Sunday, January 29, 2012

I am a Director

Hazeman decided to have an individual name card for business purpose since we have started to meet more prospect in this field i.e. caterers, suppliers, procurement officers etc etc. So, when he ordered me to write down what's to be written on the card, I just insert some details in word form (i.e. name, you know; that sort of thing) , then off he went to the printing shop at Taman Melawati.

And when he came back, guess what I got?

And I was like, what?? DIRECTOR?? You have got to be kidding me!

So, as the DIRECTOR, I should have all the advantages la,right? Like I don't have to do much job, goyang kaki, and having fun ; you know, the stuff that I thought all directors in this world would have.


Look what a DIRECTOR of Green Purple Enterprise does:

Sort of the account, invoice, DO and receipt

Drive my marketing manager to meet stakeholders

Marketing manager mana yang ada driver dlm dunia ni?? ;p

Busy tak my marketing manager? ;p

I am also the `buruh kasar'

Pack parents' Space Wagon with the laundries

My marketing manager: he's an observant ;p

Then, pay back time!

I thought this suppose to be fun. So, which part of being a director is great, again???

Hanie Adzman

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  1. hi neng...suka tgk kau sekarang ni :)
    pija aka ma-the..