Monday, January 2, 2012

There's silver lining in every clouds

Our family have a pair of twins, Soliha and Solihuddin; whom we called Kakak and Iddin.

They have lost their mother when they were 2-3months old. Their mother was my aunt, my father's sister. She died of cancer which she has lived with nearly for 4 years. She left us 7 children, Kakak and Iddin are the youngest.

We have been helping their father to babysit them since they were 4 months old; on weekends, long holidays and school holidays.

Yes, Kakak has always been a bully ;p

This year they will turn two years old. How time flies that I (and Hazeman) couldn't imagine weekends without them. They have grew in front of us, we witnessed their first word such as "No, Mamam, Popoo," and so many other word.
And she always want to pose in front of Iddin
She has never failed to give the brightest smile
Iddin with his walker
Mischievous Iddin!
With his fav Osh Kosh B'Gosh footwear
When she has no mood, she ignores lenses
Rabbit Iddin =)
Rabbit Kakak =)
How big they have grown..
I have always feel devastated everytime on the `time of the month'. It has been nearly two years and I have yet to get any good news. Of course everyone kept asking, "Bila lagi? takde apa-apa lagi ke?". Now, I guess everyone is tired of asking that none of them ever asked anymore. Don't worry, I am worried too.
But, when I looked at Kakak and Iddin, I understand why Allah has yet to give the rezkh for any child. He wants me to share the love and care that I have with them. He gave me opportunities to have an early ILMU how to deal with not only one, but two kids at a time. How change diapers, bath them, buat susu, dealt with their tantrums, everything! I guess he is preparing me for better parenthood, one fine day.
Other than that, I have more time with Hazeman; which I seldom had when he was in Kuching.
Yes, there's a silver lining and every clouds and I am thankful for His blessings.
Hanie Adzman

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