Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pet and I

Yes, I am nearing my third months in Pet. Time really flies.
My feelings? Mixed up.


1   I survived my new working area. If I didn’t, I might have quit on my first month kan?
2) I have opportunities to meet new people, new bosses and the best part I got to know great people from great background. Engineers, geologist, economist and I’m proud to work with them.
3) Most of new colleagues mistakenly took me as fresh grad, hehehe! Nampak sgt awet muda,kan? ;p


1)  Learning the whole procedure, process, culture, structure, everything! It is like you are starting from square zero
2)    The work load! Let’s not start with this one. I never know a job yang takde ending
3)    I kept going on the wrong lift and turn to the wrong side of doors. Gosh! Why are they just too complicated?

Photo: My new work station. Yes, here we eat and do work at the same place. Boring...
My new working station

Many people questioning my decision to come into Pet. I don’t blame them. After nearly 8 years in nutrition and suddenly into human resource, yup, it was not an easy decision. Up until this moment of time, I still felt a slight of terkilan; if I may say. While I was busy sorting my proposals and papers on my table, I do wonder if this is the right pathway. But, I guess Allah knows the best. I don’t see this sort of opportunity happen in everyone’s life everyday, so Allah must have planned something better for me. Plus, my parents were all up for this, they really wanted me to further myself for better development, so I guess, their prayer had been answered.
Photo: Dear God, I know I have been physically inactive and with current work nature; 90% is in front of the PC, please don't increase my body weight and body fat. I have been taking less amount of rice and replace them with..;D
My lunch

Nevertheless, the biggest hiccup starting anew for me is – adaptation. I adapted to the work better that I adapt to its social environment. Meaning I am not a friendly person. People will see me as a snobbish person, sombong, tak banyak cakap. Yup, correct, that’s me.

I don’t say hi to new people. I would look at you, judge you, see your from outside. I judge you by your cover. Hehehe! No lah, it is nothing like that. It’s just me. I memang tak friendly on our first meet up. But, once you know me and I am comfortable with you, you have no idea how crazy I can be, hehehe!

Anyway, everyday I go to work; I am looking forward for new challenge, for new term and abbreviations. Here at Pet, they have so many short forms, sometime I mixed them up. But yeah, tu lah the challenge.

Next week, I am going to PIPE; a two weeks induction for new Pet exec. It means I will miss all open house and maybe my own brother’s engagement day. I hate induction.

Hanie Adzman