Thursday, December 29, 2011

We are moving

Yes, if you haven't heard, we're moving to Malacca soon. Just to get a new fresh air.

We have even got a house there, to settle in.

Just a quick tour in our humble nest..

The first living room, we kept it very minimal since we thought it should be a foyer/entrance to the house.

Small kitchen, since there will only the two of us.

Since Hazeman thinks that we really want and need good real fresh air, we insist to have a good nice jacuzzi space next to our dining room (and also to our master bedroom; to the right).

Alhamdulillah, we were also able to space a swimming pool in the house.

The master bedroom, only fits our bed and attached is a closet room.

Just thought to finish the touch, we have a Bali style wash roon; whereby it has a look out window from our Cleopatra bed.


In my dream!

Hanie Adzman

p/s- You can have this house too. Call A Famosa Resort and request for their HONEYMOON SUITE. It is more that worth it! =)

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