Friday, February 4, 2011


I have start blogging..before this, asyik stalk others je, so, I think it's abt time to have my own...

Anyway, why I name my blog- Journey to my First Future Nest. Well, yesterday, while I was stalking one of usual blog (I will mention whose once I did get her link ;p), it got into my attention that I must started thinking abt my Future Nest @ my own Home Sweet Home. This blog by; let's call her Sis T; was on her future nest (like all the details on how hers future nest should look like, the area etc). And she mentioned abt the area, lagi la make me overexicited.

The next thing I did was, drag my mom pergi tgk showroom rumah tu. My goodness, terus jatuh cinta! But...when the sales assistant explained all the procedure related to the purchasing and all, I realized, I have never planned anything on planning to buy own house. I am 26 this year, and I should start thinking of planning to have one.

Malam tu, terus termenung, and was not in the mood for anything. I knew I wouldnt to be able to get this particular house (u know 10k deposit, another 10% after 28days, housing loan, duti stamp, lawyer fees and all)..aduh! But for how long again then I would terus to be like this. Suka one house, tak cukup duit, suka next house, takde deposit. So, I have decided, I MUST PLAN!

So, basically, this blog will be my place to plan and captured all the great and pain memories through out the JOURNEY TO MY FIRST FUTURE NEST =)


  1. Hahaha! Kacau daunla kau ni am.. ;p

  2. Good luck sis...
    Welcome to the new world..hihi..

  3. Hehehe! Masih `hijau' lagi ni, Iman, nak link dgn blog org lain pun, tak tau ;p

  4. Takpe..belajar slow2.Iman pun br berblog ni...Iman linked akak.Hihi..Then, sori tau ada amik gmbr akak, iman tempek as hasil kerja abg eddy..

  5. Iman dah linked akk? tp, still tak accessible pun?

  6. Akk rs sbb setting Iman bkn -To public sbb org lain yg link akk semua akk blg acess..Cuba tgk setting

  7. hi hanie..good to know that you have your own blog now :)

    oh..that Sis T tu mcm kenal je..hehe.

    its good that you are planning for your future house now. we're just lucky cos we never thought of settling down until early of this year, tiba2 je found out about Mulberry Groove.

    when you have a target, you can plan your finance from now..inshaAllah you'll find your dream future nest soon.. :)

    happy writing ya..! :)

  8. Kak Tahirah, I ADORE mulberry grove sgt2..the most perfect design and location; everything is perfect. Its just not the right timing (maklumla br kawin and all ;p) But, lucky you to able to have it =) You must invite me for yr house warming nnt ;p

  9. EH, tertinggal plak, yup, that SIs T is YOU! ;p Good that it rings a bell to me that I have never plan, was always thinking nak tinggal kat rumah parents forever ;p