Saturday, October 29, 2011


Doing biz, I have always encounter rejection with respective reasons.

"I want to buy PB, but budget lari la.."

"Owh, I tau PB mmg help sgt to manage body weight because few friends dah pakai, and diaorg sgt kurus. Tapi I takut, kalau beli, I tak pakai. I ni bukan jenis motivated sgt.."

"Ala, ketat sgtla PB ni, mcmana nak pergi toilet nnt..tak selesa betul'

The same goes...

" I want to join this biz, but kena pakai modal ke?"

" Tp, suami I tak bagi.."

" I bukan pandai nak jual-jual barang ni,lagi pun, ramai dah sgt jual, takut I punya tak laku..."

This is the 2012 next generation Honda Accord. So futuristic,kan? ;p  But, do you who was the founder of HONDA?

The man behind the great HONDA invention was Soichiro Honda. He started his biz after the World War II and he dreamt to provide an economical transportation (since the public transportation was at that time, terrible) and to provide better job opportunities to others. I mean a biz after WWII? How do you find capital, the condition was not stable, plus gasoline was restricted at that point of time but he pursue by taking his first very hard step -BOUGHT UNWANTED  job lot of 500 war surplus two-stroke motors designed to power electric generators. That was the first step.

Do you think if he saw the same way as others (buy not buying those unwanted stuff), HONDA would be where it is now? One of the best motoring company in the world?

Thus, to be big, you have to start from small, from scratch to be exact. And that's how you will succeed, go through all the hard work and hassle. There is so such a thing as easy peesy lemon squezy (Quote: Maria Elena) to be succeed.

Even better, doing this biz is not doing it all alone. You have partners and leaders who will guide you all the way. I am glad too that I have great leaders such as:

My dear Kak Mai..

Kak Tahirah

and the great..

Hanis haizi

I can't do this alone, I can't travel everywhere alone. And that is why I need you to be my partners. Because, if you have some dreams to achieve, you have to be among the group of the same dream, then, you will be motivated to proceed.

So, stop thinking too much and be my great next biz partner! =) 019-3590533


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