Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Philea Spa and Resort, Malacca

So, yes, I was super excited as I was invited to attend our division enablers away day. I talked about it everyday since last week, until Hajar (my office colleague) thought that I was crazy.

Anyway, we left slightly later than the rest of participants. We had last minute meeting that we had to attend, as the rest of enabler division left KLCC at 10 am. Hazeman was on annual leave and we had to go to Shah Alam first to run some laundry errands. Sharp at 10 pm, we left for Malacca.

We arrived at Philea nearly at 12 pm. Half closed eyes, we missed the entrance as it was right after Ayer Keroh tol. Arrived at the lobby, the committee left my door key at the receptionist. So, they brought a buggy to drive us to our room and we parked our car right at the parking area.

Once we arrived at our door, the buggy driver left us and our room was on the second floor. We both were so tired and I was so excited to get inside our room.So, we tried to open the door with the magnetic door key, unfortunately, it could not open. Wah! Such an awful way to start our much anticipated stay. I called the receptionist, requesting for an assistant on this matter.

5 minutes later, an assistance came with his master key, yet the door could not open. Hazeman was very cool (yalah, nak marah-marah pun, not the door will be magically open). The assistance requested for a new room since after his repeatedly effort, the door is yet to open. So, we got into the buggy again, and he sent us to out new room. Alhamdulillah, this time, the door successfully open, yay!

Ok, I was impressed with the interior. The special thing about Philea is it is the biggest resort made out of pine log. So, the rest of its interior was made of wood. The bath room, it consist of both bath tub and also shower. Along our ride to our room, we saw swimming pool and a short man made river. So yes, the design was very phenomenal. Two sleepy heads slept like no body's business until morning.       




The next morning, after we performed our Subuh, I had my bath, some one knocked on our door. We thought it was the bed maker or someone is sending the newspaper, to our surprise, it was our `neighbor' from downstairs. She complained that the moment we moved in, we made significant noise which intolerable to them. I was shocked as there were just two of us, and if it was too noisy, it must be our footstep noise. But, being civilized neighbor, we apologized for the mishaps and I basically tiptoed when I wanted to move around the room. Later, Hazeman discovered that they had provided us with slippers to be worn in the room to minimize the sound which effecting the other neighbors.  

So, I had already felt uneasy about our stay, at the same time, I was glad that we had stayed on the second floor. We left for breakfast at 8.30am, as my first break up session is at 9.00 am. I am not a picky eater, as long as ada pancake (read : lempeng), I am generously fine. On the other hand, Hazeman was not impressed with the food. He kept saying the food was plain, nothing extra ordinary and not appetizing. I guess, he had a high expectation as he was wow-ed with Philea interior and design.

Our first enabler session is basically to align every enable department of our division's mission and goal. I am so glad that I attended this session because it provides me with better understanding of how we the enablers had to work hand in hand to reach our divisional target and KPI. One thing that I adore about my current company is how we had always discuss, plan and execute on how to enrich the rest of the internal equity. And that is the reason why our internal equities are marketable. We finished the whole session at 6.00 pm with a feeling that by next year, I will be able to be the next engineer,hahaha!

Once we finished, I walked around the resort. True, it was astonishing! I visited the Spa, which was right in front of my cottage door. I didn't get to visit for any treatment because we had to prepare for out BBQ dinner.

That night, we had our BBQ dinner. Habis diet ku! Ruined! And I won a lucky draw, hahah! A Parkson's voucher! (so you know where will you find me this Friday during my lunch hour ;p). Hazeman still felt the food was plain and he does not seemed to enjoy his food.

Saturday came, it is our last day in Philea. We walked around the area, admiring on how much was spent to build this place. We were sure that the investors were anticipating a fast turn over as we seriously thought that they were spending lavishly both on the exterior and interior.

Overall, I had a wonderful stay in Philea (Hazeman said it was average). Despite some of the unexpected shortcomings, I thought they deserve credits on trying to facilitate the guest to feel at home. They arrived 5 minutes after we called them, they offered us to get on their buggy when they saw us walking around the resort area, they booked table for you when they saw you wondering for tables during meal time; I mean, to me that is already the best hospitality a resort can offer. I even saw a couple of bride and groom getting married in the resort. So, I guess we shall appreciate the beauty of the resort too.

On the other hand, they can improved on the food. I guess, it is true. A pleasant stay must be accompanied with good food (you know la, this Malaysian people,kan? Makan, makan, makanan ;p). I would also appreciate if they can counter the lalat attendance in the Nusantara dining area. I even smell some funny staff  around the pond area but I can tell that the same smell comes from pond yang dah lama tak dicuci. And yes, I saw two frogs yang mati katak along the way (which represent how near we are to the nature once you are in Philea, hehe!)

Anyway, Philea resort is a good gateway for the weekends. But make sure, you wear the provided slippers if you stay on the second floor! ;D

Hanie Adzman 

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