Monday, December 24, 2012

What's in store?

Yes, 2012 has come to its end. Looking back to what I have personally achieved, I must said I am pretty satisfied with it.


2012 marked my second year of marriage with Hazeman. It has been wonderful, of course with some ups and downs. But if I may conclude, I couldn't asked for a better man to share this life with. He is not perfect, but completes me and sometimes he can read my mind, hehehe!

In getting pregnant, we are yet to conceive. Disappointed but that's Allah's grace. He gave us so many other wonderful things, but one this matter, He still put it uphold. Never mind, He knows the best.

Other than that, Mak (Hazeman's mother) left us in March. It was very fast and unexpected. Upon her leaving, we realized her lost was affecting many people. Some stuff better left unsaid.

The biggest step that I did in 2012 was making my way out of ISN to my current company. I was shocked with my own decision, of course but knowing myself, I really need to move as my time in ISN was nearing to 5 years and I am a person who does not appreciate establishment, doing the same thing for too long. It just does not work for me. So, here I am in Petronas for the fifth months.

Lavender Launderette mark its first year under our supervision and management. I couldn't believe myself that from only grumbling on the load of cloth that I have to wash and iron every weekend to Hazeman, it turned out to be our first step in establishing our own service business. I learnt a lot through out the way, and I am glad that we started this at a young age. 

So, what's in store for 2013? MANY!

I always looking forward for new challenge in life everyday. As January will be my confirmation month in Petronas, the long list of work definitely will double. Thank God my good Manager had successfully secured us a new admin clerk, which will be working with me closely. During our confirmation discussion,  she discussed on wanting me to her second hand (I guess that means, I am her third hand la,kan? ;p), as the eldest exec in our dept is leaving to another dept. So, yes, that's a new challenge for me. She specifically instructed that I have to know not only what's in my plate, but I must also know what's happening in others. So exciting!!! I will also be doing talent sourcing next year, so I guess it means my business trip and traveling episode will begin. Good luck, Hanie!


February will  be the month of our next step to expand our business. Being married to Hazeman, he always see opportunities. While we are on this page, he is already having something else in his head. The great thing about him is he always looking forward to share these opportunities with someone else. I am glad that he is surrounded with colleagues who have thought as his. You never know, one find day when he comes back from work, he might say that he already bought some cows to expand our business opportunities (not that he never mentioned this to me,ok?).  

March is Zharif's wedding month (we actually have two weddings this month, as my other cousin will also get married). So, we are handful with its preparation now and of course I am sort of the wedding planner. At this point of time, we have basically bought a few important stuff i.e. the wedding attires, hantaran stuff, bottle for the wedding favor (which we are yet to decide what shall be in it ;p) etc. We had already booked the dais, wedding card, catering and the wedding tent. And of course, the attire for the whole family members (including the aunties and cousins) are all sorted. Next, I must look for the decoration in front of the house, the favor - maybe cookies, tart nenas or I don't know, sweets? And not to forget, MUA for the brides. Checklist, checklist, checklist.

Ibu wants the same deco for Zharif's wedding, but yet I can find one..

We both decided 2013 must be the year that we buy our first property. Like I kept telling to ibu, we must own a property, either we will live in it or not, is another story. We have surveyed a few (obviously la,kan??), so April will be, inshaAllah, the month for our first big step in owning our own property. Why April? Mestilah sbb nak tunggu bonus, hahahah! InshaAllah, if everything goes well, our second dream will come true (first dream is to get pregnant, of course!)

Have you guys dream of going to Umrah at this young age? We have. Both Hazeman and I had talked about it since September. We think it is about time. Allah had granted so many of our wishes and what other form of appreciation should we show Him? Ibu and Ayah had booked their flight to Mecca on late May (during school holidays) and maybe we shall follow them too. InshaAllah...please pray for us.

The rest of the year, I have plan that:

i) We must go back to Kelantan every month. This is a must. We must plan our trip properly so that we don't end up driving back from Kelantan on Sunday night, and then we have to work the next morning (which happened to us last week; we reached KL at 6.00am and i went to office at 7.00 am. Thank God Hazeman was on leave). Beside, I love going back to Kelantan, going back to see the families and of course, the good food.

ii) We must plan when to visit Kuching. I missed Kuching so much! I miss the food, the people that I know from there, I miss Pasar Satok and Green House Cafe in Satok, I miss shopping at Serikin too. Kuching is the place where I learn so many things about Hazeman. We got to spend so much time together.  Remember, I traveled back and forth Kuching as soon as we got married in 2010? I will definitely keep looking for cheap tickets at Air Asia to Kuching. Let's hope for the best!

iii) I must at least get rating 2 for my overall performance of 2013. Hahaha! Gile tak? Nah, this is just something that Hazeman and I talked about when we had our morning jog (when time permits). He basically challenged me on what will I do (aside to my normal KPI) differently at my work, within my capability and eventually achieve rating 2. Hehehe! Well, everything starts with a dream! ;p

And of course, ultimately, we want to be pregnant by 2013. We will be 28 years old  and it is really the time. We both have discussed what's in plan, what are the choices and when and how to execute them one by one. InshaAllah, we just got to keep putting effort and never stop the prayer and don't lose faith towards each other. I see Hazeman putting every effort for this, and I will do the same as what are we working for today is basically for our children and of course for the rest of our family.

So,there you go, 2013's plan. May everyone have another fruitful year of 2013. Both Hazeman and I wish everyone a good yeah ahead! =)

Hanie Adzman


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