Sunday, March 18, 2012

Catching up + Maya's big day! =)

Owh, Pija, Oya and I, we love to reminisce memories of Bestari 4 when we were in Science Muar. We could talked for hours and we didn't realise that we need to stop,hehehe!

This afternoon, we did the same thing. Cekidaut!!!

And, look who has been hitched!!

It's our own, Summayyah!!! Yay!!Isn't she lovely?? I love her Baju kurung moden so much! So flawless, as flawless as her skin!! ;p

And look, who did we stumbled upon..

Yes, the whole loads of Samurian!! =) Such nice people to bump into. Totally, made me felt at 17 years old,hehehehe!

Owh yes, guess what we got for Maya and her husband, Hafiz,hehehehe!


Hahahahah! Happy cooking,Maya!!! ;p We know we make Hafiz one happy man now!

Owh, let me focus to the picture in Maya's card..

Yes, the good old days which made me realised I miss all of you..

Hanie Adzman

Pics credit to Fizha and Maya

p/s 1- Please apologize my blog's design. I have yet to finis the whole re-designing thing,hehehe!

p/s 2 - Please ignore my first attemp with Numa. It goes with LOAD (not lots) of training ;p

p/s 3 - I am so going to upload all Bestari 4's pics in my possession!

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