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Hem, asyik post info on Premium Beautiful je, kan? Let’s do post on something else.

Ok emm….ok, yes, em,ok! Let’s do a post on PB lagi ;p hehehe! Kidding2! I want to do post on tire (past tense-tired). Yes, you read it right, ladies. TIRED!
I have started working part time since I was in third year, during my undergrad study. At that time, I had less class since that was the last semester, so, yes, it was laid back, relax. So, I decided to go around, look for part time job as a tutor at tuition centre. And my application was accepted at one of Smart Readers near my housing area; working from 8.30 am – 3.30 pm every Saturday. It was fun, but I missed lots of family occasion (since most of wedding ceremonies, family gatherings were on Saturday- evening) and I had less hang out time with my friends. I have to rush back home every weekends; because I have to do preparation for the Saturday’s class. Bermulalah my life cycle as part time tutor sampai hari ni. Now, I do part time tutor; assisting my other family members with their classes; after office hour. Tapi sekarang, I am already TIRED!

Every child’s dream school (yela, got teacher like me one…;p)

Hubby works @ Hosp Umum Kuching, as his first posting as HO. We have tried many ways to appeal utk at least he gets to start his training at any hospital in Semenanjung, but no luck. So, there he flew to Kuching on the 6th Jan 2010, and we didn’t meet until our wedding day on the 27th Mac (hahaha! Rasa macam cerita cinta terpisah pula ;p). Then, I started my trip back and forth Kuching from May 2010 until July 2011. I basically will take Fridays leave, spent the whole weekend in Kuching, and flew back to KL last flight every Sunday (sometimes early flight Monday). I will rush to BTS KL transit station, after work, to Salak Tinggi and took a bus to LCCT (sometimes to KLIA). I will stay up whenever Air Asia and Firefly do promotion to Kuching. Sampai my office mate cakap, I can be the ambassador of Air Asia and Firefly and I can start having my own AA and FF counter at the office,hahaha!WTH! I believed I am not the only person who went through this same situation, there are MANY of us! =) Yang paling tak tahan is my credit card usage. Few! I do not wish to brag long on this matter, but seriously, whoever stuck with this same condition, please look for better paid job, it tears half of your monthly salary. But now, I am TIRED! (thank God, Hubby dah transfer blk,yay! And now is, time to pay the credit card debt!)

My premium transportations! Hahahaha!


My debt collectors, hahahaah!

I am currently staying with my parents, since other siblings are no longer a permanent residence of Kuala Lumpur ;p So, hubby and I decided, tak perlulah nak membazir sewa rumah lain, since we have our own room and toilet, so, let’s just stay with ibu and ayah. Besides, on weekends, we will have Soliha, Iddin and Nabiha as an extension family (or weekend’s family?) in the house. (Soliha, Iddin and Nabiha are my cousins, their mom passed away due to cancer; last year, so my parents and I will drive to Klang to fetch them and have them on the weekends, and then send them back to Klang late evening Sunday; as a favor to their father and elder siblings who had taken care of them on weekdays). And sometimes, my other siblings too will come back on weekends. As the result, on Monday we will have pilling up of clothes; that I have to rush back every Monday after work; to do the laundry.  Then the same cycle starts when Fridays come, again and again and again. And this has been going on for the past one year! But now I am TIRED! (p/s- Tapi yang ini, I dah jumpa solution, hahahah! Tggu 1st November ni, no more piling up laundries on Monday! =)
I memang nampak comel bila tengah buat laundry ;p

Every month, I’ll do a countdown to the `Salary Day’, hehehe! Thinking that I would have extra money untuk disimpan, you know, like to be used during emergency or you, know, beli rumah ke ;p So, jeng, jeng, 25th of the month, do the debt; car, ASB, insurance, PTPTN, CREDIT CARD..CURRENT BALANCE: RM 2++! WTH?  How to survive on the next 30 days? Seriously, I don’t know how did I survived (or, no wonder hubby punya purse selalu takde cash, I borrowed it from him,heheheh! ;p). And this has happened for the past 4 years, and I am TIRED of it! (p/s- Yang ni pun I dah jumpa solution, with Premium Beautiful,hehehe! ;p)
Modern Day Salary Negotiation.
via Brainstuck.


 Sometimes, unnoticed, we went through our lives on the same cycle and at a point of time, we feel, ok, that’s it, I had enough of this and I am freaking TIRED! I mean, this is so normal, but you can’t simply let it continuously happening; without you going to do something about it. Once we become so comfortable with a condition, we wouldn’t know if we add a little twist to it, you might find it more interesting and from TIRED, it becomes INTERESTING! =)
I don’t know why, but I always find kite = interesting

p/s- I am TIRED of driving Kelisa =( - Yang ni, memang tak boleh nak buat apa2)


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  1. Yang the last one tu Hanie, bukan tak boleh buat apa2, belum sampai masanya je lagi...hehehe ;) Best of luck. Anyway, i heard emas turun harga today, boleh la beli...