Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Premium Beautiful corset- method of payment

Yes, ladies, there are various ways on method of payment. I am glad to introduce you to..

No 1: CASH payment --- of course la, I am happy to sell Premium Beautiful on cash price..who doesn't kan? kan? hihihi!

No 2 : Credit Card--- no, I am not encouraging debt life style, but if you have OCBC, Ambank and Hong Leong bank credit card, we are offering you 0%- 12 months installment. You still untung, since no interest is subjected, so long you pay the stated amount (i.e. RM 200/month) on time! (ala, semua credit card pun mesti dibayar on time, right??)

No 3: RHB Easy Payment --- this one, is as easy as it sounds. Pergi any branch of RHB Easy Banking (yg warna pink tu) give your IC, and your loan will be approved in no time! So, you choose la between the shortest duration to the longest one =)

RHB Easy Pinjaman Express

Sebenarnya ada method yg keempat, but this one, kena keep secret la ;p Baru la suspend,hahahaa! Hanie poyo! ;p Tp, seriously, mmg ada! kalau nak tau, buzz me tau ;p

So, tepuk dada, tanya kocek! =)

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