Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ukay Perdana + Membuka minda!

Hubby and I were just going around Ukay Perdana this morning, checking out what's happening `up there' since I have one of my office mate and her fiance bought a 2.5 storey terrace house that looks adorable thru the internet. Since kitaorg pun dah lama tak pusing-pusing tgk property (sbb hubby is working `time kerja kilang' ;p),  so what the heck, marilah kita menaiki Mini Cooper Kelisa Perodua ke atas Ukay Perdana yang sgt berbukit-bukit itu ;p

So, we basically drove along Ukay Perdana, turned to Ukay Perdana 3, headed to UP 3/1, then we saw some housing area yang dah develop (yg depan mostly dah occupied, quite attractive), drove along the road, and you saw rumah yang i think dah about 2-3 years dah siap, tp unoccupied. Hem, we were both were wondering, why were all unoccupied? There were about 2-3 designs (Sommerville, Blossomville,Sri Hijauan and etc) with mostly are 2.5 terrace, with parking garage (certain design), good view, not anywhere near the slopes, what not (the build ups were quite small, but since it is a 2.5 storey, so, consider ok la,kan?). I think this is a take-over project from Talam to IJM because apart from Ukay Perdana 3, there is the Sering (or Serenia) UK; developed by IJM, pretty near by. If you were to look in iProperty, many units are up for sold/rent. It just happen, the area are secluded, so if you are a private person, appreciate good, green views, this is the area to look for. Subsale price is at RM 550K and above,the semi-D mostly touch 1mill.

If you were to google abut this prop, you will see all postings, entries and forums were back on 2007, selling @ RM 300-400K, now after nearly 4 years, agents had it sells @ RM 500-650K, you never loose with property, kan?  Very much near to the MRR2 highway, so it is very, very accessible, it just that you have only one entry which is the intersection from MRR2. I am not sure if there are any other exits,  (tp kalau u all tau rumah Dato' CT, u blh keluar ikut Bkt Antarabgsa @ kwsn tanah runtuh dulu tu, jumpa MRR2 jg la). Too bad, tak blh nak masuk, tgk mcmana finishing rumah tu (kena tggu this office mate of mine to do her house warming la nmpknya ;p)

Can't wait to see the progress of the area in 2-3 years time. However, during the driving, there were already 2-3 units occupied, the rest still as they are. I bet, many more will be moving in. Because,  on and all, Ukay Perdana is very, very near to MRR2, yup, morning traffic was a bit worse, but once you reach MRR 2, to enter any other highways is very easy (blh masuk Duke to Jln Duta, Plus Highway, blh pergi Penchala Link to Ikea,  Akleh pun blh smp KLCC) . So, for those who are looking for very developed, land property area, with all kemudahan sekolah, klinik, hospital  available, this is the area to look for. I think, you still can get Sommerville  @ RM 550K, buatlah combined loan dgn partners. Even ada area UK 4 ke 5, rumah second hand la, selling @ RM 480 K.

Ini link kalau nak tgk rumah tu.  5 bedrooms (2 masters), 4 bathrooms if I am not mistaken.,ukay_perdana_2.5-sty_Terrace_Link_House_ForSale

Ok, other than that.

Anyway, last night, I met  Kak Tahirah (ala, this physician yg menyedarkan I yang I must have own property, specifically Sime Darby property ;p), I terserempak dgn Kak Ana. She was this size; before (pinjam gambar ye, Kak Mai):


Ni gmbr smlm, Kak Ana baru belajar tag org kat FB,hehehe! (she's sitting, pki grey blazzer and blue scarf). Anyway, she is so funnyyy! ;p                        


She was 98 kg before, now nearly 50 kg. Amazing,kan? I find her very inspiring!

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  1. wat a nice review of the area. I owned a house kat area yang u cerita ni. Now dah ramai move-in. 60-70% occupied.

    The original purchase price masa mula2 launch in 2004 ada lah RM359k untuk intermediate unit.