kan? =)



Picture credit to Kak Mai

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Doing biz, I have always encounter rejection with respective reasons.

"I want to buy PB, but budget lari la.."

"Owh, I tau PB mmg help sgt to manage body weight because few friends dah pakai, and diaorg sgt kurus. Tapi I takut, kalau beli, I tak pakai. I ni bukan jenis motivated sgt.."

"Ala, ketat sgtla PB ni, mcmana nak pergi toilet nnt..tak selesa betul'

The same goes...

" I want to join this biz, but kena pakai modal ke?"

" Tp, suami I tak bagi.."

" I bukan pandai nak jual-jual barang ni,lagi pun, ramai dah sgt jual, takut I punya tak laku..."

This is the 2012 next generation Honda Accord. So futuristic,kan? ;p  But, do you who was the founder of HONDA?

The man behind the great HONDA invention was Soichiro Honda. He started his biz after the World War II and he dreamt to provide an economical transportation (since the public transportation was at that time, terrible) and to provide better job opportunities to others. I mean a biz after WWII? How do you find capital, the condition was not stable, plus gasoline was restricted at that point of time but he pursue by taking his first very hard step -BOUGHT UNWANTED  job lot of 500 war surplus two-stroke motors designed to power electric generators. That was the first step.

Do you think if he saw the same way as others (buy not buying those unwanted stuff), HONDA would be where it is now? One of the best motoring company in the world?

Thus, to be big, you have to start from small, from scratch to be exact. And that's how you will succeed, go through all the hard work and hassle. There is so such a thing as easy peesy lemon squezy (Quote: Maria Elena) to be succeed.

Even better, doing this biz is not doing it all alone. You have partners and leaders who will guide you all the way. I am glad too that I have great leaders such as:

My dear Kak Mai..

Kak Tahirah

and the great..

Hanis haizi

I can't do this alone, I can't travel everywhere alone. And that is why I need you to be my partners. Because, if you have some dreams to achieve, you have to be among the group of the same dream, then, you will be motivated to proceed.

So, stop thinking too much and be my great next biz partner! =) 019-3590533


reference :

Friday, October 28, 2011

Beauty is pain


Yup, ladies, we went through so many pain to look B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. I was on orthodontic treatment before, and yes, it was P.A.I.N.F.U.L. Starting with extraction of four healthy teeth, then the appliance whereby every dentist visit was a nightmare (2-3 hari sure makan bubur je..). But when you see the result of 5 years of invasive (hahahah!) treatment, I should say it was worth it.

Sama macam if we are on diet, isn't P.A.I.N.F.U.L to watch others eating like no body's biz; and you on the other hand, watching every calorie that goes into your mouth? Yes, dieting has never been easy, but it is worth when you started losing weight.

How about wearing bengkung after deliver? Especially yang menggunakan kain bengkung itself. I had my hat off la for every mother who had gone through this process, you rock! Witnessing my mom using it for her all four pregnancies, it was all worth it! =) My mum is at her 50s still looking young and healthy (and semua org ingat she is my sister ;p, owh, bangganya ibu ;p)

No one can deny, to look beautiful, it was really excruciating. From botox, to killer hills to eating jamu, semuanya bukan mudah (NOT EASY). Kena banyak bersabar and consistent, then only you will smile with big grin ears to ears. My points are:

1) For those yang dah beli PB, please wear it. Premium beautiful is a wonder corset that facilitate many positive outcomes that you wanted, but it cant do miracle if it is only tergantung dekat tingkap bilik. It cant channel the effect of FIR from far, I mean if you buy Zara's heels worth of thousand and biar tersimpan dlm rak kasut, org takkan puji you, right?right? SO, WEAR IT!

2) For those yang baru nak beli and pakai PB, yes, mula-mula memang ketat. Almaklumla, love handle and extra belly are full of adipose tissue, so to get into a garment which slightly smaller than your volume, mmg akan susah. BUT, adipose tissue is soft, so, after 1 week, it will definitely fits into PB just right. That's how you start discovering your own body shape (barulah cantik pakai kebaya ;p)

3) For those yang still, terfikir-fikir, can keep on thinking, but if no aggressive action taken,  then semua yang negative (adipose tissue terus bertambah, stretch  mark akan terus kelihatan, weight tidak terkawal) aggressively menunjukkan sifatnya! ;p hehehehe! (takut tak? ;p)

As the conclusion, call me to get your own PB set, now! YES, NOW!hehehehe!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Worth it??

Hem.. it has been nearly one month, and yes, I am the... =)


The most frequent asked question among the clients was...


I understand your concern, thus it is my pleasure to justify and say yes,



1) Premium Beautiful is a life time warranty product:Yes, terkoyak, terputus, tertetas semua akan dibaiki secara percuma

2) It is a Super Brand recognized product : It means Premium Beautiful is made of the best quality material and being produced in mass for it has high demand in the market

3)  It has certification from the American Chiropatric Association : for it helps in reducing the pain from slip disc, sakit tulang belakang dan yang seangkatan dgnnya... =)

4) It is embeded with Far Infrared Rays which helps in body metabolism and the most importantly; facilitate in body mass reduction

5) Premium Beautiful is made for 70% for health purpose and 30% for beauty purpose : utk reduce back pain, to get back to real body shape especially after deliver, to enhance expressed breast milk, to facilitate in managing body weight, and those related effects. You can check out my testimonials provided.

So, apa lagi yang doubtful?

You buy one time, you can use if for:

1) Nak pakai baju kebaya, pakai baju kurung moden, it gives instant shape, takde lagi perut buncit

2) After deliver, boleh pakai jadi bengkung, and PB lebih praktikal daripada bengkung yg nak dililit tu..

3) Nak ajar baby minum EBM, PB boost your milk production

4) Berat badan naik? PB facilitate in controlling your appetite, better still, with consistent use, weight definitely reduced..

5) You have period pain or keputihan or cellulite? PB reduce the the pain and gejala keputihan yang melampau (it works for me) and reduce cellulite mark juga..

6) We are talking about a product which has existed in Malaysia for the past 18 years,ok? If anything goes wrong or fraud or scam, PB is no longer in the market, dah lingkup lama

So, whatcha waiting for?? =)

0193590533 - hanie


Hahahah! No, I am not pregnant, YET! ;p But, yes I have few cravings lately that must be endured within this few days,hahaha! (Bi, plz be ready,hahaha!)

I hope I will look as radiant as Sazzy when I am pregnant ;p

1) Craving for Tutti Frutti RED VELVET
- I have come to know Tutti Fruti since my first visit to the Franchise Exposition in PWTC back in Sept if I am not mistaken. Cari peluang utk start own biz la konon ;p Browse thru the provided brochure and listened to the exec from TF, wah, RM 500K to start  your own TF outlet!!! Mak tak cukup duit nyah, bergolok gadai la kalau nak own one outlet ;p Exec TF bagi one small cup of Original Yogurt, trus jatuh cinta. Now every one week, mesti kena makan TF, esp Red Velvet. (Bankrup la hubby I...;p)

2) Craving for new watch
- I have lived without a watch for nearly 3 months. A Bonia as my 21st birthday present from my parents, my father bought two watches, the same design for both my mum and I (mine and my mom's birthday berselang hari je, me 2/9, she 4/9). I lost it tak tau kat mana. And I thought, never mind, I still have my hp as my watch but there was this one day I left my hp @ home, ya Allah, that was the hardest day in my life sbb it so to happen jam kat my desktop @ the office pun rosak, sibuk tanya Kak So and Fafa, `What is the time now' every half an hour,hahahah! Maybe it is about time to look for a new watch (My to do list- Cari jam murah je sbb nak tggu jam mahal tapi free from stokis nnt ;p)

3) Craving for masak lemak
-Last 2 weeks, I went to Nini's wedding reception (one of my office mate) in Senawang. Unlike other typical Malay reception, she served us 1) Nasi putih/Nasi minyak, 2)Kari daging, 3) Ayam goreng 4) Ulam and the best dish was 4) PUCUK PAKU MASAK LEMAK!!!! wah!! the best masak lemak I have ever tasted, then she served ikan masin, lagi la, menambah selera si tembam Hanie,hahahah! Now, I am a big fan of masak lemak (even I dont eat pucuk paku, but the gravy is as good as it tastes)

Bagi teaser skit.. ;p

Last but not least,jeng!jeng! ;p

4) ever Coach Madison Maggie Leather 17

- I have been eyeing for this one since last year lagi, it was black at that time. Last night @ KLCC outlet, ada navy blue, and TINGGAL 2 je! Tension! period!

Saya rasa hanya itulah craving saya untuk bulan ini. Semoga suami saya, si busy HO itu membaca nukilan ini (hahahahaahh! ;p)

Love Hanie

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Premium Beautiful - More and more testimonials

I believe in the progress and improvement done by Premium Beautiful. Just look at these improvement by all PB users...

Jom tgk perubahan Kak Ana, one of the premiere CDM in Malaysia. It is amazing the improvement shown by Kak Ana.



Reduction of 90++ kg to 50++ kg!!!

Amaze-balls!! hehehehe!

So, what are you waiting for?

Instant shape improvement! (Bolehla pakai kebaya terus,kn?;p)

Berpantang dengan Premium Beautiful!

Improvement and improvement!

A real believe experience!

For every woman who believe in beautiful and being healthy..

So, ladies, what are waiting for? Let's be part of this great experience!!

I am waiting for your order, and have Premium Beautiful be part of your great journey!

Hanie 0193590533

Credit: Respective bloggers

Friday, October 14, 2011

Me and books.. =)

I love reading! Yes, I mmg suka membaca, tak habis ayat lagi...membaca NOVEL! ;p Hahaha!

My father thought me to read since I was 4-5 years old. He gave me this little card of two alphabets i.e. B A =BA ; C A =CA. Then, when I have started kenal huruf and boleh pronouns what I spelt, he gave me daily newspaper to read, selalunya Berita Harian la. So, I basically dah start baca suratkhabar when I was in Standard 1. Alhamdulillah, with the capability to read, I started wearing hijab when I was in Standard 2. How did it happen? Remember back in 1992, ada kejadian objek di langit? It was reported in all local newspaper and I was reading that section. Nanti, if I google and stumbled upon related article, I'll post it here. But, basically, during this kejadian, and it was vivid in my mind, there were like objects in the sky, nampak mcm wayang showing gambar orang kena potong lidah, orang tergantung and yang paling captured my view was gambar a woman yang rambutnya dibakar. And I asked my mom, why is this so. And my mum said "Kalau kita tak pakai tudung and tak jaga aurat, nanti di akhirat, rambut kita akan dibakar dengan api neraka"'. That very evening juga both mum and I pergi Pasar Keramat looked for tudung sekolah sbb I was crying takut rambut kena bakar. The next day, I went to school with my head covered with hijab and my pocket money raised from 60 cents to RM 1.00,hehehe! I guessed my parents were very proud of me ;p Then slowly I wear hijab even when I left my house, pergi shopping mall ke, visit family ke etc.

Ok, move on. Starting from there, my parents would always took me to Dewan Bahasa @ Ulu Klang and Minerva Jln TAR, let me choose Malay story books  for me to read. At that time, mana ada Ain Maisarah ke, all those writers for young Malay readers. So, most of the books yang I read were Enid Blyton story books translated to Malay macam, ala, I have forgotten la, haaa, Adik Beradik Hadi, Sekolah Sri Mawar, those are translated version of Enid Blyton. I have tons of those. Siap boleh bagi pinjam dengan cousin-cousin yang lain. And yes, ada cousins yang called me Hanie Buku. *AKK heheheh!

Moved on to Standard Six, UPSR year. And we have to do English Paper 2, right? In that paper, they gave some pics then write few related sentences. And my English teacher, Pn Aziah noticed that I had problems with that part. So, she told my mum to get me some English reading materials. (Mom was my class teacher from Standard 4-6). For starter, Pn Aziah gave me `Sweet Valley' story books. She gave me few of her daughters' story books, and I started reading VERY slowly. Kena selalu tgk kamus, then I would read the meaning of words yang I didn't understand on top of the English words. So, my English has improved and Teacher Aziah was happy ;p She even gave me some of her imported magazines (that's how I knew Princess Diana and her two handsome princes ;p). From there, every month, I would go to Minerva, tunggu new batch of Sweet Valley, which cost me RM 8.90/book,hehehe!
I missed these books..

From there, I started reading Reader's Digest. Mum subscribe monthly as Teacher Aziah told her to `upgrade' the standard of my English reading materials, give me something with knowledge too. But I find it rather boring,hahaha! So, diam-diam, I bought Sweet Valley High, the continuity of Sweet Valley Middle School. Smp la I finish boarding school.


Now, dah matang sikit, I started to read Malay love novels pulak.  Then my mum pun started to buy all these Malay novels, Ahadiat Akashah la, Anis Sofea, dan yang seangkatan dengannya ;p But seriously, bahaya la baca Malay love novels ni, because:

1) You will hope to find the same man as the character in the novel i.e. handsome, kaya, romantik, Wah!! where can u find such guys ??
2) You feel like to name all future children by the name of the character,hahaha!
3) You become so focus with the novel, until you feel lazy nak buat benda lain ;p

Dan sebagainya,hahaha!

But, it is not the novels' fault, you just have to manage your time.

But, this 2-3 years back, I didn't read any of the novels anymore, to forgo the idea of I will be like happily ever after, married to the most perfect man in the world; cukupla I am married to a man that completes me. And I have only read novels by Norhayati Berahim. I find her novels are very different from the rest in the market. She would not only write on love story, she would also give her perspective about life from different point of view. She would give you so many other knowledge from how do Human Resource is practiced in Malaysia to how the shipment industry runs so well in Malaysia on to how civil and syariah law in practiced in Malaysia. I mean, it is so interesting, that indirectly you would have more knowledge on other field.

Disebabkan dah lalai dgn novel Bahasa Melayu, my English writing has become very, very rusty ;p I mean, read my blog writing, worst in the world ;p Sorry Teacher Aziah, I'll improve from reading journals, later,hahaha!

It was so much fun with reading. There were times when I ate very slow, because I am reading while eating, and I find it very satisfying. While other people running in the field, I would read (but in SAMURA, this is very impractical sbb semua org `dipaksa' utk bersenam; that after a couple of weeks, I felt it's a must to be physically active ;p). And basically, this is how I have started to speak English fluently (takde la fluent sgt, tp blhla..).  But basically, it starts with reading. Bak kata pepatah, a word a day, take the `Kelas Pemulihan' away,hahahaha! ;p


Thursday, October 13, 2011


Look, who is joining us, ladies??? !! =)

Takkan tak kenal, kan? The famous RIZMAN RUZAINI !!!!

He is only using the waist nippers. What's with this waist nippers? It facilitates in managing your appetite sebenarnya. That is another way how your weight blh reduce + you will start good eating habit; kuantiti kurang, tapi kerap. This way, insulin regulation pun normal, so takdelah diserang En. Diabetes Type 2. ;p

The green line is healthy blood glucose. Meaning, you are not burdening your body with big quantity of food at one time..

Sometimes, kita bkn nak kurus sgt, smp jadi mcm papan keping, but we want to be PRESENTABLE. Especially kalau kerja kita berjumpa org, dan mesti kelihatan `elok' di pandang and orang pun confident dgn kita. At the same time, mestilah nak sihat,kn?

and Premium Beautiful is offering you both, SIHAT dan CANTIK. What are you waiting for? Buzz me fast2,ok? 0193590533

p/s- I am glad my gejala keputihan telah menamatkan riwayatnya. No more itching and uncomfortable smell, fuh!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Hye bloggers! =)

Hem, asyik post info on Premium Beautiful je, kan? Let’s do post on something else.

Ok emm….ok, yes, em,ok! Let’s do a post on PB lagi ;p hehehe! Kidding2! I want to do post on tire (past tense-tired). Yes, you read it right, ladies. TIRED!
I have started working part time since I was in third year, during my undergrad study. At that time, I had less class since that was the last semester, so, yes, it was laid back, relax. So, I decided to go around, look for part time job as a tutor at tuition centre. And my application was accepted at one of Smart Readers near my housing area; working from 8.30 am – 3.30 pm every Saturday. It was fun, but I missed lots of family occasion (since most of wedding ceremonies, family gatherings were on Saturday- evening) and I had less hang out time with my friends. I have to rush back home every weekends; because I have to do preparation for the Saturday’s class. Bermulalah my life cycle as part time tutor sampai hari ni. Now, I do part time tutor; assisting my other family members with their classes; after office hour. Tapi sekarang, I am already TIRED!

Every child’s dream school (yela, got teacher like me one…;p)

Hubby works @ Hosp Umum Kuching, as his first posting as HO. We have tried many ways to appeal utk at least he gets to start his training at any hospital in Semenanjung, but no luck. So, there he flew to Kuching on the 6th Jan 2010, and we didn’t meet until our wedding day on the 27th Mac (hahaha! Rasa macam cerita cinta terpisah pula ;p). Then, I started my trip back and forth Kuching from May 2010 until July 2011. I basically will take Fridays leave, spent the whole weekend in Kuching, and flew back to KL last flight every Sunday (sometimes early flight Monday). I will rush to BTS KL transit station, after work, to Salak Tinggi and took a bus to LCCT (sometimes to KLIA). I will stay up whenever Air Asia and Firefly do promotion to Kuching. Sampai my office mate cakap, I can be the ambassador of Air Asia and Firefly and I can start having my own AA and FF counter at the office,hahaha!WTH! I believed I am not the only person who went through this same situation, there are MANY of us! =) Yang paling tak tahan is my credit card usage. Few! I do not wish to brag long on this matter, but seriously, whoever stuck with this same condition, please look for better paid job, it tears half of your monthly salary. But now, I am TIRED! (thank God, Hubby dah transfer blk,yay! And now is, time to pay the credit card debt!)

My premium transportations! Hahahaha!


My debt collectors, hahahaah!

I am currently staying with my parents, since other siblings are no longer a permanent residence of Kuala Lumpur ;p So, hubby and I decided, tak perlulah nak membazir sewa rumah lain, since we have our own room and toilet, so, let’s just stay with ibu and ayah. Besides, on weekends, we will have Soliha, Iddin and Nabiha as an extension family (or weekend’s family?) in the house. (Soliha, Iddin and Nabiha are my cousins, their mom passed away due to cancer; last year, so my parents and I will drive to Klang to fetch them and have them on the weekends, and then send them back to Klang late evening Sunday; as a favor to their father and elder siblings who had taken care of them on weekdays). And sometimes, my other siblings too will come back on weekends. As the result, on Monday we will have pilling up of clothes; that I have to rush back every Monday after work; to do the laundry.  Then the same cycle starts when Fridays come, again and again and again. And this has been going on for the past one year! But now I am TIRED! (p/s- Tapi yang ini, I dah jumpa solution, hahahah! Tggu 1st November ni, no more piling up laundries on Monday! =)
I memang nampak comel bila tengah buat laundry ;p

Every month, I’ll do a countdown to the `Salary Day’, hehehe! Thinking that I would have extra money untuk disimpan, you know, like to be used during emergency or you, know, beli rumah ke ;p So, jeng, jeng, 25th of the month, do the debt; car, ASB, insurance, PTPTN, CREDIT CARD..CURRENT BALANCE: RM 2++! WTH?  How to survive on the next 30 days? Seriously, I don’t know how did I survived (or, no wonder hubby punya purse selalu takde cash, I borrowed it from him,heheheh! ;p). And this has happened for the past 4 years, and I am TIRED of it! (p/s- Yang ni pun I dah jumpa solution, with Premium Beautiful,hehehe! ;p)
Modern Day Salary Negotiation.
via Brainstuck.


 Sometimes, unnoticed, we went through our lives on the same cycle and at a point of time, we feel, ok, that’s it, I had enough of this and I am freaking TIRED! I mean, this is so normal, but you can’t simply let it continuously happening; without you going to do something about it. Once we become so comfortable with a condition, we wouldn’t know if we add a little twist to it, you might find it more interesting and from TIRED, it becomes INTERESTING! =)
I don’t know why, but I always find kite = interesting

p/s- I am TIRED of driving Kelisa =( - Yang ni, memang tak boleh nak buat apa2)


Berpantang dgn Premium Beautiful! =)

Puan-puan and puan-puan (sebab lelaki tak mengandung,kan?;p)

Presenting you, berpantang dengan Premium Beautiful!!!

This is Kak Mai, one of my collegue. She has started with Premium Beautiful 6 years ago, before she even married. And look how it works on her (and of course, on you! =)

As soon as giving birth, mestilah nampak baby hump lagi, kan?

3 months after berpantang dengan Premium Beautiful as her bengkung

A few months later...

And now, she is...

p/s- Hot Mummy with 3 anak, ok?? ;p

Yes, ladies, it does work as bengkung during confiment juga! =) How berjimat is that? Buy 1, guna sebelum kawin, selepas bersalin and all the way, for your own health and beauty benefits!

Call me to get your set soon! =)


pics: credit to Dear Kak Mai =)