Monday, March 19, 2012

Be in the right group

Last weekend, I attended the Exclusive Business Meeting (EBM) at the Women's Management Institute in TTDI. This is a free class provided by our CDM Hanis Haizi's team which included all business partners of CDM Maisarah Ibrahim, CDM Razali Zain and CDM Salha Zain.

Don't let me describe the audience. There were many people and everyone was excited with the speeches and information provided by all speakers. So, who says this business is to be handled alone? Every step you take is guided (or else, I will not reach two levels in the business in one month,kan? )

Yes, we are being guided all the way through the journey. Mind you, this is not the usual class @ B32 stokis in Batu Caves. This is an exclusive meeting of Hanis Haizi's group. How I am glad to be in most righteous group!


Today, Faiez, Kak Yani and I had our own EBM. Yup, at my house, breakfast provided by Ibu, hehehe! Cool tak my mum? ;p We run through our targets, revised our name list and how to expand our networking. I basically provided all the info that I got from the previous EBM. Yup, this business is all about working together. Mcm Liverpool punye cogankata, You'll never walk alone,hahaha! =)


Yes, be in the right group is very important. Many people have encounter to wrong group which ended with frustration. But, hold our hands, we'll get you through, TOGETHER! =)

Owh, yes, I have new business partners during the EBM! ;p

Hanie Adzman