Friday, April 27, 2012

Latest addiction!

Wah! It’s been long since I have an entry, kan? This is the last month to qualify for Guangzhou and it really keeps me posted and full, leaving my working hour ends at 10pm, most of nights. Not only that I want to qualify myself but I will also like to qualify my business partners.  But, yes, I believe in hard work and commitment and responsibility. Not just to ourselves and families, but also to everyone who believes in us.

On that note, I seriously have no time to do any shopping since then. You know, like real shopping, to Midvalley, walk to every stores and pick up clothes, tried them on, and choose one from them. I only go to shopping mall to have meals and quickly leave to chase to next appointments and errands. I literally living with one sandals (read: the plastic CROCS  ;D), which I used to go everywhere, hehehe!

Plus, what distinguish a man to a woman? Hahaha! Yup, our shopping habits. Thus, it is so not us if one month puasa from shopping la,kan? So, how do I keep up with the distraction?

ONLINE SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hahaha! You must have guessed, kan? Yes, I am big time online shopper. I basically allocate a few hundreds every month to do my online shopping. This is very important so that I don’t overspent (Remember, saving for house, saving for kids education funds, hehehe!).

Alright, let’s move on to which website I always visit?

First one:

This is the website that I opted for if I want blouses and dresses. I love their blouses because they are loose and labuh. I mean, regardless how fashionable we want to look like, our attire must according to the Al-Quran lah, kan? (Refer to Surah An-Nisa).  At time, I think I have nearly 10 blouses and dresses from the Poplook. They are colourful. The most important thing, their customer service people is just fantastic, especially when they are in my google chat list :D

If you are looking for more extravaganzas over the top kind of attire, you should go to They have so many designer attires, selling online and their customer service is at their state of the art. So easy peesy.  I have yet to buy anything from them, because I am saving it for more important occasion (maybe for my own Diamond night! ;D).

Facebook: tudungpeople

Owh, for my tudung, I get them from Tudungpeople. A group of very young woman, venturing into online business and I think they are hit! Just check out their facebook account and you will know what I mean. Some excited customers keep posting asking for their fast reply and to re-stock. Owh, they also have TP Singapore and Brunei, which must be very exciting, kan? I mean, they have actually expanded their business in less than 1 year after launching. That is HIT! I have some of their Adiva and Numa collection and now looking forward to their LAYLA collection re-stock. And the best part is they basically have their own video on how they actually style their tudung and it is some awesomeness because no matter how they style their tudung, it must cover the chest area, which is important for me as a Muslim woman. Tudung is not only covering your heads, but it must also labuh hingga ke dada! ;D

Next, for baju kurung.  Essentially, I must have my baju kurung tailored made. So, I will do online shopping for kain cotton. There are so many websites to choose from, ranging from RM 120 to RM 75 per 4 metres. I used to opt for They have a shop in Putera Heights. So, you can actually visit them. Other than that, there are lovelycotton.blogspot and Facebook: cottonlover. They have so many mixes match kain cotton that you can choose from, like so trendy now and they even have ready made baju kurung.

Facebook: Cottonlover
Handbags! Yes, I do buy my handbags online. 1st, they are cheaper. 2nd, I am not a trendy or a person who will update on latest designer bag and all. So, when I go to, and I found a bag that I adore, I buy it (of course it depends on the budget, hehehe!) Of course, again, there are so many other websites to buy designer handbags, but I feel so comfortable with Kak Vee, so, I don’t go and look for other websites. She even sells branded watches and stuff.

At the moment, I don’t buy pants and shoes from website. These are two things that I must physically tried them on, then only I will buy because I am quite picky at shoes and I don’t like to wear tight pants (or jeans). But if you guys have any website that you frequently visited for these two items, feel free to share.
There you go my favourite online shopping website and facebook account.  I actually bought everything online for my Diamond Night Dinner, last Saturday =)

The whole loads of us

Our own Hanis Haizi was one the invited speaker of the night!

Talking about the Diamond Night Dinner, it was held last Saturday in MIECC; to recognize individuals’ hard work and determination. I am so proud that my own DSM Dr Tahirah was also one of them.  She basically qualified to every trip offered by the company which resembles her hard work in the business. And I am following each of her footsteps. Alhamdulillah, I am so near to what she had achieved.

I learn so many people kept asking me why I work so hard. Again, this is purely for my children’s and families’ future (aside to I want to be debt free: credit card, car loan, PTPTN loan, etc). Beside I believe in Allah’s promise where He will only change the life of people who want to change. So, here I am, pursuing my life in so many different lanes and grass, hoping for betterment, insyaAllah.  

Hanie Adzman

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