Sunday, January 1, 2012

My 2011's reviews


1) Hazeman tranfered back to KL.Yay!

2) I got a lot of false alarm on being pregnant (not something that I have ever told anyone,hehehe! But I guess, I might as well include this into my reviews so that one fine day my future children knew that I have always wanted them to be in my life)

3) Both Hazeman and I started our laundry biz

4) We both figures we have an amount of credit card debt which can be used as a 10% deposit of a Volkswagen Beetle


5) I have less out-station work compared to the years before

6) Oh, yes! 2011 was the year that I have Air Asia as my premium mode of transportation!

7) Hazeman had his first chicken pox! ;p

8) Last but not least, I found these people; who inspired me so much to believe in my dreams and it takes courage to beat my fears and move forward!

Owh, please forgive my face, I am tired most of the time! ;p
Thank you so much Kak Mai and Kak Tahirah. I won't be where I am and what I am these two months period. You guys have never left me, regardless how fast or slow my progress in this biz. Thank you for the guidance and time that you have been spending for and with me. I am looking forward for more success in the future (and of course VIETNAM too! ;p)
Kak Yani, thank you for the trust and hard work. Let's go Vietnam =)
Hanie Adzman

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