Monday, December 24, 2012

My generation

Have you guys heard on this Gen-X, Gen-Y and Baby Boomers' theory? Well, here in my current company, they acknowledge this theory while the management is trying to adapt and accommodate with these differences between the three groups/ generation. We have flexible working hour and smart casual Friday outwear, just to name a few initiative by the company.

Base on my reading on Wikipedia:

" The phrase Generation Y first appeared in an August 1993 Ad Age editorial to describe teenagers of the day, which they defined as different from Generation X, and then aged 12 or younger as well as the teenagers of the upcoming ten years.[1] Since then, the company has sometimes used 1982 as the starting birth year for this generation.[2] "Generation Y" alludes to a succession from "Generation X."
Millennials are sometimes called Echo Boomers, due to the significant increase in birth rates during the 1980s and into the 1990s. In America, the birth rate of the Echo Boom peaked in 1990. [3] Millennials are mostly the children of baby boomers or Gen Xers.[4][5][6][7] The 20th century trend toward smaller families in developed countries continued,[8][9]however, so the relative impact of the "baby boom echo" was generally less pronounced than the original boom."

Even the UN acknowledge the theory:

So, yes, most of us, (if you are about my age), we are the Gen-Y. We have different traits then the other two, and the traits are distinctively different. If you really look around you,  we are actually dealing with so many different traits. Even, now as an Human Resource personnel, I came to be sensitive towards this matter. If the same question posted to me by different generations, the way to answer the questions are not the same (even though, the answer is actually the same). And the hardest group of people to deal with is my group - the Gen Y.

Sometimes, my group of gen are too confident. They asked too many questions, sometimes are not related (sometimes I felt that they wanted to go against the policy too). I met with some people of my gen who resigned just because they don't like working office hour, or when they can't be working from the Starbucks during office hour. I have encounter some people who met the Senior General Manager just because they don't have their own desktop and working cubicle, 1 week after they reported duty. 

I also met some of my friends who quit their stable job to pursue their dreams. I have one friend who `temporary' quit working in one of the best attorney firm to do online business (and I heard he has started to received orders from other part of the countries, travelling overseas to find materials for his cloth). If you know Vivy and her husband from Fashion Valet, they are graduates from UK, and look what are doing now, selling cloth! (literally, hehe!). I knew another friend one mine, she quit her job at the most appealing pay, just to be with her kids and home school them. And if you are aware, there are so many people are doing online business, running part time wedding consultant business (be it preparing DIY pelamin, chocolate booth, sewing beads on wedding dresses, you name it!) etc. I guess, our generation focus on personal life (family, own dreams, own flexibility) that we aren't afraid to do something different from the rest. 

The same goes when we decided to operate our first laundry shop. My parent (as in ayah), he couldn't understand why do we have to open a laundry shop. He thought it is yet the time for us to do two things at one time, there will be too many responsible comes with it and all. But, now after 1 year, he has started to be more supportive and especially that we are moving to our second plan on this business next year and looking at how well the business now, alhamdulillah.

So, yes, we are different people and we work together despite the differences. But, I would like to highlight that no matter how different we are from any other people around us, practice respect to the rest. This is very important. It is a waste that you graduated with CGPA 4.0 in Oxford, but you do not know how to say thank you to other people who facilitate your daily work ( I met a lot of these people. Selagi tak dpt apa yang diaorg nak, they will called, emailed you every other day. Once dah dpt, thank you email pun tak nampak. So much for a good engineer). Or, you don't bang into you Senior General  Manager because you are not satisfied with what you are assigned to (SGM is the highest man in a division, ok, just right after the Vice President, ok?). There are many tactful ways to handle your daily hiccups, you know; which I think most of my gen people are still very lack in.

The materials are from Executive Office, Talent Management Team, United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund
New York Secretariat Headquarters

So, are you the multitasking Gen-Y? ;D

Hanie Adzman

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