Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dig, analyze, share and respect.

Yes, many times in life we frequently judge a person or a situation from one source; or the hearsays. Bad enough that we do not take the time to read through the relevant sources; or to analyze the situation; we label and simply pinpoint fingers verbally or non-verbally to the relevant (or irrelevant) people.

When Hazeman and I started to invest in gold, we only read the pamphlets provided by the bank. And we took it that they were able to provide all the info we needed. We invested in gold book account, and a week later when we read one reliable entry by Ustaz Zaharudin in his blog (mind you we did not read from `unreliable’ source i.e. individual with no Islamic banking education and practiced background), we realized that gold book account is prohibited for it’s akad is not clear; as in when we buy physique gold, the akad is clear – We give you RM xxx for xx gram of gold. But, with gold book account, (this is the copy from Ustaz Zaharuddin’s post)
·         HARAM DAN BATAL : Jika emas itu belum berada dalam pemilikan bank dan hanya akan dibeli daripada pihak ketiga dalam majlis transaksi yang berasingan. Urusniaga pembukaan akaun itu telah menjadi HARAM dan tidak SAH, kerana pihak bank telah menjual emas yang tiada di dalam miliknya dan juga kerana riba telah berlaku apabila tiadanya elemen ‘Taqabud fil Majlis' (serah terima dalam satu masa), sebarang penangguhan membawa kepada Riba an-Nasiah.
Kesimpulan ; pastikan emas yang ingin dijual mestilah berada dalam pemilikan pihak bank tersebut.
      HARAM DAN BATAL : Iaitu jika emas BELUM atau TIDAK diterima serta-merta ketika membuka akaun pelaburan emas itu.
 And that is why we quit from the gold book account investment; and yes we had some kerugian. The point is we have to always find the most reliable source, analyze, share and respect. Respect other people’s choice if they still want to go for the gold book account.

I was interviewed by Lisa Goh from The News Strait Times  THE STAR for a featured last Sunday with regards to my interest in investing in gold,hehehe!

This is a 20 g gold wafle. Yes, you can actually get it from different jewellery shop and they basically produce their own 999 gold. So, you can actually get the highest composition of gold unlike the bracelet, rings etc. Basically, Tomei has KLCC wafle bar, we have Pump Suisse, which an international recognize wafle etc.

 Move on to, Nadirah (@Dirang)’s case. Yes, the whole Malaysian is very shock with the news. It reminded us to Nurin Jazlin, very much kan? (May her soul rest in peace). And, as I was driving on the Tuesay  morning, Hot fm had this news as their topic for discussion. Of course, everyone is outrage with the killer(s), and every caller start to bang the killer. But, but, before that, do you know most psychotic, serial killers dan yang seangkatan dgnnya are actually abused and abandon kids once?  That while they were growing up, they did not go through a normal journey like most of us did. And who would know that these people are actually our school mates, our neighbors and they could be among our family members. But, for we have been ignorant, tak mau jaga tepi kain orang, we had actually indirectly contributed to the existence of these people who we are referring as `bad people’. If we only had called the police when we heard them scream, if only we offer them shoulder when they cried at the back of the canteen during recess time instead giving unwanted look, and if only we help them to meet the counselor in school, things could have been different. So, did we dig, analyze, share and respect? Not to respect them as the `bad people’, but respect them so that we can actually provide them with necessary help (i.e. seeing psychiatric etc). But, if the killer(s) is normal man, as in waras, please, dear Sir, tolonglah minta ampun to the respective family(s). If we have sins towards Allah, we can ask for forgiveness from Him; and InsyaAllah, Allah is the most forgiving. But, if we have sins towards human beings, then from them we have to seek for forgiveness.                   

The same goes to when we heard a man is marrying a second wife. Cepat je nak melenting kan? Hehehe! (That includes me, ok?). Added to that, if the man is our best friend’s husband, our brother in law or any men that are related to us, and we do not see any logical explanation why he should marry to another wife; we would make a conclusion for them – Gatal! Dasar lupa diri, isteri tu yang susah-susah dgn dia dulu, dah senang, cari lain- you know that sort of thing. But, why don’t we open our heart and mind- what if the man marries to a widow, with some children? What if the man marries to a woman, yang dah lanjut umur, and she is actually well off, financially, and she only intends to menumpang kasih-sayang, and she needs a man to protect her? Or he marries to a woman who needs real protection? Just laying out some probabilities; but there must be a reason why Allah allows the men to marry up to 4 wives, kan? I am just saying this, but if this happens to me, I would need a very long time to accept (will I be able to accept?) and redha; I guess.

One example of I can think of. UAI.
                The reason why I had this entry is because I have always working on self-positivity. I wanted to be able to analyze a situation and a person; before I say my comments (or rather will I keep my comments). I wanted to stop being judgmental, by hearing from only one source, because every coin has two face; so is every story.
p/s- Do you guys actually acknowledge that there is a proper guideline by JAKIM for multilevel (MLM) business to be conducted in Malaysia? Just thought you would like to know. You know, before you say your comments? =)


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