Friday, October 14, 2011

Me and books.. =)

I love reading! Yes, I mmg suka membaca, tak habis ayat lagi...membaca NOVEL! ;p Hahaha!

My father thought me to read since I was 4-5 years old. He gave me this little card of two alphabets i.e. B A =BA ; C A =CA. Then, when I have started kenal huruf and boleh pronouns what I spelt, he gave me daily newspaper to read, selalunya Berita Harian la. So, I basically dah start baca suratkhabar when I was in Standard 1. Alhamdulillah, with the capability to read, I started wearing hijab when I was in Standard 2. How did it happen? Remember back in 1992, ada kejadian objek di langit? It was reported in all local newspaper and I was reading that section. Nanti, if I google and stumbled upon related article, I'll post it here. But, basically, during this kejadian, and it was vivid in my mind, there were like objects in the sky, nampak mcm wayang showing gambar orang kena potong lidah, orang tergantung and yang paling captured my view was gambar a woman yang rambutnya dibakar. And I asked my mom, why is this so. And my mum said "Kalau kita tak pakai tudung and tak jaga aurat, nanti di akhirat, rambut kita akan dibakar dengan api neraka"'. That very evening juga both mum and I pergi Pasar Keramat looked for tudung sekolah sbb I was crying takut rambut kena bakar. The next day, I went to school with my head covered with hijab and my pocket money raised from 60 cents to RM 1.00,hehehe! I guessed my parents were very proud of me ;p Then slowly I wear hijab even when I left my house, pergi shopping mall ke, visit family ke etc.

Ok, move on. Starting from there, my parents would always took me to Dewan Bahasa @ Ulu Klang and Minerva Jln TAR, let me choose Malay story books  for me to read. At that time, mana ada Ain Maisarah ke, all those writers for young Malay readers. So, most of the books yang I read were Enid Blyton story books translated to Malay macam, ala, I have forgotten la, haaa, Adik Beradik Hadi, Sekolah Sri Mawar, those are translated version of Enid Blyton. I have tons of those. Siap boleh bagi pinjam dengan cousin-cousin yang lain. And yes, ada cousins yang called me Hanie Buku. *AKK heheheh!

Moved on to Standard Six, UPSR year. And we have to do English Paper 2, right? In that paper, they gave some pics then write few related sentences. And my English teacher, Pn Aziah noticed that I had problems with that part. So, she told my mum to get me some English reading materials. (Mom was my class teacher from Standard 4-6). For starter, Pn Aziah gave me `Sweet Valley' story books. She gave me few of her daughters' story books, and I started reading VERY slowly. Kena selalu tgk kamus, then I would read the meaning of words yang I didn't understand on top of the English words. So, my English has improved and Teacher Aziah was happy ;p She even gave me some of her imported magazines (that's how I knew Princess Diana and her two handsome princes ;p). From there, every month, I would go to Minerva, tunggu new batch of Sweet Valley, which cost me RM 8.90/book,hehehe!
I missed these books..

From there, I started reading Reader's Digest. Mum subscribe monthly as Teacher Aziah told her to `upgrade' the standard of my English reading materials, give me something with knowledge too. But I find it rather boring,hahaha! So, diam-diam, I bought Sweet Valley High, the continuity of Sweet Valley Middle School. Smp la I finish boarding school.


Now, dah matang sikit, I started to read Malay love novels pulak.  Then my mum pun started to buy all these Malay novels, Ahadiat Akashah la, Anis Sofea, dan yang seangkatan dengannya ;p But seriously, bahaya la baca Malay love novels ni, because:

1) You will hope to find the same man as the character in the novel i.e. handsome, kaya, romantik, Wah!! where can u find such guys ??
2) You feel like to name all future children by the name of the character,hahaha!
3) You become so focus with the novel, until you feel lazy nak buat benda lain ;p

Dan sebagainya,hahaha!

But, it is not the novels' fault, you just have to manage your time.

But, this 2-3 years back, I didn't read any of the novels anymore, to forgo the idea of I will be like happily ever after, married to the most perfect man in the world; cukupla I am married to a man that completes me. And I have only read novels by Norhayati Berahim. I find her novels are very different from the rest in the market. She would not only write on love story, she would also give her perspective about life from different point of view. She would give you so many other knowledge from how do Human Resource is practiced in Malaysia to how the shipment industry runs so well in Malaysia on to how civil and syariah law in practiced in Malaysia. I mean, it is so interesting, that indirectly you would have more knowledge on other field.

Disebabkan dah lalai dgn novel Bahasa Melayu, my English writing has become very, very rusty ;p I mean, read my blog writing, worst in the world ;p Sorry Teacher Aziah, I'll improve from reading journals, later,hahaha!

It was so much fun with reading. There were times when I ate very slow, because I am reading while eating, and I find it very satisfying. While other people running in the field, I would read (but in SAMURA, this is very impractical sbb semua org `dipaksa' utk bersenam; that after a couple of weeks, I felt it's a must to be physically active ;p). And basically, this is how I have started to speak English fluently (takde la fluent sgt, tp blhla..).  But basically, it starts with reading. Bak kata pepatah, a word a day, take the `Kelas Pemulihan' away,hahahaha! ;p


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  1. hanie, malay novels yg mushy2 camtu mmg xbleh layan.heh, aku suke from jemari seni, byk yg kisah2 menyedarkan diri sket.seronok :) i hv dozens of that! and now i'm collecting novels too.kekekeke :P