Thursday, April 14, 2011

Marathon post

Hye guys! I know it has been ages since any update. I was crazy busy, my grandma has just passed away (al-Fatihah), I have more frequent flights to Kuching (in fact I am now at KLIA, stranded for 2 hours), was helping my youngest sis applying for her uni, so on and so forth.

Anyway, I had just met with a wealth advisor in Bank Islam, quiring on their housing loan package. Guess what are they offering?

1) SnP and duty stamp covered
2) `Holiday loan' on November and December, meaning you dont have to do any payments on both months (they'll accumulate those missed payments at the end of your tenure)
3) That accumulated missed payments can be settled by lump sum (thru KWSP) or you can enlongate your tenure years (of course with TnC)

I mean, this plan can be one of the choices on housing loans choices; esp. once we have kids and perbelanjaan bertambah, this can be an option. However, this package is only provided for certain organizations punya employee (so you gotta check it out yourself)

I have attended s many relatives and frens' wedding for the past few months. Indeed, all weddings were beautiful (and memorable to the newlyweds too, hopefully). And I hope they have their financial plan; proeprly, once the honeymoon is over (if there's any). And I hope my previous post (on the wrong choices I did on my w-day) provide a sort of guidelines on your wedding choices. As much; yes, it is only once in a lifetime, yet, there are something more priority at the end of the day.

Next, (ini mmg marathon punya post ;p), I have been eyeing for so many new housing area. Tempting betul semuanyal!! But, currently is not the best time for me (financially) to do any purchasing.  Both hubby and I decide, 2011=saving year!! Unless, your parents are so freaking rich or you have an ample amount of saving, I say go ahead and hunt for your dream house. Even, you are not ready to settle in, it can be an investment. For those who were staying in Wangsa Maju, I bet you know Riana Green Condo (it is strategically located next to the Sri Rampai LRT station). Back in 2004/2005 (if I am not mistaken), the purchasing price of that unit was around RM350K, now, guess what, they are selling at RM 750K!! Wahh!!  That cost more that my dream two storey superlink Mullberry Groove in Denai Alam! For those who are familiar with Kg. Baru area, there are several service condos are in constructions; and from what I heard, they are selling like hot cakes. Jelousy!! Hubby byk kali asked me to call the developer what is the per unit price, I dont dare,darling! Gila ke, dahla dkt with KLCC. This is the Golder Triangle of KL,ok?

Owh, have you guys heard on the First House Scheme Loan launch by gov.? WOndering, rumah apa yang cost RM 250k in Klang Valley? Takkan nak beli rumah kat Melaka,right?(When I am in KL) Mgkn blh beli, buat homestay ;p But, I am still going to do more bank hunting, cari info abt it. Maybe another post on it.

Owh, finally, I have my own lappy (ayah jual murah ;p) Blhla buat post everyday; no reason lagi not to do so ;p

Owh, another thing, I am going to Vietnam, this mid-May. Ibu wants to but kain cotton and start a small business from it. So, watch this space tau! Once I have register this small family business dkt The Mall tu, I will start update gambar kain cotton tu. Nnt, blhla you all beli kan? ;p (tak malu punya Hanie!)

Ok, I think enoughla for this time.Post ni pun hand wrtitten dulu, pastu type blk sbb takut tak smpt ;p Till the fingers meet the keyboards! =)

Hanie-stranded in KLIA

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  1. Is that Riana Green? Bukan Desa Putra or something? The one opposite Wangsa Walk?

    I so want a house in Setiawangsa (I refuse to leave my current nest) tapi everything is so freakishly inflated!