Friday, June 3, 2011

A nearly fruitful holidays

Hubby had a 3 weeks medical leave due to chicken pox, thus as the most solehah wife, i took a three days annual leave (hahaha! to compare to 3 weeks medical leave), to accompany him and we had spent it wisely on looking for some interesting properties (with no intention to buy any)

So, the first property that we visited was the Anggun Bangi Pangsapuri, Seksyen 4, Bangi. Develop by Bulan Anggun Sdn Bhd, on PKNS land.  1059-1316 sqf (RM 221311-RM314026, additional RM 1k per level). The first ever pangsapuri built in the area, the construction work, I shall another 30-40%, abt 8-10 km to UKM and Bangi Comuter Station. Not forgotten, abt 3-4 km to Plus Highway Bangi exit. Quite cozy for couple who are want to start a family, affordable pulak tu. At time when we visited, tinggal abt 20-30 units lagi je. Hubby dah sgt bersemangat nak beli, as our first investement. RM 2500 deposit, remaining 10% is on 2 weeks during SnP signing. Joint purchasing will cost + RM500/person. So, we RESERVE one unit, the smallest unit, 8th floor. We are suppose to have our final words on this unit by today, but still, undecidable. Tough call I guess, for it is leasehold. The area is quite secluded from the main road, the only pangsapuri in Seksyen 4, I mean I am competing with land house to be rent, that's not good, isnt it? I dont know...I have to read more..

Second property, we off to Sg. Buloh. Call it funny, but how can a property yg dah siap since oct 10, with CF done, still tak sold out. The sales kept saying that this place is going to be hit, with a highway on its way, he already be renting out 6 units, but that area tu mcm kosong..there's a lake in front of the Pangsapuri, he claimed with lots of activitites going on there. It's the Laguna Biru,in Tasik Biru, Sg. Buloh.  I am not interested to decribe more, I guess one of the most important rules to start buying property is, you must know the area well. Since I am not familiar with Sg Buloh area, and I havent study the area well, so we called it off.

Last but least, we went to my dream area Denai Alam, Shah Alam. Developed by also, my dream developer, Sime Darby, with my dream house pattern and location. Semuanya dream,right? I went there once my mom, everything looking perfect. I was aiming for the Mullberry Groove, tp dah sold out. There's one unit, tp corner unit, but out of my budget,heheheh! So, one of the sales came to entertain us, asking us what sort of house are we looking for. He offered us an intermediate unit of LAVENDER PARK, apparently only two units left. The price is approximately RM 800k. 2761 sqf,living room and dining room in front of the terrace, walk in closet, 4 bedrooms + 1 maid room. The best part, dapur kat depan, and living and dining room kat belakang,facing courtyard at the back... so my style. That is the house that I want! But the price... =( I guess the sales exec sensed our interest to this particular house. So, he invited one of the bank talk to us abt housing loan. And this is the most interesting part. Read carefully..

Bank Muamalat is offering 95% loan + coverage on MRTA,MOT and loyal fees, which make up the total loan of 99.95%,hahhahahah! Mmg gile, then stretch the tenure year to 40 years, since we both are still young, of BFR-2.4 (during construction), total payable of + RM 3500/month. How tempting is that?! The only thing that we have to pay is RM 10k for deposit and RM 18k for the stamp duty. That's all!Aduiyaiiii!!! Hubby pun mula keluarkan iPhone, kira gaji and our savings, looking all out for this one. And I am start imagining my little kitchen and courtyard, start planning how many kids can be fitted in this house,hhahahaah! (p/s- bank muamalat is only offering this package to denai alam area, since they believe the value of Denai Alam will increase by at least 20%). I know it is crazy, but look at this, isn't it worthy?

Promise me you'll check out this site so that we can share the same amazing feeling ;p

Seriously, I will sacrifise everything for this house. I am starting to think of looking for other job, for better pay, so that we can afford this house. I mean, with the current salary, mmg la blh, but I have to earn more if I want complesant. Mcmana ni? Aghhhh!!!

Conclusion, we are still thinking. Very much confusing, I must ask from many people. And that is the reason why this post is on. I would like to hear from all you, any of get some sense in my head...

Owh, penatnya berfikir....   


  1. hi neng..
    pja here!!~..(ma_the lah ni, just in case kau byk kwn nama pija :))
    hmm, mmg mahal rumah sekarang ni..
    tapi rasanya berbaloi utk beli rumah walau semahal dan seperit mana pun kita rasa bila nak kelaurkan duit..
    some advise lar..walaupun aku tak pernah beli rumah..DO NOT FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCT when i comes to buy house..RATIONALIZE, itu yg penting..
    buat list..dua list kebaikan dan keburukan utk jangka masa sekarang dan masa depan dan pada masa yang tak diduga...kalau lebih banyak kebaikan, then go for it....make sure..sediakan payung sebelum hujan..kecik pun tak pe, asalkan muat utk u and ur familiy nnt..

  2. Hanie, before me and husband decided to buy our unit at Mulberry Groove, actually I was eyeing on Lavender. I love the colour, design, and concept..very modern and, the build up lagi besar than Mulberry Groove.

    Butttttttt...there's a but....hehe...the only unit yg tinggal was very near to a power cable tract. Did the SA mentioned that to you? Did you visit the site yet? I did..and mmg betul the power cable tu besar sgt..soo, we decided to not to buy..

    Siapa SA u? Mine is Azhar..I can recommend him and Lutfi..they are good :) my dad bought his unit with Lutfi

    Btw, they will launch new superlink houses soon kan? Why don't you wait for that? :) I was told the starting price will be RM600+k

    Good luck hunting's worth waiting for the right one :)