Sunday, February 13, 2011

THoughts and pieces

Call me impatient; but the plan starts now,hehehe! I am going to start rolling the money in making sure I won't miss anything; call me opportunist...pape je la

Anyway, yesterday I went hunting to every bank; inquring on their housing loan package (walaupun the glimpse of signing any SnP is yet to be determined; but it's fun). Some wealth advisor mcm tak faham their own housing loan package, some are very helpful until you felt that this is the best package and let's sign the agreement like now!hahahah! but, again, lesson from the previous post; don't jump into the sea until you have the proper swimming lesson; bukan2; I mean let's not rush into things, sbb there are many pros and cons that we must always consider.

Being a Muslim, I would always want to practise as one as much as possible. Maklumla, hidup dkt dunia ni, mcm persinggahan bawah pokok, skjp je, yg pntg bekalan yg nak dibawa `dunia' yg lg satu tu ..Termasuklah dlm urusan jual beli. Yup, we must go for Islamic Banking; regardless of how `fragile' the current system is. I am very much trying to adhear to Islamic banking. Yup, I know, isu ni still very `cloudy' among Muslims, tp hukum mengambalkan riba, tetap haram; and termasuk dlm dosa besar. So, as much as possible we would like to avoid riba la,kn? Looking at the housing loan package provided by most Islamic bank, the rate is quite the same with the conventional banking. Then, timbul pulak isu, then why do we choose Islamic banking, if the rate between conventional and Islamic banking is the same? Conventional guna BLR and Islamic Banking guna BFR. Apa beza BLR and BFR? Me; myself still in very much reading on this topic. To this level, I know both BLR and BFR akan naik turun, cumanya with BFR; nilai takkan go more than 10%. Maksudnya, if tahun tu BLR jd 15%, BFR will still stay at 10%. I would write more on this after more readings because I would like to promote Islamic banking to everyone, because the system will not be implemented kalau we, as Muslim sndr tak sokong system tu.

Anyway, I would like to hear from you guys too. What do you guys think? I want to start off with a flat less than RM 80k, rent it for a couple of year as investment. Or to proceed to a real house; to settle down, once hubby comes back because we would have a longer period of paying the loan since we start off at younger age.

I would welcome suggestions,peeps..=)

p/s- Cant wait for Tuesday, flying off to Kuching, spending the rest of the week with hubby.. =)


  1. thanx for sharing..iman langsung takde knowledge ttg ni....

  2. hanie...i'm your 8th follower...hehe...slmt mencari rumah idaman...kitrng pon tgh pk nk beli rumah tp xtau lagi nk settle down kat mane...huhu...

  3. @ mek : Dah link blk =) Seremban 2 kan byk rumah br? besar2 lg...

  4. Hanie, thanks for starting a blog :) from now on, if i wanna learn bout buying a house je, i can just click on your page..hehe

    Husband and I baru je nak sign for the S&P thingy. We're still surveying for the best housing loan. so far, AmBank and OCBC offers the best..yet, we're still undecided..I do agree on your regarding Islamic Banking matters tu..

    If you have the extra moolah and are not rushing into buying a house to settle in, go for the flat...lagipon, its an investment kan.. :)

  5. Hehehe! kak Tahirah ni, I am still `green' in this area tau, so much for the complimentary ;p

    Have you check Bank Islam package? (No this time not due to Islamic banking punye reason ;p), but last time I happened to ask on their housing loan punya package to one of their wealth advisor, it sounds quite interesting. If i'm not mistaken, she mentioned abt they will bear the stamp duty fees, legal fees, plus we don't have to pay November and December's punya ansuran. I am going to meet her again, this Monday..We shall compare our notes later ;p

    Anyway, did you ask on how long is OCBC and AmBank's locking period?