Sunday, October 2, 2011

I have challenged myself, have you?

Yes, I am not a brave person. I am very timid, sometimes I am not confident with myself. One thing that always holding me back was I was afraid that I said wrong thing at wrong time, hence the low self confidence.

But as I grow older, I figured I can't stay that way forever. I did take some steps that even my parents didn't think I was able to do. I learn that if I didn't make the first step, I wouldn't know what will the sequential steps promise me.

The first step that I took with the intention to challenge myself was: Leaving Sekolah Aminuddin Baki (SAB) (when I was in Form 4) for Sekolah Menengah Sains Muar (SAMURA). Leaving SAB was like leaving the whole stable, fun, exciting teenage life with a group of amazing friends (Fadil, Noi, Nanim, Sha, Eda, Sharmi, Aira, Nadia) + a totally cool Kuala Lumpur school environment.

They were on my w-day

SAMURA  was on the other hand, secluded in Muar, The Store was the only shopping mall existed, I thought I would never enjoy myself as it was; you know, a typical boarding school (with strict rules and different social environment). But, in the end, I met a group of friends (reads: my dormates, Pija, Oya, Lana, Jus, Su and Mayyah) that I adore, and up til right now, I would have to thank SAMURA to bring out the best in me. I have became independent, more religious (if I may say- I don't know that when we wear hijab, mesti labuh smp bawah dada, SAMURA thought me that), athletic, and the most important was rationale. I had a very good bonding with everyone in my batch, that even when we weren't exactly talking back in SAMURA, we still very much have the sense of belongings. How I am honored to be part of SAMURA Batch 19 =)

                                   Last year reunion of dormates =)

                                                                           Zaman gonjeng,hahaha!

p/s- Next year we will hold our reunion of post 10 years after SAMURA. Can't wait! I hope I am already pregnant since most of them had already children ;p

The second decision that I took which I have considered as a challenge was joining the UPM English debate team. Yes, I was the only first year student in the team of 10 people, one out of three Malay (the only Malay girl in fact!). It was not easy, at all. Firstly because I don't speak English fluently (then what the heck am I doing there??!!), secondly, the whole team was a very, em, how should I say this correctly, hem..`open'? As in they are a very social group of people. Me on the other hand, every day at 6.30pm, mesti dah sampai rumah. I don't have nightlife and I don't go clubbing. I don't blame them, you know. I mean, the environment that they have to fit in when they travel overseas for competition enforced them to go such way. Thirdly, it was very hard as I was very much struggling with studies ( no wonder I didn't get to do medicine, buat nutrition pun suffering ;p). I had to keep reading for good informative materials for my debate content, at the same time, I had to juggle all the notes, presentations, journal searching, reports, etc,etc. But, at the end of the day, by joining this team, I have really build myself confidence. I was able to give speech, talk and deliver classes to anyone; any groups, and that was how I had the courage to become master of ceremony (MC-emcee) for the past 4-5 years at any events (be it monthly assembly, conferences, symposium, lecture series). Majlis kawin je yang belum lagi,hehehe! I have two friends whom requested me to be their emcee before, tp ada je halangan..

                                                          A true idol, Wan Zaleha Radzi

Third choices was decided to be a Sports Nutritionist in ISN. At 2007, graduating from UPM, I didn't really think what to do after that. I basically submit resume to everywhere, related and not related fields (because my father asked me to do so). A group of officers from ISN (at that time was MSN), came to interview chosen individuals for that post. I was chosen (but I assumed that they choose me for the sake nak cukupkan kuota je,hahahah!). Went to the second and third interview @ MSN, I reported myself in as Youth and Sports Officer- Sports Nutritionist on the 1st Nov 2007. To be accepted was very hard, to start working was also hard. What do you think, a fresh grad of nutrition (not sports nutrition pun), to advice athletes and coaches of top international level, do you think they even hear your voice? Nadaa..It took a long while for my voice to be heard = work,work,work hard!! Outstations, weekend attachments, night education classes, morning hydration assessment, food monitoring, research, reports, you name it! I didn't know how did I survive, but ISN really brought the very best and critical in me. And I am glad that I have them, who stand by me..

We have been together for 4 years, dari bujang smp dah kawin (Eh, Kak So, next year kawin,hehehe!)

It is amazing how Allah planned and determined everything for each one of us, kan?

I am very much looking forward for more challenges to come. I really do hope, even though there will be hiccups here and there,I really want to go through it gracefully as I did with previous challenges. I know I am looking forward for a new challenge this 1st November; and currently pun I am challenging myself to do something that I have never done- selling Premium Beautiful corset.

So, readers, tell me, what are the challenges that you went through. For all you know, your stories  will inspire others and motivate them to go beyond their self limit.


p/s- Challenges yang paling dibenci:

                     Naik rollercoaster!! Fafa and Kak So punya pasal la ni! ;p

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