Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Hahahah! No, I am not pregnant, YET! ;p But, yes I have few cravings lately that must be endured within this few days,hahaha! (Bi, plz be ready,hahaha!)

I hope I will look as radiant as Sazzy when I am pregnant ;p

1) Craving for Tutti Frutti RED VELVET
- I have come to know Tutti Fruti since my first visit to the Franchise Exposition in PWTC back in Sept if I am not mistaken. Cari peluang utk start own biz la konon ;p Browse thru the provided brochure and listened to the exec from TF, wah, RM 500K to start  your own TF outlet!!! Mak tak cukup duit nyah, bergolok gadai la kalau nak own one outlet ;p Exec TF bagi one small cup of Original Yogurt, trus jatuh cinta. Now every one week, mesti kena makan TF, esp Red Velvet. (Bankrup la hubby I...;p)

2) Craving for new watch
- I have lived without a watch for nearly 3 months. A Bonia as my 21st birthday present from my parents, my father bought two watches, the same design for both my mum and I (mine and my mom's birthday berselang hari je, me 2/9, she 4/9). I lost it tak tau kat mana. And I thought, never mind, I still have my hp as my watch but there was this one day I left my hp @ home, ya Allah, that was the hardest day in my life sbb it so to happen jam kat my desktop @ the office pun rosak, sibuk tanya Kak So and Fafa, `What is the time now' every half an hour,hahahah! Maybe it is about time to look for a new watch (My to do list- Cari jam murah je sbb nak tggu jam mahal tapi free from stokis nnt ;p)

3) Craving for masak lemak
-Last 2 weeks, I went to Nini's wedding reception (one of my office mate) in Senawang. Unlike other typical Malay reception, she served us 1) Nasi putih/Nasi minyak, 2)Kari daging, 3) Ayam goreng 4) Ulam and the best dish was 4) PUCUK PAKU MASAK LEMAK!!!! wah!! the best masak lemak I have ever tasted, then she served ikan masin, lagi la, menambah selera si tembam Hanie,hahahah! Now, I am a big fan of masak lemak (even I dont eat pucuk paku, but the gravy is as good as it tastes)

Bagi teaser skit.. ;p

Last but not least,jeng!jeng! ;p

4) Yeza...my ever Coach Madison Maggie Leather 17

- I have been eyeing for this one since last year lagi, it was black at that time. Last night @ KLCC outlet, ada navy blue, and TINGGAL 2 je! Tension! period!

Saya rasa hanya itulah craving saya untuk bulan ini. Semoga suami saya, si busy HO itu membaca nukilan ini (hahahahaahh! ;p)

Love Hanie

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