Thursday, September 22, 2011

Auction props + Looking goooodddd =)

Fuh! It's all dusty in here, yup! teruk betul owner, once a month baru ada post, then summarize everything in one entry, dahla all wordy,hahahh! Sorry la, darls, my life is like running water after rain (apa punye perumpamaan ni??). If only everything can be done at one time. I always wonder, how other vloggers and bloggers had time to put up a fine pace entry (while I throw everything unaccordingly at once)... Owh, still, selamat hari raya!! still have few days to the end,kan? That reminds me I have yet 3 hari for Puasa Enam, so, chaiyok!

Ok, enough of introduction,let's jump into the sea , I mean content. So, yes, base on the title of the entry, I have participate in my first ever bidding for auction property. Yes, finally! I wasnt sure abt this sort of property (since I have always eyeing for under construction prop), but through reading and discussion with some collegues whom are so used with auction prop, hubby and I decided to give it a try.

Our aim was to go for prop under RM 50k. Ada ka rumah murah lagu tu??!! Of course la, there are. That is why ppl go for auction prop, basically this is where you can get a prop of 20-30% cheaper than the market price. My intention was just to have our first property for investment, and to learn and understand the whole purchasing procedure, so start small (lagipun my capital bknla byk sgt ;p).

So, off we to Puncak Alam, tempat jin bertendang. Nah, the area takla teruk sgt. Mind you, the McDonald is already there, it is basically 30-40 min from NKVE-Shah Alam exit. LATAR highway has basically operated. Puncak Alam has been abandoned for the past 10 years, if I am not misttaken. But now that UiTM Puncak Alam has partially operated and Shah Alam 2 is on its way of construction, so Puncak Alam has become the next place to be invested in.

We did all the investigation, inspect the unit, check the unpaid maintenance fee and cukai pintu, prepared the bank draft. Bersemangatla kononnya,hahahah! On the day, 4 bidders were there, and deal closed at RM 58K. Market price is around RM 70-80K. So, we pull off. Nvm, there are plenty of auction property, so, do not bid blindly.

As the conclusion, it was a fun experience, period. Since we were `entertained' by an agent whom was staying in Puncak Alam and had two units @ the same apartment, so it was very easy.I am eyeing for Damansara Permai, I heard it is a good place to invest. Let's investigate the area!

Okla, enough on property. Jom cerita abt sumthin else. I know many ppl look at me as a very thin,petite person. I am very small in size (plz dont read between the lines), yet I always face wardrobe malfuction. WTH?? It is when you feel your daily attire dont fit you the way you want it to fit (or at least, that's what I think). It is all started when I have gained weight , yess ppl, I gained nearly 8 kg for the pass 4 years. Since I have a small frame, the fat distribution was very uneven and `cocentrated'. I started looking at myself as a `fat' person, because I dont feel comfortable in my own attire, even in baju kurung.

So, what do you guys do in times like this? Diet? Go for motivatonal pep talk on dont worry abt how do you look, but what's important is who you are?Enrol for gym classes?I believe that everyone had their own way managing weight, and I would like to hear from you. Laugh all you want, but slimming and dietiting are a worth of millions, industry. Slimming products are all in the market, some works, some are absurd. Yet, every woman wants to look beautiful.

I have choosen a way too. Well, let's just say that I have just started using and doing it. Not only that I want a product that helps me managing weights, but also to give a good support and posture (I dont want to become all hunch later in life). The most important thing, I fit into my baju kurung moden,yay!! (baju kurung moden has been in the least-attire-to-wear list, recently), hence I become more confident about myself =)

So, share me your choice. For all you know, we might be doing the same thing! =)


  1. sayang, u pakai the corset thing ker? Good nutrition is the way to go babe.

  2. Can't agree more! good nutrition, whole some fruits and vegetables are the way to go =)

    More than that, I want something that can `hold' my body and facilitate a good posture. I have always wonder why orang tua-tua suruh kita pakai bengkung, and it's making good sense to me, now =)

  3. eh babe, ajar how to go about the auction properties? the risks n all.

  4. are you wearing PB hanie? :)

  5. It's Hanie, but I dont know why I cant reply with my own URL..

    @ Mayyah : I'll do a post on it,ok? =)

    @ Anonymous : YUP! the great Premium Beautiful =) Ala, tp, who is this? =)