Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Next project

Yes, it is a new year- the 2013. with conjunction to this, we always looking forward to something new; something to gist a new year. If masa tengah bujang dulu, I had always wonder around shopping mall, hunting for new handbags, shoes or blouses, to get a new year feeling but now that I am married and matured (hahaha!), I am focusing on to something else.

So, as you know our Lavender Launderette has been operated for 1 year under our management (eceh, dah macam bunyi kitaorg jaga maintenance apartment plak, hahah!). As such, we believe it is already about time to give our laundry a new fresh look (fresh la sangat.. ;p).

The first step is to find the right color for our front area, the reception area basically. Since the laundry name is Lavender, so of course we need to maintain the feature wall as Lavender color. And now left with to decide what color should we paint the remaining 3 walls. We have looked for a few colors:

As our company's name is Green Purple Enterprise, should we incorporate the green to the lavender paint?

With turquoise (is this too much?) 
Maybe baby blue?

Ibu was suggesting pink, but we thought it was too girlish. Maybe for our daughter's room, will do.

So, we are still contemplating on which color should we go for.

Then we plan to replace our front glass door. The current glass door is the old tempered glass and tinted with dark color. So, when you entered our laundry, you get this very dark view. To freshen the look, we choose a clear tempered glass, so that our laundry looks clearer and brighter!

So dark looking, kan? Nampak mcm Cyber Cafe underground, hahah!

To something that look like this.
Ok, move on to the furniture. We have visited Ikea yesterday, so we have already collected some new idea on what wardrobe should we installed, which bench to place in front of the counter etc, hehe! So much for 2013's mood,kan?

Expedit from Ikea, co-joint with an Expedit table, as our reception table.

Another Expedit to be placed right behind the counter for clean cloth.

Appraco bench for the customers, maybe?

Ivar from Ikea, to place our clean comforter, toto

Maybe Sigurd bench Ikea as the back of the reception counter?

We are still also contemplating whether to have the furniture in white color or dark color (black or dark brown). White will definitely makes the whole area look amazing but the tendency of them to be dirty is faster. On the other hand, dark color makes the area dull. So, yes. this is a tough call.

We are also looking forward to change the floor. On the first thought, we would like to laminate the floor but it will effects the height of the door and all, so we were thinking to change its tikar getah, maybe to some bright color. 

This blue, maybe?

And to end the deco with this Ikea PS - Clock. Comel kan?

Nampak je kecil, tapi it cost RM 129, wokey?

When the hard work will start? Yes, as soon as we finalize the color of the paint first. Can't wait! =)

Hanie Adzman



  1. I'd go for only Lavender, suits the name. Blend the colour in different tones maybe? ;D

    1. Like, ada Dark Lavender and Light Lavender is it?

  2. Not reallly dark & light lavender la.. may be kene blend with a lil purple

    see this example

    btw, lavender and silver is a famous nice match jugak.