Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Saya ada kawan..

Look at this picture carefully...

 Apa punya tajuk entry la? Tapi, seriously, Saya ada kawan...I have friends.. =)

This is Kak Soraya. She was my senior during my undergrad study in UPM. We didn't really know each other back then.

 This is Loo @ Mrs Teng Tong. She was graduated from UKM and we met in ISN.

This is Izham. He was also graduated from UKM. We met when we did volunteering during Sukan Wanita, UPM 2007.

All four of us; we reported for duty in ISN, on the same date and day : 1st November 2007. We were naive, little that we know that having each other as friends matter so much; not just professionally but also emotionally. And we had celebrated our 4th anniversary last year.

I never felt so attached to a friendship; seriously (yes, my best friend knows that we might lost contact for 1 year, but when we needed each other, we know who to look for).

We went to Shiok Kopitian in Kinrara, to celebrate our 4th anniversary

But, with Kak So, Loo and Izham; I felt very...em, urm..what would the the most suitable word to use? Related, I guess? That when one of them went for out-station, or went for long holidays or had to take a long leave, the office felt bizarre (wah!! full of emotion ;p) But, seriously, my office is not the same without them.

Loo and I, we had Aussie grilled chicken chop
They witnessed most of my breakdowns (and I witnessed theirs) throughout the four years. Not just matter related to work, but also personally. We could share our problems and concerns about everything.

I also had vanilla shake with jelly

There were many times we had our ups and downs together. We also had arguments and misunderstanding. But, surprisingly, it didn't last long. We could just get over it, and still be good friend =)

Izham had Shiok burger

They were there on my wedding day, we were there on Kak So's first open house, we were suppose to go to Loo's wedding day (we had planned our stay in Taiping and everything) but unfortunately, something came up and she had to re-schedule her wedding day. We helped preparing Am's wedding favor (buat kat office,ok? ;p) and we were suppose to help him on his very wedding day; I was suppose to be the MC (but my grandma was in ICU and Kak So had to go for her Umrah).  

Yes, we can share most of everything

2012 is our 5th years together. And we have discovered so many things about each other. We are married and Loo's pregnant, Izham's is expecting a baby soon too. But, we don't know how long that we are going to stay together in ISN. I mean, we do have our own future plan, right?


But if this happened to be our last anniversary together....

Double tadaaa...!

Please remember that I have always love and adore all three of you. You guys are part of the reason that I felt so hard to leave ISN (if I am leaving la.. ;p)

Happy full face! =)

And we must reunite ourselves one fine day ;p

Our 3rd anniversary

And I will always pray for your happiness, success and prosperity..

Hanie Adzman

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  1. Well Hanie, that is really sweet to have friends like 3 of you. You are right that we shared a lot and we also give support among each others. I agreed with your one statement: You guys are part of the reason that I felt so hard to leave ISN (if I am leaving also.. ;p). It is not easy to get friends/colleagues like 3 of you. I'm really appreciate the friendship that we had and wish we still keep contact each other in future... Love you all too~~