Monday, December 26, 2011


Yup, Hazeman and I. We are two totally different creatures.

For starter;

HE IS TALL and I am short ;p

I am hopeless romantic, he is, err..em, romantic in practical way? ;p

I siap beli bunga for his convocation, he didn't even attend mine, ok? Ok, we were not married when I convo

And look where is the bouquet now?

Nah! Doesn't matter..

He gave me this when I complained yang I was so tired with house laundry

So, I am not complaining

Plus, he got me this for half price...

And, he said " Sayang, kita takkan cerita psl Coach or Longchamp dan yang seangkatan dengannya for the next 3 years kan?" So much for practicality.

He is a patient person, I am so much for, I-want-it-done-now-and-right-away person.

Apa lagi? I like durian, mangggis, laksa, spaghetti, and the list goes on. Hazeman? He dislikes all my likings!

Whenever I tag him on my FB post...

He never care to reply!! Siap ckp " Sayang tau password FB abg,kan? Abg izinkan syg log on and reply post tu on my behalf." What the...


I was so over the moon when he voiced his intention to marry me back in 2010 because when I was in my schooling years, I had no secret admirer, what's more a boyfriend (I guess I was not pretty nor attractive,hahahaha! [nervous laugh]). So, when Hazeman first approach me with a box of Cadburry chocolate, I was overwhelmed; yet preserving my feelings (because I don't think he likes me, I thought he was just being polite  since he knew my birth date); that when he popped up THE question, I was like, "Yay!!!! Finally, ada juga org nak kawin dgn aku!!!Hahahaha!!" And...I ignored the differences that we had; which I had noticed throughout our friendship years.

Now, after nearly two years being married to Housemen Mohd Hazeman Zakaria, I discovered we had so much more, NOT IN COMMON.

He drives slow, I drive fast, he eats fast, I eat slow, I like jeans, he likes khakis. Again, the list goes on.

The way we settle problems pun differ significantly.

But again,..

Is it so important that he likes what I like? That he turns out to be a man that I always wanted more than he should be allowed to be himself whenever he around me? Plus, isn't that what marriage is all about? Adapting to differences, bertolak-ansur,  smile when you are mad, pretend like you like one thing that you don't, etc etc etc. Besides, isn't that one of wives' duty to keep their husbands' dignity and honor at the highest level? At least, that's what my mom says.

So, whenever Hazeman was not on the same page as I did, and it upsets me, I will turn and remember, he is the man that I vowed on the 27th March 2010 to marry and live for the rest of my life and not to mention, he has never complained on my weakness what's more on my `shortcomings', so, I guess, I should do the same.

Beside, it is not about what marriage can provide you with, but how much you can contribute to a marriage that it will make lot of differences.

 Seronok jadi pengantin,kan? ;p

Hanie Adzman

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