Thursday, December 1, 2011

Premium Beautiful Biz

Many times people had ask me, why Premium Beautiful? Why do I choose to do biz with this famous corset? And I would reply, why not?

1) Big margin profit
- You will receive bonus for every Premium Beautiful that you sold. 1 corset = RM 235.00. Isn't that big margin profit?

2) A very stable company
- Hai-O marketing has received many recognitions from the Malaysian government and also from world wide.



3) Great team work
- When I started my laundry biz, I had no one to look upon for reference. So everything I did was base on instinct and thoughts. But with Premium Beautiful, I have a great team to work with. They provided me with knowledge, encouragement, personal touch and they would help me in every way

DSM Dr Tahirah, CDM Hanis and CDM Maisarah

With their help, I am an SSM in one month (that is two levels in one month!)

4) A great product!
-Yes, the most important is I have Premium Beautiful corset my product

 a) Super brand recognition

 b) Recognition from the American Chiropatric Association

c) Embedded with FIR which helps in better body metabolism

So, why  not Premium Beautiful??

And now I want to invite you to be part of this biz too. Call me, and let us change our destiny together.. =)

pic credit to DSM Tahirah, CDM Hanis and CDM Maisara

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