Sunday, December 23, 2012

Spa Reviews

I love spending (read : wasting) time at the spa. It has all started when muka dulu banyak sgt pimples. So I was trying all sorts of facial products, but none worked. Ibu suggested me to visit this one salon in Taman Melawati for facial treatment, and the rest is history.
Ok the very first spa I visited was Salinas Salon. Ok, it shouldn't be classified as a spa, but the treatment that Aunty Salina gave was great. She is the only spa owner who remembers my name (yes, because I visited her salon every other month, weeee.. ;p). Her salon might not have the best interior with all this Javanese music to calm ke apa ke, but she is very experienced that when she massaged, memang habis keluar semua angin dalam badan ni, hehe! Sometimes, I felt sorry to orang yang massage my body because diaorg asyik sendawa as if there is a big baloon in body which will explode,haha! Yang lagi best, her body scrub product is so wangiiii (see extra `i' to show the extra wangi-ness ;p). So, if I went there to do scrub, Aunty will asked me to jump in into her sauna box, then she'll do the scrub and habislah riwayat kulit-kulit mati, yay! Aunty Salina used a lot of product from plant based, so yes, that was an extra umph!
The second spa I visited was Serenity Spa in Setiawangsa. Happened to go there because Aunty Salina was booked up. So, as usual, I entered the spa, requesting for facial treatment, 1 hour massage and scrub. So, the beautician started to do her magic work while trying to make conversation with me (while I always prefer a silent during treatment because I want to sleep), and suddenly she was introducing products and saying different price for different product. At that very moment, I knew this will be my first and last visit. I believe that this sort of conversation should be carried out during our discussion prior the treatment, not while I was on the treatment bed, berkemban and trying to sleep. That's a no-no rule for me. But, to do justice, the spa's interior is nice and I guess the surrounding which slightly secluded from the road were an additional point, so sunyi je while the treatment goes. The price was average, so, yes, I never visit them again. They used one of this Malaysian brand, if I am not mistaken was...ala, yang botol purple tu..hem..ok, I don't remember.

Next was Dewi Day Spa in D' Wangsa area (behind Wangsa Walk, the same row of Tutti Frutti). The beautician was an Indonesian and I was impressed with the interior of the treatment room. I believe that the quality of the treatment was average and they didn't mention what product that they were using. I only came for massage and scrub, and as usual, of course after any scrub session, your skin will be as smooth as the babies' ;p.

Since I was not really impressed with both of the spas, I went back to Aunty Salina. I still love her magic hand, and how she performed her treatment, bersungguh-sungguh sangat! And yes, she is just way experience and I even visited her for my pre-wedding spa treatment (and she came to my wedding day, bagi some home spa product as my wedding give,hehehe!)

Tanamera is the spa that I visited with Fafa last year. It was a last minute arrangement and both us need some relaxation time and we wanted to try something new. So, we google for some spa and stumbled upon Tanamera in Sooka Sentral, next to KL Central. Called them and booked for 2-3 hours treatment (we just finish our morning jog, dengan tak mandinya, terus headed to the spa bringing extra cloth). Ok, the interior was average but the treatment was wow! The manager, Ms. ___, came in and say hello to both of us. They thought we were university student ;p We opted for hair treatment, massage and body scrub. Not only the therapist was experience, but they let us choose our scrub type (i.e salt, some herbal stuff), they explained the benefits of each type and siap bau-bau lagi each type, hehe! My therapist was very nice, inquiring on what is my concern of my body that she can help with massage, she shared some related petua and stuff and I know I will come back to visit them. The scrub was properly done and we were 2 happy customers of Tanamera Spa, hehe!

Now that I kept going to Shah Alam, I thought I should try any spa in the nearby area of my laundry. So, I visited Amdamai Spa, located in the shop lots next to PTPL, the same row of AmBank. My first beautician was Ira, young girl from Kedah. So, she allowed me to choose my scrub type, and I opted for Mango scrub. Damn it was amazing, the smell and how it soothes my skin was absurd! Slightly expensive than other range but I have visited Andamai for 3 times, and I still choose Mango scrub. Interior was average but the Mango scrub hooked me up, haha!

Yesterday, I discover a new spa in front of Hospital Asunta- Khareyana Spa. This is the spa which the interior is to wow for! A bungalow house turns into a spa, with a big pond surrounding the area, open up area and the treatment room! Something that only pictures can justify (sebenarnya malas nak fikir ayat,hehe!). The therapist seems very experience, and I appreciate the fact that she left me to sleep with minimal chit chat. And she treats me with `dignity'. It means, she only see what she should and when she should see. The rest of my body was covered during the treatment which I felt so `secured'. As usual, the treatment started with me choosing the oinment (I chosed Green Tea for the refreshing smell) and ends with lulur treatment. In every treatment room, there are bath tup and shower, so, I don't need to berkemban, getting out from the treatment room to the shower, hehe! While waiting for the receipt done, they served me ginger tea and cuts of watermelon. I am so malas to google for their pic, but check them out at FB,ok?

Overal, I only visited spa when I had nothing to do on weekends, or I felt so tired that I need some me time. And defenitely, I will re-visit Khareyna Spa. I just love it. Maybe next week? Who knows!

Hanie Adzman



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  2. Hanie, how was the massage at Khareyna Spa? Also is the bath tub, shower area clean? I'm very particular about this. Thanks.

    1. The best! I must say they are really particular about the cleanliness.. =)

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