Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Berpantang dgn Premium Beautiful! =)

Puan-puan and puan-puan (sebab lelaki tak mengandung,kan?;p)

Presenting you, berpantang dengan Premium Beautiful!!!

This is Kak Mai, one of my collegue. She has started with Premium Beautiful 6 years ago, before she even married. And look how it works on her (and of course, on you! =)

As soon as giving birth, mestilah nampak baby hump lagi, kan?

3 months after berpantang dengan Premium Beautiful as her bengkung

A few months later...

And now, she is...

p/s- Hot Mummy with 3 anak, ok?? ;p

Yes, ladies, it does work as bengkung during confiment juga! =) How berjimat is that? Buy 1, guna sebelum kawin, selepas bersalin and all the way, for your own health and beauty benefits!

Call me to get your set soon! =)


pics: credit to Dear Kak Mai =)

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