Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Premium Beautiful corset- my own words..

Ok, I must do an entry on this. I thought it will benefit every woman the way it does to me.

Yes, the thing that I am `using’ currently is Premium Beautiful (PB) corset, a product that has been in Malaysia for the past 18 years. I have been using a few brands since my body `menggemuk’ dengan haru-birunya; and my attempt to lose weight have not been successful (and it is my fault for being physically inactive; BUT, this is due to my tight daily schedule. Yet, I am still doing daily house chores to keep my body at least moving + keeping low calorie food).
Basically, PB is a corset, the best corset I would say. Not only that it has Super Brand recognition, it also has been recognized by the American Chiropractic Association for it has been approved in facilitating proper body structure and as support aid for person with slip disc. The material is made from AKWATEK and AQUDYNE, which feels right to your body that it makes you feel as if you have a strong support for your back bone (flexible 360 accoring to your body). Again, I would have to compare PB to other previous corset that I have used, you would not experience wardrobe malfunction because with other materials, your long skirt/kain will have the tendency to `tersangkut’ to the girdle. This is especially if you are wearing cotton baju kurung /long skirt (I am a loyal fan of cotton; and I am currently selling online cotton for baju kurung- promo sikit ;p). Sumpah, you will hate it!

Other than that, PB has also embedded with Far Infrared Rays (FIR). With FIR, the corset is not only facilitating in body weight loss plan, it also boost your body metabolism which enhances the usage of calorie in your body. Thus, if you are physically active person (or not), it gives you the best way for your body to use the calorie that you have eaten throughout the day. And trust me, personally, lately, I rasa I panas sorang-sorang in the office, and I don’t know why. It is definitely not because the PB is thick ke apa (again, PB tak tebal pun), but I guess the effect of FIR is really kicks in. Plus, I feel lots more energetic too, compared to before. Ini yang paling penting, since I am not only working 8-5, but I also need energy for my after-8-5-life (you know house chores, night classes, weekend families, my future business and all).

The most important thing, PB is life time warranty. So, if there is any `penyangkuk’ yang rosak/putus, or any part of the corset `tertetas’ you can simply send it back to the stokis/agent; and they will mend it for you FOC. So convenient, kan? I mean talk about something that can be worn for the rest of your life? Macam a life time investment la,kan? =)=)

Siapa kata corset tak penting? Hello, for the Malays, what do women wear after giving birth? Bukan bengkung ke? Well, PB is functioning like bengkung. Comes in three pieces, long bra, waist nippers (bengkung) and girdle, it basically support women’s important organ, the uterus (read :rahim). If you to encounter any traditional mak bidan, and you told them that you didn’t adhere to bengkung after giving birth, they will make faces and `membebel’ to you like it is their business. PB is just the more practical version of bengkung. I yang belum mengandung ni pun, tukang urut I kat Kelantan bising-bising suruh pakai, apa lagi women yang dah pernah deliver right? And yes, to you all yang plan to deliver also, PB benefits you in many ways.

The best thing about PB that I love the most is the fact that I feel full easily. I can’t force myself to eat so much since PB gives you the best support to your abdominal (read: intestine); thus, I makan nasi 1 serving pun dah tak boleh habis. But as nutritionist, of course I do not encourage a sudden reduction on calorie intake. Thus, by wearing PB, I have learnt to take more fruits such as apples and guava and snacking on high fibre biscuits to avoid unnecessary calorie reduction. Plus, this habit ensure a better regulation of insulin in our body (i.e. avoid diabetes type II).

Seriously, I would encourage every woman to wear PB. Not only because it will help in weight reduction, but it also gives you all benefits that I have mentioned above. Again, this is a life time investment. Thus, you beli sekali, seumur hidup boleh pakai (unless by wearing PB, you have a reduction of BIG kilograms, sampai you kena change size), you can wear it selagi you want to wear it. So, for those who are pregnant, get a set for after birth, yang dah deliver, buy one to keep your body slim and get your real body shape back, for those yang plan to get pregnant, get one to give a good support to your uterus etc,etc,etc. Banyak sgt nak tulis. Just imagine if you try any supplementations, setiap bulan nak kena beli. Then, with the supplement, you feel tak perlu untuk go for good nutrition, sbb you think supplement will do all the `cleaning’ work. Kan tak bagus? And if you choose, slimming centre, you ingat with one time visit, boleh terus kurus? Hem, re-think about it, girlfriends! With PB, it enhances your good eating habit, you feel good and sexy; since PB gives you the `wrap’ onto your body, and it feels awesome! =)=) No wonder it has been a product of 18 years in Malaysia!

That is my secret that I have been posting for the rest of the week in my FB. So, I have revealed this little secret so that every one of you will have a potion of the benefits. If you are interested to learn more and experience PB, just contact me and I will be more than glad to help =)=)


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