Friday, October 28, 2011

Beauty is pain


Yup, ladies, we went through so many pain to look B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. I was on orthodontic treatment before, and yes, it was P.A.I.N.F.U.L. Starting with extraction of four healthy teeth, then the appliance whereby every dentist visit was a nightmare (2-3 hari sure makan bubur je..). But when you see the result of 5 years of invasive (hahahah!) treatment, I should say it was worth it.

Sama macam if we are on diet, isn't P.A.I.N.F.U.L to watch others eating like no body's biz; and you on the other hand, watching every calorie that goes into your mouth? Yes, dieting has never been easy, but it is worth when you started losing weight.

How about wearing bengkung after deliver? Especially yang menggunakan kain bengkung itself. I had my hat off la for every mother who had gone through this process, you rock! Witnessing my mom using it for her all four pregnancies, it was all worth it! =) My mum is at her 50s still looking young and healthy (and semua org ingat she is my sister ;p, owh, bangganya ibu ;p)

No one can deny, to look beautiful, it was really excruciating. From botox, to killer hills to eating jamu, semuanya bukan mudah (NOT EASY). Kena banyak bersabar and consistent, then only you will smile with big grin ears to ears. My points are:

1) For those yang dah beli PB, please wear it. Premium beautiful is a wonder corset that facilitate many positive outcomes that you wanted, but it cant do miracle if it is only tergantung dekat tingkap bilik. It cant channel the effect of FIR from far, I mean if you buy Zara's heels worth of thousand and biar tersimpan dlm rak kasut, org takkan puji you, right?right? SO, WEAR IT!

2) For those yang baru nak beli and pakai PB, yes, mula-mula memang ketat. Almaklumla, love handle and extra belly are full of adipose tissue, so to get into a garment which slightly smaller than your volume, mmg akan susah. BUT, adipose tissue is soft, so, after 1 week, it will definitely fits into PB just right. That's how you start discovering your own body shape (barulah cantik pakai kebaya ;p)

3) For those yang still, terfikir-fikir, can keep on thinking, but if no aggressive action taken,  then semua yang negative (adipose tissue terus bertambah, stretch  mark akan terus kelihatan, weight tidak terkawal) aggressively menunjukkan sifatnya! ;p hehehehe! (takut tak? ;p)

As the conclusion, call me to get your own PB set, now! YES, NOW!hehehehe!


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