Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Latest Invention

Wah! I must have so much of free times these past few days since I have so many entries posted lately. I guess that means good - finally I have adapted to my latest version of life routine, hehe!

Anyway, sometimes, when I felt so tired on work, I'd walk around Isetan, Mark & Spencer and Parkson during lunch for `sight seeing'. It does (sometimes) give me a sense of relief and it endures my stress level; I mean looking at beautiful stuff, kan, mestilah fun! Beautiful blouses, pants, dresses, heels, the list goes on.

But, sometimes, it gives me stress feeling too, because I can't buy them. First, yes, because they are expensive. Second was because I can't wear them! Since I was small, my parents had strict guidelines to our siblings' attire. We don't wear short sleeve shirt when we left our house, no skinny and low fit jeans, we don't `selempang' our scarf, legging is only wear as sleeping attire, you know, by meaning to bid the Islamic guidelines of wearing attire. As the result, when I went shopping for my wardrobe, I must ensure that the blouse is not fit and the length must pass at least the buttock area, the pants are not tight, no three quarter sleeve etc, etc. The concept is aurat ditutup, bukan dibalut



On very recent, I find my latest interest in these chiffon blouses, especially those with laces. They seem so comfy and very stylish. I think that they can wear both as formal attire and also as casual. However, most blouses that I like at Isetan must be :   i- see through; ii- above the buttock area, iii-fitted to my body and the list goes on. So, of course I will never able to wear them; regardless their very much adorable and sophisticated look. 

So, to counter this, I have decided that I must come up with my own creation. Nothing like Radzuan Radzwill or Tom Abg Saufi, but something wearable yet meet its purpose; to cover my aurat. Aside to that, I want to stop depending to Baju Kurung to work. I have enough of GMs calling me -adik, or Manager asking me when will I finish my internship. At first, they were flattery but after 3 months, it gets annoying.

So, last weekend, I accompanied Ibu to Gulatis, Wangsa Maju to buy some material for Zharif's wedding attire. And to my surprise, chiffon was put on sale at RM 8.50/meter. Wah!!! Bulat mataku!  Suddenly, the assistant starts to cut a few meters of the color of my choices, hehehe!

Next, what shall I do with this material? I started to sketch and Google for image of chiffon blouses with laces. The great thing about chiffon that it is very soft and it fells right into place when you wear it, you know, so flow-ish. But, of course, you must wear lining for it too, and I get the best price for its lining - RM 10/meter (60 inches breadth). And I have also find some laces which is quite affordable.

Ok, I found several examples of blouses as below:





*pictures are from Google

So, the idea is something like that. I am not really good with detailing (neither I am with drawing  hehee!) , but I know, I want every blouse to have different design and detail. Not every blouse required lace, but I will design that it will be long to my above knee area and the breadth must be as wide as the material can be. So blouses with details at the sleeve area, lace along the end and once it is done, maybe I'll sew my own beads on top of it (if time permits, hehe!) So far, I have design five different blouses, I hope it turns out well, haha!

So, I sketched, hehe!

To incorporate the blouse to appropriate look, the next step is to find the right pants. I have realized that I am too dependent to jeans since I was young, and now, next year I'll be 28 years old, so it is about time to shift to more matured style. I think I will opt for Palazzo pants. The greatest thing about Palazzo is that it has wide leg cut. So, it does not `flaunt' your leg's shape. 

This one is from Pop Look. But, the waist measurement does not fit me.


Boho Lambada Pants in Blue
This one if from Chic Yamada @ Fashion Valet. Chiffon lining material. I have tried once at Isetan, damn it feels good, but way,way, way expensive. I am so saving money for this one piece.

I have one by Munawarah Design, it is made of cotton jersey, slightly  heavy  yet comfortable.

This one is from Bhaju @ Wangsa Walk. Lycra material, so cheap 3 pieces @ RM 100. (Please ignore the Philea Resort complimentary slippers, hehehe!)

I have sent the material to the tailor. But, I am still very much looking for better design (while I know she will not do anything with my kain for the next 2-3 weeks). So, why don't you guys give me input to better enhance my latest creation? Hehehe! I owe you guys a lot, and thank you in advance! ;p

Hanie Adzman


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