Monday, April 2, 2012

Dare to dream.

I couldn't sleep last Saturday, my heart was pumping hard and I felt like I was sleeping on the wrong side of bed and I woke up at 6am (which was bizarre since it was Saturday, people!).

Subuh done, then open my notebook, looked through my slides for the one thousand six hundred and forty-six times to ensure everything looked fine. No silly spelling mistake or sentence, checked for quotes and references. It felt as if I was going through my second Viva. God, my hands were shaking and palm was sweating!

I was ready and all by 8.30am, and left home to my destination. God, heavy traffic along Federal Highway! It was 8.45 am, Saturday la, for God's sake!

I reach my destination at 10am when I was suppose to start at 10am, such a bad impression.

This is where I was heading too.

Heart's pumping harder and butterflies are all over my stomach.

Hahaha! Such drama queen I am,kan?

Nah, just over reacting :D

I was invited to give a motivational talk to the students of Diploma International Business in Politeknik Shah Alam. I was very honored and I thought it was such a good opportunity for me to share my experience with this whole load of great young people.

I started of the talk with asking them to right their biggest dream in their lives. I specifically instructed them `Do not write to be happily married with 3 kids, or to be married with rich man. Dream big- say to be a share partner in Maybank, in Air Asia, the first richest woman in Malaysia; that sort of dream'

Such attentive a group of students; as if this activity meant from their carrying mark,hehehe!

Then, we listened to a few of their dreams. The biggest dream I listened to was from Nadia. She wanted to travel around the world by her private flight which should be bigger than an AIRBUS. She must be damn rich one fine day! :D

Meet Nadia, the girl in yellow shirt :D

From there, we started to discuss about the dare to dream, because everything in ourlives start from a dream. As in for me, my dream is to be working on flexible hour on the age of 30; hence my life pattern now.

We even talked about the must to do changes and sacrifises. Nothing in life comes for free; whereby to reach and go further, you have to learn to change and make necessary sacrifises (read here: NECESSARY,ok?). We further discuss that changes and sacrifises come from courage.

Courage does not mean that you are brave; courage simply means the guts that you have to face a condition that you choose to live in.

We even have a Q n A session (owh, I hope I did answer their questions correctly ;p)

I hope so much that they benefit from the session, I may not be the best speaker or motivator or whatever you name it. But I am so happy and honored to be able to share my experience and aspiration with them. At least, I saw no one fall asleep during the 1.5 hours talk,hehehe! I guess that means something, right?

Yes, basically what's going on in my life now started from dream. Dream to pursue life to the fullest. Dream to achieve more than I can. It has just started and long way to go, I promise.

Hanie Adzman

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