Thursday, March 8, 2012

January and February 2012

I have been going through a lot throughout January and February.

January, I was so busy with my Master research proposal. I had to look for suitable supervisor and core supervisor. Alhamdulillah, I found both at one time, and now, the real hard work begins, have to apply for study grants and to submit my application for the study to UPM. Let’s pray and work for the best as in, UPM, here I come………! again,hahahah!

Yes, my Master study will involve the sunshine vitamin- Vitamin D! =)

Then, January was the last month for Vietnam qualifying. Unfortunately, the date that I was suppose to leave for Vietnam; I had already been assign to one pameran in Putrajaya. The best part was, all of sudden, the pameran was canceled, and the submission for Vietnam was also closed at the same time. I guess, it was not my rezkh but I had fun throughout the process and now I am fighting for Guangzhou! We are leaving for Guangzhou on June and I hope it won’t clash with a conference that I plan to attend in Kelantan on the same month, hahaha! I envy those business partners who are doing this business full time as they have ample time to manage their own schedule =( I hope my time will come soon, I know it will!
I am heading this way, people. Come and follow me! ;pz

January was also the month I had to attend to both my assistant submissions for their PEMUTIHAN process. This was the craziest process ever!! You have no idea how hard and terrible it was to deal with the JABATAN! No, I am not going to brag about this, but the conclusion to my journey was, try as much as possible to avoid dealing with them. From “ Saya akan hubungi puan semula” to   
“Sepatutnya puan yang call saya”, I hope this will be the first and the very last time that I have to deal with them.
At the same time, since January is the first month of 2012 (of course…), Hazeman and I were also submitting quotations to other stakeholders (i.e. nearby factories, spa etc) to look for more contracts and business opportunities. So, emailing quotations, follow-ups and the rest of stories.

February, I took 11 days of annual leave. My mother in law, Mak, suddenly fell sick, she had difficulties to breathe, to move and first ultrasound showed her liver was swelling and had liquid in it. I did notice that she had sort of bengkak at her abdomen area, but she said it was nothing serious and it has been so for the past 4-5 years. So, we coaxed her to be hospitalized for detailed check up and to start her antibiotic treatment on the 17th February; upon her agreement, and then she was put into ICU on the 21st February for closer monitoring and she had to breathe with the assistant of CPap, which mean she can’t breathe by herself. Hazeman and I stayed in Kelantan from the 22nd February to 26th February, bergilir-gilir with other siblings to look after her; even when she was in ICU. She could basically talked and eat and we told her that she needed to recover since many people who came to visit her were giving her money and we can spend the money by traveling, heheheh! We left Kelantan that Sunday since she seemed very stable and Hazeman had to sort his housemen period which left about 3 weeks. On the 27th Monday,  Kak Long called us in the evening saying that Mak’s blood pressure dropped critically upon intubates process and the physician asked the whole family to be prepared. Hazeman and I catch Air Asia last flight to Kota Bharu and went straight to HUSM. As Hazeman is a doctor himself, he knew that if a person blood pressure dropped drastically and the person had all five drugs inserted into him to keep him alive, it was already the time. Mak intended to pass away at her house, so that was what the family did for her. As soon as Hazeman and I reached her bed, Abg Andee (Hazeman’s second brother whom also a doctor- general surgeon) said that they are taking her home by ambulance and if Hazeman felt satisfied by getting to see Mak for the very last time. All machines was taken off from Mak, and Hazeman was bagging her; himself. (Bagging as in a manual balloon thing; being pumped manually to help Mak breathing until we reach home).
Onto the ambulance, to Pengkalan Chepa, Hazeman taught Mak to recite syahadah; continuously. Hazeman said Mak was sweating on her forehead and as soon as we reached MRSM Pengkalan Chepa, Mak had her tears out. We reached home, laid her on her mattress, Abg Andee took off all the left over tubes and shots, and she was pronounced dead on 11.45 pm; in her house, among her families as she wished. Mak was buried 10 am, Tuesday, 28th February at Bongol, Kota Bharu; at her hometown together with her mother and other siblings; she was rest aside to his elder brother, near to her mother.

I must say that it was my lost since I had to know Mak for only two years. Along the time, she was the coolest mother in law anyone could ever had. We called each other every week, she would order tudung from Munawarah when she had new baju kurung, and her favorite cookie was the butter cookies. We would always exchange stories and thoughts which all and all made me the happiest daughter in law. Ok, let’s stop here before we had more tears.

There you go, my 2012 starting months. Time flies so fast; that we couldn’t wish the time will slow down to our need. I always intend to do and reach more in the coming months and times, and may all success, prosperity, happiness be with us. Do not forget to perform QUALITY solat everyone, since Allah never forget us and always remind ourselves about death. It will definitely facilitate us to be better Muslim and Muslimah =)

She personally choosed blue for our Kelantan reception

On the E-day..

Miss you, Mak…

Hanie Adzman


  1. Masters yayyyy!!!!! Congratulations in advance. ;D