Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Premium Beautiful: SM/SSM Seminar

Teruja! When my leader CDM Maisarah and CDM Hanis announced that the 2nd SM/SSM seminar was to be conducted on December. I have always had great teaching and guidance from both DSM Dr Tahirah and CDM Maisarah, but this seminar is more exciting sebab semua CDM and CDM to be soon will share their experience and give detailed explanations on related topics and discussion.
Was suppose to be there with, Faiez, but she got gastric and Kak Yani wasn’t able to make it since her brother in law nak bernikah hari tu, so, I was alone there, but nothing could stop me from achieving my dream. I left house at 6.30 am because I need to stop by Nor’s house, my tailor since my baju that I was suppose to wear to this seminar is still with her.
So, kelam-kabut drive from her house, masuk DUKE, to Eastin Hotel. Sampai 7.45 am. Terus daftar, dapat `name tag’ (since I was alone, name tag ni sgt membantu utk approach other other biz partners). I buka my note book, start salin note for both Faeiz and Kak Yani. Fokus habis ni ;p

First session by CDM Razali. Sumpah, he’s a funny man. How does CDM Hanis stands him everyday? ;p But, anyhow, from his session, it gives us proper direction of where are we heading on 2012. If we were targeting to be a DSM, when is the final month to achieve this target. (p/s- I am so a DSM on MARCH!)

Second session, by CDM Salha. Mind you, semua speaker hari tu are educated people tau! CDM Razali was an engineer, CMD Salha was a degree holder of Business Administration. CDM Salha talk was on name list and networking. Since our biz is using network (i.e. FB and blog), she was all out ckp tentang mcmana nak buat name list, and utk upgrade FB profile and blog. And, she gave me; personally a better understanding on kepentingan name list and I must upgrade my FB and blog, supaya nampak professional and presentable. (Terus text a fren yg hubby dia buat photography, nak ambil personal picture yang nampak lebih proper)
Third one was by my dearest CDM Maisarah. A topic on BERKONGSI. A great topic and presented by a great presenter. She eventually gave me idea, when, how to follow up after each sponsoring session. The best part was, kalau prospect tak mahu, tak payahla sampai putus kawan, berkawan mcm biasa, kita cuma berkongsi peluang kan? =) Kak Mai also has degree in Civil engineering!
Next, was from DDM Sha Khalid. Walau pun belum CDM, tapi the way she presented, sangat berkeyakinan. Bila dgr DDM Sha bercakap, lagi la I felt that I have chosen the right group to do the biz. Kalau a DDM blh presented as such, I have no doubt, CDM Hanis has molded her to be a great leader.
Lunch was nice..tp sejak pakai PB, makan tak blh banyak sgt, cpt kenyang ;p
Then the moment we all have been waiting, the presentation by CDM Hanis. A great topic on DREAM. Yes, if you dare to dream, you will work to achieve it. Before she started her speech, she asked us to list what are our dreams, so, I listed:
      (a) Hutang kredit kad 2011 = RM 0 on 31st December 2011

      (b) DSM by March
      (c) Deposit rumah by August
      (d) Belikan hubby a car, kesian dia, keja susah, pakai kancil je
      (e) Income 2012 RM 20k
Gila tak my dream? But,hey, what the heck, dream big, and walk the talk! I rasa sgt inspired with CDM Hanis yang ditinggalkan upline, bangun semula, work hard and now earning more than RM 200k monthly! She started this biz to be a networking biz, and now there are nearly 300 SM/SSM under her, if that is not an achievement to be proud of, I pun tak tau nak cakap apa. She is really inspiring! And yes, she has a degree in engineering too!
On and on, this one day seminar was a success! I semakin confident nak pursue this biz and pursue my dreams. Nothing is impossible, and it is unstoppable.
This biz is easy because we have leaders who guide us; we have personal touch session every other weeks and siap ada kelas lagi. Biz mana dlm dunia ni yg ada benda-benda mcm ni? So, takde alasan utk tak join and tak berjaya dlm biz ni. If it is, salah diri sendiri, yang taknak conquer rasa takut dan tak confident dgn diri sndr…


pics credit to CDM Maisarah

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