Friday, January 4, 2013

Re-visit common rules

Yes, people. Let us all re-visit some common rules to be practiced while we are using public transportation and amenities.

One - Do not lean against the middle pole in the LRT and Komuter coach. The pole is meant for people to hold to to avoid unnecessary incident of accident (terjatuh ke, terlentang ke dan seangkatan dgnnya). If you guys dah bersandar dengan segala pose kat tiang tu, kat mana lagi orang lain yang sama-sama berdiri dengan anda nak pegang bila train bergerak? Think about it. (Unless, you do not mind people pegang-pegang badan you sebab tak dapat nak hold to the pole).

awek LRT
Wah! I found somebody who had the same thought as I did. This pic is from The  writer also had complained about people who is leaning against the middle pole. Not the girl in slue shirt, but the man on the left side of this pic.

Two - People, people, people, do not stand right in front of the coach door. Lagi-lagi if you enter the train @ Setiawangsa and to leave at Taman Bahagia. Other passengers who are leaving at Ampang Park, KLCC, Kg. Baru do not appreciate your presence kat pintu tu, believe me (because I am one of them). Remember what grandma told us about jangan duduk kat muka pintu rumah? Yes, nanti kawin lambat. I think the same rule goes here.

Three - Unless you are a Bangladeshi who had just reach Malaysia from depot or airport, you should know that the pink coaches at the Komuter  are for women, gentlemen! Even if you are a Bangladeshi, you should be able to see the woman in pink dress sticker posted on the window, kan? That should give you some clue. So, don't be mad if we gave you this long annoying look if you enter our coach.

Yes, this is the sticker I am talking about.

Four - Malaysians, I think we are smart enough to know that when you are using the escalators, stay on the left side if you wish to berjalan lenggang kangkung. The right side is for people like me, who are chasing for punch in time at 7.00 am (meaning in rush). I think in most places dah ada the sign board for this instruction, yet, we are not good at following it.

So, remember when we were in primary school, our teacher had always reminded us to throw rubbish in the dustbin? And how the prefect will write our name in their one handy book if they saw us liter else where? And I believe we were adhering to it until we saw our own parents throw the plastic food outside the car's window while driving lagi! So, when we asked them why Papa buang sampah luar tingkap? And Papa will answer, ala, nanti ada orang sapu sampah tu. Then, we have internal conflict, who's right now? My teacher and prefect of my parents? Hahaha! Kesian, kecik-kecik dah ada konflik dalaman ;D So, parents, you are actually the best role model to your own children. If you show us the not so good example, we will sure follow one! ;p 

Good reminder!

I find these are some common rules that we Malaysians are still having trouble to adhere to. I know, we are not perfect but at least, do not trouble (read : menyusahkan) others just because we failed to follow some instruction and rules. This is yet to mention how Malaysians drive on the roads. I mean, come on Malaysians!

Hanie Adzman

*as usual, pics are all from Mr. Google! ;D

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